Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elliana Lately, 26 months.



I know that we stopped doing our little monthly updates once you turned two, but I still like to get in here once in a while and update what has been going on with you, us, and our family during this stage in your life. What stage ma? Oh you know, just that very vital toddlerhood stage.

You are so so smart. You amaze us every day with the things you know and you are constantly learning. Because of this, I am always looking for new ways to fill your brain.

I have had trouble trying to find things to teach you {silly, as there is a world of things to learn}, because you already mastered your letters and numbers and shapes and colors. But we have found quiet a few things to work on recently.

Now we are learning what sounds the letters make and trying to figure out what letter each word begins with. I can tell that this will take us some time, as it is not an easy task. You have been doing a lot of memory activities as well and you do wonderful with that. We have one on the computer that we do, and you sure have better memory than your old mama over here! We continue to do more and more flashcards and learning in general. Learning about animals that your mama didn't even know that existed. I absolutely adore school time with you as it's so fun to watch you think. Did you know your mama used to want to be a teacher? For a long long time. Sometimes I think about wanting to homeschool you {your papa is very against}, but I know that you would thrive in a school setting.

You love other kids and always run to the window when the bus drives by as you yell "School bus" and then "Kids" when you see them get off the bus. All while having the biggest smile on your face.

You are such a little mommy! It's so interesting to me, because before your brother was born? You never showed interest in dolls or even stuff animals. Toward the end of my pregnancy, you started liking stuff animals and would carry them around. And since brother was born, you have become a little miniature mama. You will talk to your dolls and animals like they are your babies. You try to "breastfeed" them, which still makes me giggle each and every time. You even sit there while I will pump and "pretend" like you are pumping. "Elli pumping," you say. Your papa just shakes his head. You, on the other hand? Have the biggest grin on your face.

Sleep has been an issue with us lately. Well, since August. Since the day you decided to climb out of the crib really. Then we were doing fine for a while, and since your brother was born we are back to having a sleeping "situation" as I like to call it. I will write more in depth on this later {I did already actually}. Lets just say we are all learning. And it's getting better. We have a plan.

Love craft time at home {and library}. We are practicing coloring within the lines, and you have been doing SO well!  You do great with a glue stick and putting shapes together. You also love cooking in your kitchen. Santa was so smart when he brought that for you for Christmas.

Started gymnastics. Definitely the oldest in the group so the most advanced. Wish I would have started you in the 2.5 year old group, but you aren't that age yet and it's not a "parent and me" class... and well... I'm not ready to let go just yet. You have done so well in this class and really make us more and more proud every week. I absolutely adore doing activities with you and I am looking forward to signing you up to dance class, swim lessons, and then soccer in the fall!

Something I want to make note of about gymnastics class is your love for stamps at the end! Your coach has you all sit in a line and patiently wait for your stamps that are then put on your arms. Oh man baby girl you live for these stamps. After you get them you run to mama and papa and show them off. We talk about it all the way home in the car. And then all week you will look down on your arms and say "Uh-oh where stamps go?"  It is the cutest thing ever and I told your papa we just had to write this down and remember for when you are a teenager... oh the little things ;)

Tantrums. I think we are going up {getting better} with these. I don't want to jinx myself, but this past month you have really started listening more and we don't have to tell you multiple times to do something {well we do, but not as often as we used to}. You have also learned the importance of listening to mama and papa in public, especially when we are doing something fun, and know that if you don't practice your "listening skills" that we go home. I can't say that we are out of the dark. I'm sure we will have many more hard times to come in this area of being a toddler, but it's looking up, and I'm proud of you for that.

Mama is looking into preschool for you. That is serious business right there. I want nothing but the best for you... and at the same time... it's so hard for me to trust others. Not just to protect you and keep you safe... but to be kind and loving to you. It's hard on me.

Eating better. Unfortunately, the only way we have figured out to do dinner is to bribe you with Caillou. I know, i know, very hard for me to admit. But I want so bad for you to eat those vegetables gosh darn it! And you do :)

Not a fan of the snow. But I have already written about that more in depth.

Potty training. This is a whole post that I am saving for later. But to touch up on it here... we are working on it. I am hoping that we will be trained before mama goes back to work in a couple months. But the reason I mention it here is because of something funny you did. One day, while mama was feeding your baby brother, you ran out of the room. When I stepped out of the nursery I saw the little wet spot by the door as you came rushing to me with... the RESOLVE carpet cleaning bottle in your hand. "Here mama." Ha. I couldn't help but giggle.

You still suck your thumb and twirl your hair at the same time. This is your soothing mechanism. You never had a pacifier and you don't have a "lovie." We will however be trying to quit the sucking thumb deal once you turn 3. We have a ways to go.

I could still write and write and write, because the truth of the matter is that beyond the tantrums, beyond the sleeping issues, being the disobedience that we run into from time to time, you are such a happy, loving, full of energy and LIFE child and you continue to amaze your papa and I each and every day. You give the biggest hugs and the sweetest kisses and we are so grateful and honored to know you, love you, teach you, and make memories with you. The best big sister in all the land, and the cutest little thing to ever stand. And that my dear is mama rhyming to you.

We LOOOOOVE you SOOOOOOO much. Just like we say it to you. so much.

Your Best Friend. "Bess Fend"


  1. Love her Thirty-One apron. Taylor has the apple blossom littles carry-all caddys for her kitchen. So sweet!

  2. She sounds just precious!!! Our Ann Elise (who will be 2 next week) is reaching that toddler stage too, tantrums here and there, not caring anything about going to the potty, and we just started gymnastics a month ago and she lives for her stamps too! lol The pics of E are adorable and I love the Resolve story!

  3. I don't miss those two year old tantrums!! Luckily it gets better!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. My daughter sucks her thumb and twirls her hair too! She doesn't have a lovey either.

  5. She's so precious! I love that you are going to continue to do these updates from time to time!

  6. love that this is signed "your best friend" :)

  7. Awww!!! Love the best friend part too!! :)

    That apron is too cute!! Oh my gosh! I need to get Olivia one!!

    We are entering the tantrums/not listening phase! Ugggh! It sucks!! Hoping time out/discipline works!! My nerves!!!!! Haha

  8. I can't wait to read your post on Caillou. My daughter Olivia loves that show and I hate it! I swear it teaches children to whine and speak like a baby!

  9. This is adorable - she does sound very smart and she is going to do so well in school!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. Love these updates as usual, but not as much as she'll appreciate them one day! :)

  11. this is such a cute post...your daughter is beautiful!

  12. Oh how I LOVE this, Becky! Elliana is too cute and I love reading about how she's growing and learning at this age. I'm in the process of writing a letter to my daughter for her first birthday coming up at the end of the month and it's so neat thinking about how far she's come and also exciting to think about what's to come!


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