Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 Mamas, 2 Stories & Giveaway

1. How scared were you when you realized that you were going to have your baby 13 weeks early?  

Holy moly was I petrified and worried!  Although it wasn't the plan (and I loveeee to plan everything) it was our reality and I wouldn't change anything about what happened.  My heart cracked wide open that day with a love I never thought was possible.  At the time I was so confused and scared but now I rarely think about it {I'm sure I'll be eating those words when it's time for baby #2!!}.  I'm just so thankful she's ours! 
2. What were the biggest challenges you faced while in the NICU?  

The sounds, the lingo, the anxiety, the drive when she was an hour away - everything was new and challenging honestly.  My post about that long walk sums it up.  The worst day was when they moved our daughter from NICU Level 3 to Level 2 without calling us so when I showed up to spend the day with her, I walked around the corner to see an empty pod.  My life stopped completely at that moment and I screamed and cried for the next 2 hours even after they took me to her and I knew she was fine.  It was a simple miscommunication of which nurse was going to call us but one that almost killed me!!

3. Tell us about the day that you were able to bring her home.  

So incredibly comforting and exciting.  I thought I was going to be scared and worried but I really wasn't.  With baby girl being in the NICU for 52 days we essentially got 52 days of first-time parent training from nurses who focused just on us!!  Baby girl's NICU nurses were amazing and when we left I felt so confident, excited and prepared to take on the new Mommy role.  She was finally totally ours.  I could feed her, burp her, put her down, change her diaper.  ONLY ME!  It was heaven!          

4. List 3 things you have learned about motherhood.  

1.  It's okay to say no -- I said yes to everything before I had my daughter with work, family, life, etc. I thought I was superwoman!  Now I know the world turns without me saying yes to everything.  The events at work will get done, my girlfriends will still love me if I say no to one party or wedding, life does go on.  Seeing baby girl's first steps and hearing her laugh for the first time though?  Those moments are why I now know it's okay to say no!
2.  Learning how to react -- Having a child completely changed how I reacted to pretty much everything.  Before I was quite the drama queen!  I look back now at some of the things I got mad at my fraternity men (at work) for and I laugh and think man I didn't have a life back then!  Baby girl just put everything into perspective for me.  What scares me, scares her; what made her cry were things that I jumped up and freaked out about.  I had to relearn how to react and let me tell you, I'm loving the more laid back me!  I think I'll keep her!
3.  My Mom was totally right (dang it) -- you will be able to do your make-up/hair/get dressed in less than a minute when needed, perfecting that yes-I'm-totally-listening-to-your-stupid-advice-but-not-ever-going-to-use-it-face is super easy, changing diapers really isn't that big of a deal, no matter how much pink you put on your daughter people will STILL call her a boy, you will never stand still again/you will always be rocking a baby even when by yourself, the visions you had of a baby sleeping soundly in a pack-n-play while you worked out/cooked/cleaned/watched Real Housewives are truly not real, etc. etc.
- - - - - - - - - -

 My favorite memories:
1. First trip with my (now) husband
2. White water rafting & rock climbing
3. Dancing with old friends at our weddings
4. Eloping in Maine last April
5. Seeing our baby boy giggle for the first time; announcing our pregnancy!

1. What is the greatest part of being a mom? The best part of being a mom is watching Ari learn new things and smile -- oh his smile! I never thought I would be able to love someone as much as I love him.

2. What is the hardest part? The hardest part about being a mom is dealing with the lack of sleep. Losing sleep can make a person completely irrational in the way they act. I learned that the hard way! Something like spilling coffee after only getting an hour of sleep can make a mama have a complete meltdown!

3. If you could have known ONE thing going into this journey, what would it have been? I would love to have known how much unsolicited "advice" and opinions people would be so willing to give. Everything from nursing to going back to work seems to be a hot topic. I've learned quickly that you decide what's best for your family. No one else matters.

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