Thursday, February 28, 2013

Graham. 2 months. TWO. How is this Possible.

Weight: 12.2 pounds {50th percentile}
Length: 23.25 inches {50th percentile}
Head: 35cm {10th percentile}

Clothes: 0-3 months
Shoes: HA. Ask me in 10 months.
Diaper: Size 1

Let's talk about that last statistic. I'm not one to talk statistics... as I don't think it's relevant to compare one child to the next, however, this statistic stood out to me. Why? Because your lovely sister is in the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Why? Because mama over her has a larger head. So naturally, your sister does too. I was certain you would too. However, you took the S side of the family who are full of small little noggins. I don't know though, I think your head is perfectly proportionate to the rest of your body. I think it's perfect my dear.

Eyes. They are such an interesting color. Blue, grey, dark. They seem to change around day to day. Definitely as the lighting changes. They are so dreamy to look at. You speak to me through those eyes. You have a lot to say, son.

Hair. Is turning light and lighter every day. Your grandma and I went through your sister's baby books to see at what point she had turned blonde, and surprisingly, it wasn't until she was about 5-6 months old. I had thought sooner. Her hair was actually the same color as yours. Grandma thinks that it will turn blonde. Papa thinks it will stay brown. Mama? Mama has no idea. If we have another little blondie running around, surely, every person at the restaurant when we go out to eat is going to question us. I need to start carrying around a picture of me as a child... with bright blonde hair

Eating. Like a champ. Breastfeeding has been smooth sailing {knock on wood} just like it was with your sister and I am so proud of you kiddos. You are a quick eater {just like your sister was}, and normally take 5-10 minutes. This is again due to the fact that I am over-supplying with milk so we normally just eat on one side at a time. And by we, I mean you. I pump a lot, and have a ton already stored.

You are serious. Ha. I think we say that all the time, but really. You make the most serious faces. Elliana and you are like night and day. That girl was all... well... girl. And you? You're more like.... "whatcha lookin at ma, I'm just a baby. Take a picture, it will last longer." Yes, I figured all that out just by looking into your eyes.

You do smile though. Yes you do. Mainly just for your mama. And it's the cutest little grin ever. Such a little stud muffin you are.

We talked about your right shoulder with the doctor. Remember how you broke your clavicle during birth? Yes. Well papa thought it was more stiff than the other, so I spoke more in depth with the doctor. He said this is completely normal and to continue to do little arm exercises with you. So we are doing just that.

Your Grandma came to visit from Texas! How exciting was that! And you also met your great Uncle Billy! Oh and you met your Aunt Ali and Uncle B! You had quite the month of meetings little stud. People drove long distances just to see your pretty face. And I don't blame them. You are pretty special after all.

SLEEPING machine. One time we went to toddler time, you ate when we got back, then went back to sleep and slept until 3. 9:30-3. After already sleeping all night and only waking up to eat twice and going back to sleep. I thought that, surely, this meant that you would be up all night {which we have never experienced since you were born}, and again, you proved me wrong. You woke up a few times to eat, but would go right back to sleep.

We are co-sleeping. Yes. It's what works for us right now. Plus, how could I not love having you right next to me? We never did with your sister {after the first couple of weeks} and at this age she was sleeping in the pack-n-play next to our bed. Yours is next to our bed as well. Problem is, you aren't in it. We are going to try this weekend to start transitioning you to the pack-n-play, and around the six month stage get you in your crib at night. I am starting to try naps in the crib, however, you aren't a fan just yet. We will get there.

Your sister. Continues to adore you. She talks to you all day every day. She goes over to you in the swing and says "Hugs and kisses baby bruda." She tells you "you so cute wittle guy" on a daily basis. She caresses you and is so gentle. I just hope and pray that you two have a special bond growing up. And I have a stinking suspicion that you will.

Some of your favorite things. Your mama, papa, and sister. Of course. The swing. The vibrating rocker. The activity mat. Mama's arms. Baby wearing.

Bath time. Is a hit or miss... but lately has been more of a hit. You are kind of learning to love it. Kind of. But I don't blame you. I promise it will get more fun once you can sit up in it! Promise!

Who do you look like? Oh gosh. Everyone it seems says on a daily basis that you are a copy of me and your sister. But it's so hard for me to tell these things. Although you may look like me now, I hope you grow up to look like your handsome father.

You don't like going down the stairs. Ha. I just laughed out loud as I typed that. It's the strangest thing ever, but when I carry you down the stairs, you tense up, and make a grunting noise, and on the verge of tears. Strangest thing ever.

You are the best little tag-along-traveler. I could sit and write books about this. I can't thank you enough. I want to shower you with ten-million-kisses because of this. You see, one of my biggest fears before you were born was that I wouldn't be able to continue all the fun activities with your big sister... not for a while at least. I thought we would be cooped up in the house and that your sister would just have to "wait." But you completely proved us wrong. You have been everywhere, from gymnastics every Saturday, to toddler time on Tuesdays, park dates, play dates, and more. And 90% of the time? You just sleep right through it. And although that may not mean anything to you... it means everything to me. So thank you. You are already such an amazing little brother at such a young age.
You are the best little man I know, period. I wrote you a letter.... flip a few more pages and you will read it there my dear. It talks about my love for you. How it's grown. How it continues to grow. You have fit so perfectly in our family and have made this whole family of four business look easy. We couldn't and wouldn't imagine our lives without you. Your sister lights up when she sees you. Your papa thinks the world of you. Your mama adores and admires every little thing that you do.

We love you little man, little guy, little brother.
We love you Graham.


  1. Happy 2 months Graham! That last picture of him is to die for it's so cute!!! He's adorable! And I know you might not see it, but I still say he looks like his big sister in the face! lol So glad that the transition from a family of 3 to 4 has been so smooth!

  2. I can't get over his perfect little face!! He is so gorgeous!! How is he already 2 months?!!

    That is great about his sleeping habits and how much E adores him!! :)

  3. Happy 2 months!! What a sweetie. He's so cute.

  4. Gosh those two months are flew by and Graham is cute as ever!

  5. Happy 2 months to Graham! He is so handsome! You have a beautiful family Becky :)

  6. I can't believe hes already 2 months! He is absolutely gorgeous Becky!

  7. Happy 2 months!!! He is seriously perfect, just like his big sister! Your children are beautiful, Becky! :)

  8. I think his head looks perfectly proportionate! I would not have guessed 10th percentile!

  9. Graham is too cute for words! I'd kiss him all day, I just know it!!!

    My Madison was like that with stairs too and she gets that way with elevators as well. It was the strangest thing to me, but she just recently turned one and has finally grown out of that fear (unless I go down the steps too fast then she'll tense up a bit still)!

  10. He's a keeper! :) So cute! Can't believe my little Abe is 2 months, too! Sigh...

  11. Thank you for your blog on Graham's development. He is adorable! I am taking nursing classes on the development of children and the process is incredible. I wish I knew more about this when my big guys were little. Heads up, my 13 year old grew similar to your Graham and he is now 5'10 1/2 and 170 lbs. He has a six pack and guns bigger than his daddy's. The doctor said at this rate he will be 6 foot by high school. There is nothing harder than trying to teach your child life lessons while looking up into his eyes. lol Please keep blogging on Graham's development. I really enjoy reading. Thank you, again.

  12. Happy 2 Months Graham!!!! Oh he is too precious!

  13. Happy 2 Months Graham. Your babies are absolutely precious!

  14. He's way too sweet! ...and looks so much like you!

  15. You make BEAUTIFUL babies! I just want to snuggle 'em :) In a non-creeper status, of course...


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