Monday, February 25, 2013

A Moment At the Children's Museum


It is no surprise that since the birth of our son Graham, that our little world has gone through many changes. Changes in sleep. Changes in our schedule and routine. Changes in how we operate as a whole. Who takes this duty. Who takes that duty. Changes period. Our wake up times. What we do during the day. The extra obligations.

I was worried about these little changes and how they would affect Elliana. We were so used to keeping busy, being active, and trying out new activities that I was worried we wouldn't be able to continue this as part of our every day. At least not in the beginning... and certainly not for a while.

I honesty didn't think I would leave the house with confidence for a good 6 months. Honestly.

I quickly realized how wrong I really was.

As soon as we brought Graham home, I knew right away that being cooped up in the house wasn't going to do anyone any good {except Graham}. I struggled with the battle of keeping Elliana isolated in our home for Graham's sake and taking Elliana out in public so that she can continue her "norm."

What sealed the deal for me was when we went to our first doctor's appointment at two weeks old {just me and the kiddos} and Elliana was such an angel that I felt like I needed to reward her in some way. I just needed to do this for her. And I knew just what would bring the biggest smile on her face.

Those stinkin' ridiculous large and obnoxious grocery "car" carts.

And I was right. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, she beamed with excited. "Mama, mama, mama, caaaaarrrr!"

Forget the fact that I wasn't sure how I was going to go about this with a newborn. Forget the fact that I  was slightly scared {for my life} and surviving this adventure. Forget any fear and concern I could have. In that moment, that smile and excitement was all the strength I needed.

And after surviving that day? That little "trip" out? I knew that we could do it. That I could do it. And that I needed to be strong for my baby. To find the appropriate places to go, when to go, how to cover up the baby {to keep him safe} and at the same time provide my first baby the opportunity to explore the world.

We continued with gymnastics classes and more trips out to the grocery store. We went outside every opportunity we could get {which has only been a few days as the temperature has dropped in the single digits}, had park and "play" dates, and we returned to attending toddler class at the library again.

So when a friend of mine invited us to join her and another mama to the Children's museum, I beamed with excitement "YES!"

Afterwards though, I admittedly felt a little nervous. This was slightly a bigger adventure that I would be taking on all on my own and required a lot of planning. Knowing when to feed and change baby and keep him awake prior so he would sleep through it all. Making sure Elliana got plenty of sleep the night before, and well rested and fed so that she wouldn't tire out by the time we got there. Making sure I had every thing in a small diaper bag for every possible scenario that could occur with a newborn and toddler in tow. Any and every.

But I was determined to do it. And once I set out to do something, there's no stopping me.

And we went. And it was amazing, and I held back tears every time my baby girl ran from one activity to the next, beaming with excitement, the biggest smile on her face, all while exclaiming "Mama cool huh?!" Yes baby. Very cool.

What made this trip so memorable for me during this great time with friends {and their husbands} was when we reached the carasoul ride. I asked the guys if they would mind sitting with the baby stroller while I went with the girls and our babies on the ride. Of course they didn't mind. And while I stood in line waiting for our turn, I stared at my girl. My big girl.

I couldn't believe that I was able to do this with her. That I was holding her in my arms and I was going to take her on this ride {even though she had been on it ten million times before}, and share this moment with her.

I know it may sound absolutely minor and one may not understand why this little moment meant something... but trust me when I say, it did. And it does.

I was able to reflect in that moment. The past 3+ weeks since Graham's arrival. Everything we had been through. Everything she had been through. And in that moment I was so thankful that I was able to do this for her. To give her the opportunity to still live "her normal" even after we rocked her little world around. To share these moments with her.

Something about that carasoul ride. It just did it for me.

And after two hours of fun and running around, I found myself in the car feeding and changing the little guy while the toddler snacked on her favorite "bunnies."

And as she exclaimed "Mama so fun" I just knew that I had made the right choice. I was doing something right. And I wouldn't let my fears ever take over again.

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  1. Such a cute post! My first born hasn't noticed any changes and is doing great with her new sister, but each time I can take her out "just us" I can tell she really appreciates that time!

  2. Bless your heart - I love this! Can't wait to share & link up. <3

  3. How fun! It wasn't the Indy children's museum was it? I grew up loving that carousel and love taking Monroe on it when we go back and visit my grandma.

    My first outing with 2 was when Gray was about a week and a half old. I took him to M's gymnastics class. I was so nervous but put him in the k'tan and off we went. It was so wonderful that we spend more time out than in. When I'm wearing him, he gets what he needs and M is able to do big boy stuff. I think it helped in those first days because he was kind of hidden so M still felt a bit like it was just the two of us. People would compliment me on being out, but it really saved my sanity. I found it harder to keep M engaged in a productive way at home. Wearing Gray makes it so much easier-I even nurse him while we're walking around and no one has a clue!

  4. I'm glad to hear its not as scary having two as I sometimes imagine.

  5. We are about to have our second and I was just thinking about this very thing! It's scary to do all "new" things with a tiny one and a little one, but hopefully it won't be too bad of a transition.

  6. You're such a great hands on mom!

  7. Thank you for writing this post! I have been thinking more and more about how having a second baby { and when I end up having that second baby } will change our family. This makes me feel much much better about the future!

  8. I'm so very glad that you shared this, Becky! My little Maddie turns one on tomorrow and although we don't plan to start having another until she turns two the thought has still been on my mind lately. I worry about this very thing and wonder if we should wait until she's even older, perhaps in school even before having another, yet I don't won't my children to be to far apart. You have definitely helped to ease my fears and I'm realizing that no matter how old Madison is at the time it's going to be an adjustment for all of us, but we can do it! Thanks so much for sharing, I admire your courage!

  9. I wish we had a children's museum over where we live.

  10. Good for you! I didn't even flinch when we added #3 to our family. There was no stopping with 2 older kids that had school and activities and playdates! I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous about adding our fourth to the mix. Juggling a 24 month old, a newborn, and 2 older kids is going to be a bit more difficult!

  11. Awww. Made me tear up.
    Love reading these sweet posts!


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