Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall for Fall

Since it's October 1st, why not make this post about all things Fall related. Things I love about Fall. Things I'm looking forward to doing with my family. Things that make me happy because of the weather changes, the scenary changes, and changes period.

1. PSLs just don't taste as good as they used to. Shockingly, because of this, I have only had one so far this season. This time last year? I was buying {what seemed to be} at least one a day. I don't know what it is, and maybe it was just one bad drink, but it did not taste as good as I remembered it tasting. Now, that pumpkin bread from Starbucks? I cannot wait to give that a whirl again.

2. Going pumpkin picking with Graham for the first time next week and I'm so excited. Elliana remembers this from last year and is already talking about it all the time. She loves to see pumpkins. I'm really looking forward to actually carving the pumpkins this year and having fun with it. Okay, who am I kidding here, everything about the process of "pumpkin picking" excites me. Especially the hay ride.

3. Some of my favorite pinterest finds:
4. We've been to the apple orchard already a couple times this year and I am obsessed. The apples go way too quick and there is just something special about the smell of apples baking in a home. My friend shared an awesome apple crisp recipe with me and it turned out awesome.

5. I don't know about anyone else, but I absolutely love whipping out my scarves, leggings, and boots. I  could live in just all three. I am however in need of some new boots and cannot figure out which ones I want to get for this season. Then again, the bigger question is, do I need them.

6. I got matching halloween outfits for E&G. I mean, it sounded great.. until my daughter said the words and I realized... oops, I should have picked something different. I can't wait to share the details!

7. All of this talk about it being October just reminds me that November and December are right around the corner. Including E's birthday, Thanksgiving, Andrew's birthday, Christmas, and Graham's birthday. Talk about the pressure.

That's all I have on this boring Tuesday. Nothing deep...

just my love for Fall.


  1. I love this fall-themed post! Definitely gets me super excited of the fun events to come - picking out pumpkins, Halloween, and more :D

  2. I agree with a resounding yes about the pumpkin lattes! I always look forward to them and have been drinking them for ages! However, I have felt that they haven't been as good this year...definitely leaving something to be desired! I'm glad I'm not crazy!! ;)

  3. I love fall!! It's such a great season! We don't see much of that fall weather here in southern Alabama... but it's getting slightly cooler. I can't wait to bring Penny to the pumpkin patch again. This year she will actually appreciate it more!

  4. I wish the weather was cooler here, I'm ready for scarves and boots! The PSL at McDonalds is pretty good, you should definitely give that one a try!

  5. Check out UrbanOg.com for riding boots. Decent quality (I'm going on my second year with two pairs. Only the soles have worn down some) and a better price - under $50!

  6. I love fall, boots, PSL's, and scarves...... but, it's been 80 degrees everyday, and thats not ok


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