Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Talk Links & Deals

*The canvases came in for baby boy's nursery. I'm waiting on his last artwork to come in and then the reveal will be up. There is a great canvas deal right now. $34 for 16x20 canvas and free shipping! Only two days left to save.

*First, please visit this mama's blog. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and her friend made bracelets for her in honor of donations. Every penny counts.

*I got this brilliant idea from this mom to do a "Letter of the week." Elliana and I do school time every day, and she has mastered so many things that I had found myself running out of ideas what to do. Since we are working on "sounds of letters" and what words begin with, I loved the idea of introducing a new letter every week, having her trace the letters, and incorporating everything else she has learned thus far. I have found some great printables {free} online.

*I tried this awesome soup recipe {stuffed bell pepper soup} the other day and I promised that I would share the link if we liked it. We loved it. A couple of things to mention. I used oregano instead of marjoram {use 1/4 of a tsp of oregano}, or you can use basil {1/2 tsp}. I did everything else the recipe mentioned however next time I think I'm only going to make 1.5 cups of rice. Three cups was just too much and made it less "soup" like. Also, I am going to try turkey next time as well. Overall, this recipe is highly recommended!

*We finally purchased our double stroller. It was $300 less than original price, although still expensive, we bit the bullet and got it! We went with the jet black bumbleride {link below in amazon widget}. I am so excited and cannot wait until it arrives at our doorstep. I have included it in the widget below for anyone interested in reading further details and reviews.

*I've had a few questions asked about our monitor that we use. I included three of them in the widget below {we use a total of 4}. We use the snuza which we love and it detects breathing. We also use the angel care monitor which detects movement and you place that underneath the mattress. Lastly, our video monitor is the vtech one, which is well priced and we still love it! It has all the features we were looking for and we have a camera in each kids' room.

*Sticker book we love you will find below in this widget. It's only 3.50 and we have both the numbers and the ABC one! Great for learning colors, counting, ABC's, letter sounds, shapes, and more! And not to mention the kids love the stickers.

*We quit potty training. I shouldn't say quit, as it sounds like "failure like." But I assure you we did not fail. I did what any mama would do when her child is telling her she isn't ready. However, I do have a post coming next week with more details.

*Lastly, here is a link to our family session that our wonderful photographer put together. I have another post coming with some of my favorite pictures and a recap of the day with these two wonderful people. I am so in love with this video as it captures my family in our own home and the love between the four of us. Nathan and Ashely did an amazing job, worked so wonderful as a team, and I am in awe of their talent. You can even check out their FB page here and their website here. From weddings to portraits, their work will truly make you smile.


  1. Your family pictures turned out beautiful. Graham looks like Elliana with dark hair.

  2. I love your family photos/video! Just perfect! :) Thanks for all the other info, too!

  3. oooh, you just reminded me to put up a post about the bracelets!

  4. check out they have some great little clips with letters & letter sounds. i use it with my students often l.

  5. I cannot wait to see his little room :)


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