Friday, June 22, 2012

Vegetable fruit smoothies... hello GENIUS.

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You know what is really really stinking clever? Smoothies.

You know what I never knew existed? Vegetable smoothies.

You know what I'm amazed by? The fact that they taste good.

And you know what's even more awesome than the taste? My child drinks them too.

After all, this was the reason behind my most recent google search term: force vegetables down my child's throat any way possible.

Okay, maybe that wasn't my search term. But it was "vegetable fruit smoothie." It was the "talk" all over the social media. And we all know that the social media is full of brilliant ideas, right?

Well this one was just that. Brilliant.

Problem is... I didn't own a blender. Problem solved: I went out and purchased a blender.

Now. Being the cheap-o that I am when it comes to stuff that I don't know anything about, I purchase the not the cheapest but definitely close to it blender. The one the husband definitely insisted on me not buying. Oh husbands, what do they know anyway?

Well friends, food for thought...  spend the extra money.

Anyway, it does its job. I follow the recipe to a T. Ha. Lies. I twirk it a little bit, as I do with just about every recipe I run across. Grapes. Banana. Apple. Spinach. Carrots. Vanilla Yogurt. 

Then I have Andrew mess around with it [since it wasn't working for me by pressing the blend button]. Turns out, he had to shake it to make it work. Again, reminder, spend the extra money.

And then we taste out the product. Yum. Yum. Yum. Lick those lips, yum.

And then we give it to the little person standing next to us, wondering... moment of truth... will this work?


She scarfed down that smoothie quicker than speed.

I'm pretty sure she licked her lips afterwards. Yes. Pretty sure.

So? Moral of the story?

1. Spend money on a quality smoothie. 2. Look up some great recipes. 3. And pour that stuff down your child's throat.

Or your throat.
Or the dogs.
We all could use some nasty vegetables hidden by the delicious taste of fruit in our lives.


  1. Get yourself the Ninja! you are a soup maker and you can make soup in them also! NOW the vitamix is the macdaddy but very expensive! so I think the ninja is a good alternative! Glad you are all enjoying they are so yummy....if you want to have a sweet smoothie another goodie is a banana, light choc syrup, almond milk and ice! its sooooooo tasty......

  2. opps and a little vanilla....

  3. Everyone is doing it and I just can't pull the trigger on trying one, lol! They seriously LOOK gross... I don't do well with green foods unless it's a legit vegetable by itself!! Maybe one day I'll get adventurous ;)

  4. I definitely have to try some of this. I LOVE smoothies but only ever put fruit in because veggie ones scare me a little. It is time to get over that though!

  5. veggie fruit smoothies are my new favorite thing to make this summer, too! talk about easy, nutritious and fun! the silly little kiddos think they're getting a "treat" too. Isn't it fun being a sneaky mama?!

  6. I am a relatively new follower and first time commenter. This yummy smoothie is kid approved as well, with the added bonus of greek yogurt (packed with protein), I can't bare to eat if any other way!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. LOVE veggie/fruit delish!!! We have a Vitamix and use it ALL the time....SO worth the money!!! My 2 yr old daughter thinks she's getting a treat when she has them and loves them all!

  8. Shove veggies down your child's throat? Umm how about your husband's? Mine LOVES veggie smoothies!! He has eaten or tried so many different veggies after he has had them juiced or in a smoothie. Plus chewing is overrated.

  9. Love smoothies and def agree on buying the more expensive blender. Right now I have a ninja and I'm so ready to move up to a vitamix

  10. hahaha this is hilarious :) I started making veggie & fruit smoothies and I was amazed that you can't even taste the veggies! They taste SO good & they're so healthy for you :) Happy Weekend!

  11. We love these smoothies too! 10 month old and 2 year old will drink them! I tend to sneak ground flax seed into them to make them even healthier :)

  12. Get a Ninja! We have the "Ninja Master Prep Professional" and we LOVE that thing. I actually got my dad the set for Fathers Day. I found it at Sam's for $44. It comes with the large 48oz pitcher, a medium pitcher, and two small food processors. I use them all! And it crushes ice SO fine, chops anything, and makes PERFECT smoothies!

  13. These smoothies are sooo good, I would never have thought it from the first look!!

    <3 Melissa

  14. I going to start the veggie smoothie thing next month. My daughter hates vegetables. We've tried everything. This is our last hope. :)

  15. I agree w Erin, those green smoothies look so gross , but let's face it, if E likes them, I will like them bc I am SO picky!!

  16. We don't do smoothies, but we have a juicer, and drink two juices a day (breakfast and lunch). It's an awesome way to get those vitamins and servings of veggies and fruit! Try adding kale in there, it doesn't have a strong taste at all. Or cucumber!

  17. I LOVE smoothies! I have wanted to make veggie smoothies to be more healthy, but have yet to find any recipes that taste good! I am continuing the search!

  18. Such a genius idea! I wonder if that will work with my little guy.. I'm just not quite sure how to make vegetable smoothies. I will definitely have to Google that haha.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  19. I gotta try this, my LO used to love her veggies but now only wants corn. Girly needs her greens so I am going to try this, since she loves all fruit.

    Any recs for recipes? I would love to have them, I am a recipe follower, when I tweak it doesn't always turn out good. :)

  20. Oh yum! I found out today I need to eat more red meat and green veggies because my iron is a tad low. Meat is a different story, but maybe this will work for the veggies!!

    Thanks for the tip!

  21. I tried a fruit/juice/spinach smoothie a few weeks ago, but the spinach ended up being chopped instead of blended. So there were tiiiiny little spinach bits in my pink smoothie. It wasn't bad, but you could still taste them. Apparently I did something wrong!

  22. I think I need to try some vegetable smoothies...I'm the worst veggie eater! Haha so sad, but so true. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I was so upset the first (and last) time a made a smoothie. I couldn't understand why mine didn't turn out like smoothie kings or planet smoothie ! Then as you guessed it... It was my cheap blender that couldnt crush all my ingredients. Until I buy a good blender, I'll continue to buy them :/ Glad your little one enjoyed her smoothie!!

  24. we love these in our house! I'm trying to get mine to eat peanut butter in hers too so that we add some protein.


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