Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween. Or is it Halloween?

I had every intention of posting cute little pictures of my babies today in their Halloween costumes. Every intention to talk about our plans for the day. How we were going to spend the day in our costumes, make Halloween crafts, bake Halloween cookies, pick up Halloween candy, and of course wait anxiously for papa to get home so we could load the kids up the wagons and then head out to knock on doors and snatch up candy.

You see, we will be doing all of the above, except for that very last detail. You know, the part of Halloween that makes it Halloween.. trick-or-treat. Those famous words that my children won't have the opportunity to say today because we have decided that the government, the city, the towns get to decide when Halloween is appropriate. Due to weather conditions. Weather conditions that we know very well are unpredictable and unreliable.

I understand that it is important to keep the city safe and to give warnings and recommendations. To make sure that people don't go out in inappropriate weather and risk their lives. Frequent updates are good. Suggestions are appreciated. Adjustments are okay too. I understand. But ultimately whatever happened to a parent's judgement and allowing them the opportunity to decide? Can we not trust that they will trick-or-treat during safe hours, and when weather becomes unsuitable to do so, then they would make that decision for their family. On their own. On top of that, why are we so afraid of rain and wind. Really. Rain. And wind.

I grew up in a childhood where we just dealt with what was handed to us. We didn't look at the weather ahead of time, and we didn't decide to predict the future and decide when the "perfect" time would be to celebrate a children's tradition. We just dealt.

I guess what bothers me the most about all this is that I feel as though the ultimate decision maker should be the parent. I am already bothered by how much the government and "officials" try to control our society, that this just seems too over the top.

If it's raining so hard and the wind is blowing trash cans across the street? Don't worry, I won't be taking my children out there. If the weather doesn't allow us to trick-or-treat? Don't worry, I'll figure out a way to make up to them. If there's ever a time where we are dealt with a change in plans or weather? Don't worry, we will learn to deal.

That's why we parent. That's why our children put their trust is in. And that's why you can't

So today? Today we will embrace this holiday and celebrate it just as planned. I have hopes that the weather will clear up and we will trick-or-treat anyway, but regardless... I will make this the best day possible for this kids.

We'll put on our outfits.
We'll take our pictures.
Bake yummy cookies.
Make some Halloween crafts.
Watch a spooky story.
Read some pumpkin books.

And trick-or-treat so that at the end of the night we all pass out from eating too much candy.

Candy will be on the dinner menu tonight.
Because last time I checked, it was October 31st.

And October 31st for the past 27 years of my life has meant Halloween.
Today included. 

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