Monday, October 28, 2013

A Halloween Costume On A Budget

Growing up, one of the holidays that I looked forward to the most as a kid was Halloween. Me and every other child out there. Choosing costumes was always the most difficult part though since my family was on a very strict budget and simply could not afford to buy every child a new costume for every year. Understandly so. That is why one had to turn to creativity. Something that I was never born with.

So here is how the costumes went; Wear all black, draw whiskers, and pin a tail on your back and you have yourself a cat. For free. Wear all white, make a paper halo, and maneuver it in a way to stick above your head, and you have yourself an angel. For free. Tape leaves all over your body, and paint your face green, and you have yourself a tree. For free. The ideas are endless, and it just goes to show you that you don't necessarily have to spend a lot, to get a lot. I mean, after all, I think the most important thing out of all this is the candy in the basket. Right?

A character that I never got to be for halloween though was a mummy. The great thing about being a mummy is that it requires one of the most used household items, toilet paper, and a little bit of tape. That easy.

Continue reading here about our child into mummy transformation.


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