Friday, October 18, 2013

PSL + giving away iphones + and screaming toddlers= HAPPY FRIDAY

once again linking up with Darci for 5 on Friday

Pumpkin Spice for all:

Okay so I finally made the trip to McAdees {in other words, McDonalds}, and ordered the PSL that everyone has been recommending to me, and I have to say... win. Winner winner PSL dinner. For one, the price was half of that at Starbucks, and two, it actually, surprisingly, tasted a little better. Not sure what it is with the PSL this year at Starbucks, but they are not nearly as good as I remembered them being.

Even better, I was in search for my very own pumpkin spice creamer recipe... and I found one. Without even looking honestly. I think the blogger just knew that I needed it. It was written just for me, I'm sure about it.

Anyways, here it is my PSL friends. Haven't tried it yet, but probably will be doing that on Friday {today, technically when this posts}.


Let's talk iPhones.

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I had been carrying around a cracked screen phone. For ages. I finally {after much persuasion from the annoying, I mean loving, husband of mine} ordered a new one. Except, you all are going to laugh at me...I ordered the iphone 4S. Why? Because it was free. And at the end of the day, to me, an iphone is just an iphone. If you give me an option to have an iphone for free or have one for $260... guess which one I am going to always pick? Free.

And the only reason I even switched was because of my screen that was getting dangerous.

Anyway, the next best thing to free, is winning one for free. Enter this giveaway below if you haven't already!


This one. I just want to talk about how thankful I am for this little boy that has not only stolen our hearts, but has made us better people, especially ones that appreciate the little things more in life.

On top of that, he has decided he wanted to start walking. He's taken a few steps every day, and as many as 4 at once. Stands alone, unassisted, holding on to nothing for minutes straight. My guess?   By the time E turns 3, he'll be walking.


This little lady. Andrew showed me this video a couple nights ago. Actually it's a vine. I had a private account, that I used for a couple of days, and this was one we made one night when I was on maternity leave.

Warning, turn down your volume. Insert high pitched screaming toddler: "TURN ON THE LIGHTS"

But in all seriousness, I keep watching the video simply because I can't get over how much of a "baby" my sweet E looks like. It must be the cheeks. I just want to freeze her in those moments and be able to go back in time sometimes... screaming and all.



I made a couple things this week that we are loving:

Frozen Fruit Yogurt: So easy, and the kids love it. Just put two cups of fruit {I just used raspberries this time} and 2 cups of vanilla yogurt. Blend, and then freeze. Original recipe called for adding 1/4 cup of sugar, but I thought it was already plenty sweet enough.

Philly Cheese Bell Peppers: Cut and empty out your green bell peppers. Cook on high for about 5-10 minutes just so they soften a little. Preheat oven to 350. Sautee mushrooms, peppers, and onions {and any other vegetables you so desire}, then throw in roast beef {we buy the Trader Joe's kind with no nitrites or nitrates}. Place one slice of provolone cheese at the bottom, then add in your roast beef mixture with the veggies, and then top with another provolone cheese. Cook for 20 minutes.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love easy recipes? I do.


  1. I thought it was just me that thought Starbucks PSL tasted different...I usually have a few but had one and didnt like it at all, I may have to try McDonalds one.

    I totally would've went for the free phone too!!!

  2. I swear, you have the cutest minis!! They grow all too fast, don't they? I thought it was so bittersweet when Jackson started walking!

    And I'm with you - hard to justify spending $250 on a slightly newer iphone! We're about to upgrade, but only because they are free! :)

  3. YAY! just started following you on GFC from the excited! :)

    girl - i tried the mcd's PSL the other day. soo good right?! i'm all about pinching those pennies too. and NOT spending $5 at starbucks for a medium sized drink. ;)

    looking forward to following along! your little ones are precious!!!


  4. Things to do this weekend: try PSL from McDonalds and make those frozen yogurt popsicles!! I needed this post this morning! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love McD's Coffees too! They are my fav! I stop every morning for an iced latte (BAD GLORI!!) bahaha

  6. McD's has a PSL???? I JUST paid $6 for one at Starbucks! Ah getting one of those next week...

  7. I agree, the PSL at Sbucks don't taste nearly as good this year but I couldn't put my finger on it! Definitely going to try one from McDonald's.

  8. I have really been wanting to try McD's PSL! So glad you liked it! I have to say Panera bread has a PSL and its amazing!
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!


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