Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pregnancy weeks catch up, 3,4,7,8,9 and a letter to Elliana.

Week: 3
Weight: No gain
Symptoms: Bloated. That is all.

This week:

I found out we are pregnant.
A total of 10 pregnancy tests were taken.
3 on the first day
Then 1 each day following
Each time the line got darker and darker.
Each time I had a big smile on my face.

I don't feel pregnant though. At all. And it's not like I just "didn't notice the symptoms" its really because... I DON'T FEEL PREGNANT.

It's already so different from my first pregnancy with Elliana.

I don't have large tender watermelon for breasts. I don't have to pee ALL THE TIME {not more than I usually do}, and I don't have this overwhelming amount of fatigue {nothing more than the normal toddler mom who works night shift and takes care of baby girl during the day}.

And nausea? Well that didn't start until I was about 7 weeks pregnant with E anyway, so I am hoping that I can either hold off in that department until then, if not completely avoid it all together.

Yes, please lets avoid it completely.

No one knows that we are pregnant. Your grandma came over early before I came home from work though a couple days after we tested and I had forgotten the test in the bathroom and of course she is noisey and saw it. And of course she hounded me about it. But I beat around the bush. Just because I'd like to tell your grandparents in a very special way... and not just yet.

She also saw the big sister sign, so that didn't work in my favor at all. At all. However I made some fib about that... I should get paid for how well I get out of situations.

Your papa: He is all sorts of nerves. I don't even remember him being with this with Elliana. In fact, he never was. But ever since revealing the news to him, he just keeps talking about how "nervous" he is. I'm not sure if its because he knows what to expect this time around.... but I know that his heart is so full with your big sister and he is just worried about how he will make room. No worries baby bean, he will love you just the same, and his heart will grow an abundance for you.

Your big sister: Well she has no clue, of course. However she danced with mama when I had found out that I was pregnant and she was all sorts of joy. I think she will be a great big sister, and believe me baby bean, she is very special and you are so lucky to have her.

Plans for next week: Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and take my daily vitamins! Grow baby grow.

Week 4
Weight: No gain
Symptoms: Still none {aside from a little pooch}

This week:
No boob change. Which is weird for me. No fatigue. Just so different from the last. Maybe this means that baby bean is a boy? Maybe? Just a little mama intuition I guess.... or the lack of symptoms intuition. Whatever intuition it is, this whole thing is just so different {so far}.

No one knows still. Although your grandma is now asking your papa if I'm pregnant. She is convinced that I am hiding something from her {smart lady}. But papa kept a straight face.

However, a few people at work now know. Mama isn't very smooth when it comes to the things that I search... like... Baby names. A little obvious, no? And then I was rubbing my belly {already a habit at 4 weeks?} and someone caught me.

But you know what, that excites me. I love being able to share you with the rest of the world. This is an exciting time in our lives.. and a very special time at that.

Your papa: Has calmed down this week. He's kind of oblivious at this point, and I think that it really hasn't hit him...  just yet. To him, its not real until ultrasound day. But its real, and believe me, he loves you already.

Week 7

I'm sick.
I'm nauseous.
I have motion sickness.
I feel a lump in my throat.
I have no appetite.
I'm tired.
All. the. time
I tell myself... "I'm not doing this ever again."
Two kids sound good.
Two is a good number.
Two healthy children.

Plus, I think you're a boy.
So if you are?

A boy and a girl.

I think you might just complete our family.

This is first trimester sickness talking.

Either way...
I'm ready for part two.

You know... the second trimester, burst of energy, I-can-do-anything part two. That part two.

Bring it.


I had it. That first feeling. You know, where I feel guilty that I am pregnant. That I don' feel well. That I actually decided to sleep on Sunday while papa spent the day wih you. Becuse our brother {or sister} is growing inside me. He or she is going through the most crucial stage of this pregnancy. And it's draining a lot of energy out of you mama.

But I'm sorry baby.

I'm sorry I am not the usual upbeat energetic mama that you are used to seeing.

But thank you.

Thank you for the sweet kisses. And the hugs. And the smiles and giggles.

They remind me of why this is all completely worth it.

written May 21st, 2012.

Week: 8

Weight: No gain/loss
Maternity clothes: No

Symptoms: Naueasous... all the time. No appetite. In fact, the sight and smell of food makes me sick to my stomach. Tired. ALL.THE.TIME. Increased urination.

How I'm doing:Well, besides the sickness all the time... I'm okay. I'm at the point though where the exhaustion is just getting the best of me. My thinking now at this point in time is that if this baby is a boy, we will be complete. Although, I know that this is just the first trimester thinking. I recall with baby Elliana, thinking the same thing. In fact, I had told Andrew at the time "I'm NEVER doing this again." And here I am... doing this again. And here I am... saying... I'll never do it again. So. Don't hold me to it.

How E is doing:Happy as ever this week. Wild. She's been a twirling little queen lately and always laughing. But also noticing when mama is not around.

How Andrew is doing: Papa has been great. He's good about getting E out of bed and playing with her while I catch up on a little rest. He's good about getting things for me. Running out to the store for things. He's just been great.

What the baby is doing: New this week: Webbed fingers and toes are poking out from your baby's hands and feet, his eyelids practically cover his eyes, breathing tubes extend from his throat to the branches of his developing lungs, and his "tail" is just about gone.

Week: 9
Symptoms: Pee like crazy. Still upset stomach. Can't eat anything.
Weight gain: None

Heartbeat at appointment: 184

How mama is doing: She cried this week. A few times. One day for an hour. Just because. Mainly because she wasn't feeling well. She was nausous. Tired. And overwhelmed. And all she could think about was cuddling up her baby doll. That and the sweet teddy graham in her belly.

How papa is doing: Now that he has seen the actual baby on the ultrasound screen, I think it is hitting him more. That he will have one more child to love. One more child that will have a part of his heart. And he's been great to mama. Catering to all her needs. Running out to the store per request. Meeting her every demand. WONDERFUL.

How E is doing: Elli learned that babies are in bellies, and now she walks around the house rubbing her belly saying "baby."

Gender prediction this week: Girl. Last week I thought boy. Now? After hearing he hearbeat, I have a feeling it might be a girl. But who knows... my thoughts change on a weekly basis.

Plans this week: To have blood drawn
Next appointment: June 18th- will hear baby's heartbeat per doppler


  1. I'm currently pregnant with my second child and I say go with your first instinct about the gender. I swore it was a boy at first, then heard the heartbeat (which was close to your beans) and switched to girl and we are having a BOY! Congrats to you and your family!

  2. I'm currently pregnant with my second child and I say go with your first instinct about the gender. I swore it was a boy at first, then heard the heartbeat (which was close to your beans) and switched to girl and we are having a BOY! Congrats to you and your family!

  3. Hope you start feeling better soon :)

  4. Congratulations!! What a wonderful blessing!!! I'm so happy for you and Andrew and precious E. No doubt, she'll be a GREAT big sister! xoxo! Brooke

  5. Love love love this!! Husband and I are deciding if we should try for a baby soon and this is so helpful to know what to expect!!

  6. With a high heartbeat I think it's a girl but we'll have to see what the next couple of heartbeats are. We have another high heartbeat one so I think this baby is a girl. I find out soon and I can't wait!

  7. Hi! I've been reading for about 2 years, maybe more, but I've never commented. Wanted to tell you congratulations! I am NOT a fan of "mompetition" as some call it, so I wanted to only be encouraging in saying that there is so much that will surprise you about the 2nd time around. People say that it's not as special as the first or if you have the same gender they are sad for you! or make comments about trying for the opposite sex next time. That always confuses me, but oh well, that's not the point. I got really tired of hearing people tell woman with a boy and a girl that they had the "perfect family" because they had one of each. I have all girls, but I'm pretty sure my family is "perfect" because they are mine and were meant to be. Anyway, I didn't think that stuff would bother me until it happened, so ... feel free to glare at or slap anyone who tries to take your happy. :) Also, I think it's awesome that you continue to write to Elliana while you document the pregnancy. She really will look back on that one day and see just how much love and time you put in to making her a part of the experience. Kudos.
    I may hope for a boy as well, because another girl that looks like Elliana may cause your husband to have a heartattack in about 12 years. ;) Looking forward to seeing your family grow!

  8. You are so funny! Love this!! I am thinking boy!!

  9. I'm a new reader and just want to say congrats on your new bundle of joy! Love your blog already!!

  10. I feel like I could have wrote this post.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Love reading your updates (however rarely have time to comment!) Just wanted to tell you Congrats again and I hope you start feeling better real soon xo

  12. Sorry you haven't felt very well :( Hope it passes soon!

  13. Congrats on #2! Sending prayers your way! I read your blog & you inspire me! You are one strong mama!

  14. I love the updates! I cant wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl. So exciting!

  15. Congrats! It's so exciting to hear about all the changes you are going through. I'm not quite ready for baby #2... but your updates are making me feel more ready!

  16. I love your bumpdates! Elli is gonna be the best big sis and I have a hunch baby is a boy too! Your hubs is gonna rock at being a papa to two babes! You are totally gonna rock at it too! I love reading that presh letter to Elli! Your the bestest!


  17. I cannot tell you how HAPPY and EXCITED I am for y'all. Ahhh!!!! And your baby bump is the cutest, EVER! You look AMAZING.

  18. I remember the 1st tri, feeling sick is the worst!! Glad your hubby is still treating you like the queen you are! Feel better soon!!

    Oh and I agree with the above! Follow your mana instinct! I swore the 1st couple weeks baby was a girl then switched to boy rest of pregnancy and he we have Olivia Adele! :) Either way such a blessing! :) Have fun at your ultrasound tomorrow :)

  19. Becky! SO excited for you! I am just catching up with your blog!

    I swore that this was the last baby too....
    ITS SO MUCH HARDER WITH A TODDLER when dealing with pregnancy during the first trimester.

    BUT you'll get your energy back soon enough! :) Because I'm already thinking of baby #3! Hahaha!

    So excited to be pregnant again "with" you! :)

    Happy Pregnancy Momma!!

  20. Oh Im loving the updates! Horray for the hubby and sweet little Em!

  21. Oh girly. Hope your nausea is feeling more settled soon. That and the fatigue were my worst parts! :(

  22. I love how you're tracking everything! :) This is so sweet! I'm so happy for you and your family! :) Hope you feel better soon!


  23. So incredibly happy for all of you! I love reading your updates.

  24. CONGRATULATIONS...I am in the home stretch (37 weeks) with my second pregnancy. Im so excited for you, Elli, and Andrew. Your gonna love the months to come, as soon as the nasuea passes, I promise!

  25. Love this post!!! Praying nausea goes away FAST! Oh and just for kicks, you should try the Chinese Calendar to see what it says about gender. ha. :)


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