Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Randoms, Bachelorette, and Pictures, and More.

1. I love that my girl is the only kid at the pool with sunglasses on. She is such a diva and stylish and so good about keeping her shades on.

2. The other night, I had this amazing dinner cooking. Potatoes cooking to later be mashed. Chicken in the crockpot. I go upstairs to shower, and then E distracts me with her cuteness... and next thing I know we are laying down cuddling to take a nap... and wa-la the fire alarm goes off. My potatoes are burnt. And in the midst of me jumping around trying to flame off the smoke from the alarm, I quickly realize that I'm not smelling the amazing smell of chicken as I normally do. You want to know why? Because I never even plugged in the crock pot. OKAY pregnancy brain. OKAY. You win.

3. How about all the twitter/blogger drama.... does it ever end? My answer is no. So the solution? Just ignore it. No one is going to win. No one is right. And no one is getting in the better post about it. I would say drink a bud light lime... but... since I can't have any... I don't even want to talk about it.

4. I have the potentiall of making a little bonus at work. And by little, the bonus would equal to $1K. Problem is? It's 4th of July. Second problem? If I worked this night... it would put me at 4 nights in a row. So, question of the hour, sleep versus shopping money? Sleep or shopping money.

5. The bachelorette. Jef is precious. Chris is a nut. Just go down to the final 3 already. And please tell me Jef wins... I adore him. Although, I have to be honest here... he's not what I would have ever imagined for Emily. But definitely a pleasant surprise, and I am a huge fan.

6. We went to Cleveland this past weekend and had an amazing time with family. I have a post coming up with tons of pictures. Also? We experienced a 5 hour car ride there and back with E....10 hours.... without.... drumroll.... a single breakdown! She was a rockstar. Whined probably two times, that lasted 20 seconds each. That gives me hope for August when we go down to SC!!

7. I spent 250 at the grocery store yesterday. Organic food doesn't mess around kids. It's serious business. But by now we are used to it and have accommodated the other finances. It works and it gives us a peace of mind. But still. Doesn't mean I like seeing that number go up and up.

8. My sister sent me this email the other day. Christmas ideas. Girlfriend really knows how to work it.
9. Elliana and I went to toddler time at the library the other day and I seriously, almost, maybe I did, cry because my big girl was absolutely amazing. She sat through the whole story time {3 books} without making a peep while the other kiddos ran and were definitely a distraction. And then she sat down through craft time and really focused. Oh boy what a difference from before. I am looking forward to weekly toddler time!!
10. Pickles. I picked up a jar at the grocery store yesterday. I honestly haven't had a pickle in years. And here I am... devouring 4 slices. YUMMMMy. Can you tell I'm pregnant?

11. Speaking of pregnancy.... here's a glimpse of the 12 week bump. No worries, official bump attack post to come tomorrow.

Scheduled Posts

Friday: Bump attack; 12 weeks
Monday: Why I switched Doctors
Tuesday: Motherhood Randoms part II
Wednesday: Happy 4th of July
Thursday: Randoms
Friday: Bump Attack; 13 weeks


  1. I'm not sold on Jef, but out of the three, I think he's the best bet. I basically doubt all of their abilities to step in and become "dad" but who am I to judge right?

    I have no idea what's with the twitter drama. I must not follow all the right people! Can't wait to see more of your little bump!! 12 weeks--yay!

  2. I love Jeff! I think he is adorable! although my money is that she stays with either Sean or Arie, i guess we'll see! your bump s adorable!

  3. Alright here goes...the twitter/ blogger drama is a hot mess. Good thing I'm in my own little world. I would drink a bud light lime for you if I could have one myself. Also I would totally work for the bonus as long as I could spend it all shopping. Jef is my favorite. And the organic thing? We eat that way too. It is expensive but so worth it. The bill is always depressing. Lastly your 12 week bump is adorable!

  4. I like Jef and Sean. Can't wait to see who she ends up with.
    Don't feel bad with the crock pot/potato mishap. I've actually done it while not pregnant. :)

  5. I am so shocke Jef is stil there, seems like a nice guy but nold sold! Chris can leave and I love Sean! Missed all the drama and oh how grown does she look in the craft photo! Love it!!

  6. I'm always scared of driving for long distance in fear of something happening to the car.We will be taking a 29 hour drive back home to FL in December for Christmas I'm looking forward to seeing family NOT the drive...

    I know that made you so proud during Toddler Time! She is so precious!

    Congrats I haven't been on here in a while so I didn't even know you were Pregnant again that's so exciting.

  7. Mia rocks the sunglasses too! Cracks me up :)

  8. I hate blogger/twitter drama. I missed it this time but it seems like its happening more and more. So annoying!
    I've been craving pickels too. I went and bought a huge jar and when I went to open it It slipped and smashed all over my floor. I was so mad!

  9. $1000?!?!?!?! I would totally work 4th of July for that much shopping money!! Seriously, you can BBQ any time ;) Granted time spent with family is always priceless, but $1000 could buy a ton of shit if you find amazing deals which we all know you are great at :)

  10. P always wants her sunglasses on! :)

    What is this blogger drama? I love reading other peoples ridiculous drama haha

  11. I don't know anything about the drama- and I'm glad I don't. But if it makes you feel any better, I've had QUITE A FEW BLL's this week- in your honor ;)

    E is sooo cute and grown up at toddler time! Glad she's having fun and doing so well :)

  12. I'm pretty sure Jef is going to win and I completely agree I would have never picked him for Em in the beginning. Thank you for commenting on the drama by saying to stay out of it. It is so annoying! Glad you had a great trip to Cleveland! I lived there for two years. Have a great weekend!

  13. Can't wait to hear why you switched doctors!

  14. I totally hate the twitter/blogger drama! It took me a little while to figure it all out, but now that I have, it just downright awful!
    Coming to SC? How awesome! Have fun! Having no breakdowns on 10 hrs in the car is great!
    Oh and I sho would work for $1k!!! Are you kidding me? lol You can sleep after you shop girlfrannn! ;)

  15. I love that your little girl keeps her sunglasses on and rocks them too! That is so precious. And your sister is awesome, love that she is already sending you ideas. Too funny. Can't wait to see your upcoming trip pics :)

  16. I do think Jef is adorable but a bit to hipster for my liking. He is really cute with emily though so I think they would make a great pair. I still and rooting for Sean after his "I had to see you" thing made me melt! I am with you though in that I would have knocked it down to three guys already. Just get rid of the bottom two and be done with it. Then again I can't stand Chris' personality ever but I do wish she saw what goes on in the house when she isn't there.

  17. yea go jef & sean!! and pickles yuck!!

  18. I'm liking sean, but Jef as a second. Def wasn't sold at first either!

    Girlfriend-- TAKE the $$$$$! :) haha

    I'm on twitter but don't pay attention I guess! Glad I didn't know, drama is dumb! :) I'm a married old woman and mama I do t have time!! :)

    Liv & I just joined our library this week! I'm hoping to meet some mamas and baby friends for Olivia. I just got the schedule for the baby groups do I am SO excited! Any tips?! :)

    Yay for baby bump pics tomorrow! :)

  19. Don't feel bad about the crock pot thing ... in setting up all of our utilities for the new house I gave every company my ex boyfriend's phone number instead of my own.

  20. I think Jeff will win too. I never would have picked him from the beginning though. Sean will be close behind him. :)
    Adorable bump look great!!

  21. Been reading your blog for a few weeks but don't think I've commented yet!

    I like Jef a lot but love Arie. Also like Sean. Emily is gonna have a hard time! And adorable pictures! :-)

  22. You're so cute! And E seems like such a big girl - she seems like she will be a great big sister!

  23. Love your blogs! Your family is awesome can't wait to go from mrs to mama!

  24. Elliana sounds like such a sweet, well-behaved little girl and I am sure she is going to make a super big sister!! :) Mmm.. I hated pickles all my life until pregnancy. Now I still love them since! haha love the pregnancy brain. I definitely had a major case of that... and my husband would say I still do!!

  25. I am definitely team Jef! I've liked him from the beginning but didn't think that he would make it that far... I'm so glad that he did! :)

    <3 Melissa

  26. I kind of love Jef, too! Well, and Sean. But Jef is gaining major points here lately. Although, his Rockabilly hair cut is a little much. Doesn't seem to match Emily's style...but they do say opposites attract!!

    Oh and I'd totally choose MONEY. But that's just me and I have none. HA! :)

  27. I love that you're craving pickles. Too funny! Just need to follow it up with ice cream ;)

  28. Jef is so cool! Like almost too cool. I think shes going to pick him. She wants to be a SAHM and he can provide! Hehe. If you don't have anything planned on the 4th then take the money, but like someone said time with fam on a holiday is priceless :)

  29. i like jef, but i wonder if his LDS family will either have an issue with emily, or be an issue for emily. we shall see!

  30. I like that I have no idea what Twitter/blogger drama there is :P

    Also, I LOVE Jef. But I also LOVE Arie. LOVE him. I know one of them will win. And whichever one doesn't, will be the next Bachelor ;)

    AND, Cleveland?! My neck of the woods!? Lady!! :)


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