Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Use Those Opportunities. Use Those Moments.

There are times in the day that you are running around trying to get the house in order, juggling one child to the next, tackling different responsibilities, working as a team with the husband, and trying to meet everyone's needs. All at the same time. Times like this that take precious minutes and even hours out of your day. Times like these that we don't even stop and think. Think about what these precious minutes mean.

To take them and use them. Them.

I'm referring to those extra few minutes. You know after you have gotten out of the shower in the morning and the husband has the baby on his chest and the toddler is following you around? That time.

Use it.

Use it to look down at them and give them those extra hugs and kisses. Yes, you will do it again 500 more times that day, but you soon realize that it's 500 less than before you had baby number two. So get as close to that 1,000 again as you possibly can.

Use it to let her help you put make up on your face as you get ready. And while you kneel down and close your eyes preparing yourself to look like a clown {don't worry, makeup remover does wonders}, be sure to tell her how beautiful, special, and smart she really is. Because she is, and she needs to hear it from you.

Use it to go sneak into her room, close the door, and let her pick out her favorite books to read. The ones where you get to tickle her fingers and toes. The ones that make her eyes pop and say "Oh wow, cool huh mom." Those. Read them.

Use it to play peek-a-boo as you put your clothes on. Hide and seek as you go through your underwear drawer. Ask her which shirt she likes on you more. Even if it's not the one you would choose... wear it anyway.

Use it to take your high heels out and let her try them on. And while she giggles and smiles at you thinking that you are the silliest mama in the whole entire world... look at her. Really look at her. 

Look at her features. Look at her small button nose. Those beautiful big blue eyes. The fluorescent skin. The hair that falls perfectly around her face. Really look at this child that you gave birth to. That you have watched grow. The one that is now a big sister. Do you know what that means, Becky?

She looks bigger doesn't she? Somehow grew overnight. Just like that. And although she will forever be your baby... she is slowly needing you less and less as time goes on.

And while you wipe away tears just soaking in these precious moments that go by too fast, remember that our children are watching us. Even while we are running around, even while we go about our busy lives. They are watching, learning, and needing our attention. Even during those mundane times like when we are getting ready. Use those moments. Those minutes.

Just to stop and give them a quick kiss. To say I love you. To tell them how beautiful and special they are.

Those things? Take seconds.
But they will remember them forever.


  1. This is beautiful, and such a good reminder to make even those little moments special for our kids.

  2. Oh I love this! I don't have any kiddos and it made me cry even. :( So cute and so true

  3. I needed to read this today. I really really did. Sometimes I let the 'stuff' get in the way and yesterday was a rough day because of it with my daughter. So thank you for writing from your heart.

  4. I'm not even a mom and you made me cry. I love this.

  5. This is Beautiful and so perfect for me right now as my baby is not going to be an only child anymore in 1 week and that makes me sad.....excited for her baby sister to come and for her to become a big sister but you know what I mean. Thanks for the reminder, you are an Amazing mama and I learn so much from your writing so Thank You!

  6. Love this post. So true. Here is a conversation I had with my 3 year daughter this morning that just melted my heart:

    Grace: What song is this?
    Mama: It's a beautiful day, by U2
    Grace: You know what else is beautiful, Mama?
    Mama: What?
    Grace: I'm beautiful.

  7. Wow, lady. You sure have a way with words. Just beautiful.

  8. This is beautifully written and totally hit the spot!!! Thank you for writing this!
    <3 enjoy the moments because those moments don't last forever!

  9. Thank you for posting this, Becky. I needed to hear it today.

  10. Thank you for posting this. I tend to get caught up in having so much to do that I forget to enjoy the little moments. I am finishing my last semester of school while raising my 6 month old daughter on my own since my husband is living out of town for work. Thank you for reminding me to take time to enjoy the moments with her.


  11. So true! I just wrote about this yesterday. How fast time goes by and how hard it is to just ENJOY. Stop worrying and enjoy! Those moments will be gone before you know it for sure.

  12. Ah, chills. Such a great post and all too true. I am still trying as hard as possible to soak up the moments with my first as she is growing day by day right before my eyes. It is all so bittersweet!

  13. I read this post the other day, and I've been meaning to comment on it.
    I completely agree with what you wrote. I've really been trying to do the same lately, because time just keeps going by faster!


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