Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just Another Day at the Office


Can I just sit here and talk about how much I love my day job. A glimpse of a day at the office at home.

It doesn't get much better than spending your morning with these two love bugs. One, a very active ambitious toddler who loves to learn and discover. The other, a sleeping, sweet, cuddly, handsome little man who will throw you a smile in his sleep and make your heart melt right there and there.

The one thing that I have absolutely despised is this cold get-under-the-blankets weather. I am so ready to see the sun and be able to take the kids out for walks without having to put on 10 layers and come back feeling like our toes are going to fall off.

In the meantime, we have kept ourselves quite busy. As you can see, lots of painting, coloring, crafting activities, baking, and making messes. We try to come up with something new and refreshing to do while we are cooped up during this cold winter, but I have to admit, we are so ready for change. Change in weather. Change in scenery.

Regardless, I love our days together. Even the days we do completely nothing.

As much as I love the idea of being able to get out at night and work at the hospital with adults, nothing makes me happier than being home with these two and watching them grow. It is the most rewarding responsibility in my life. To watch these two go through milestones. To teach them things and watch them repeat back. To mold them into kind, gentle, loving human beings.

I know that staying at home with kids isn't ideal for every mom out there. But for me?

I couldn't, I wouldn't, do it any other way.


  1. so glad you are able to stay home during the day with those cuuuuuuuuuut kids!!! I am hating the freezing weather too...I am ready for spring and summer that's for sure!!

  2. All your sweet beautiful pictures are so inspiring. I need to take out my big camera and have it within reach. The simple moments you capture truly are priceless.

  3. The best job in the world!!! :)

  4. Sounds like you are called to do exactly what you are doing! What a sweet mama.
    Precious pics of your little ones

  5. Ooooh I can not wait until I have these types of days!! 3 months from today :)

  6. Beautiful memories! What a special gift to be able to stay home with your kiddos :)

  7. I head back to work in September and it already is troubling me! I can't imagine not being home with my little girl. What an amazing gift these little people are :)

    P.s. Your day job looks adorable! How sweet are they!

  8. He has such a perfect little baby face!

  9. I used to be in the medical profession and I must say you have single handedly made me regret leaving. I'm kind of longing for the days of working nights and still being a SAHM. Although I'm not sure how I would survive on as little sleep as you do.

  10. I completely understand that feeling. I work from my home so even though I'm working during the day and there's a babysitter here with my little man I am able to peak out and snuggle him up whenever I have a free minute or two.

    It's such a blessing to have opportunities like that!

    Happy Monday.

  11. Such cute pictures!
    I am with you on the cold weather. I really want it to be warm and sunny again!
    Being a SAHM is very rewarding. I know some have no urge to do it, but I love it!


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