Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Best. Round Two.

I had so much fun typing up my the best post last month that I was sort of in the mood to do it again.

So. The best....

Surprising your child with something as simple as ice cream....and seeing their face light up, their arms hyperventilate, and "thank you mommy, thank you mommy" on repeat.

Cloth diapering. Because really? I cannot believe I hadn't started sooner.

Making a second instagram account {more on that later}, and posting pictures without anyone else seeing {besides your two followers... hi sister and MIL!}.  Sometimes I have that urge with blogging too. Sometimes.

Getting a package. Really. It never gets old. I swear I swing that front door open at least 5 times a day hoping that a package will appear. And when it does? I get so excited to open it. Even if it's not for me.

People who get my humor. There aren't many that get to hear the real me and my ways. Some people call it annoying {ahem, sister and husband}.

My OB doctor. No not pregnant. But really, I was thinking about him the other day and scheduling my yearly exam and not going to lie... I am preparing for the questions that will be thrown at me.. "So when is baby #3! Isn't it time?!" He is totally that person. I mean, it is his profession after all. But he is not shy about it one bit.

This article that lists the "10 most unhealthy cancer causing foods." I nodded my head and was reminded yet again why it is important for us to at least be aware of what we are putting in our bodies.

The newborn smell. The baby smell. That smell. What is it. It captivates you and makes you just harass the child with kisses. Even if it's not yours.

When you walk into the room that your kids are playing in, and you hear your daughter saying to her brother..."Little guy Graham, it's not easy being funny." I died.

When your baby crawls up to you while you are washing dishes, and does that whiney "ma ma ma ma ma" and pulling on your pants. I mean, my oldest does that too... except with a little bit more force. But seriously, it's the best to know that you are wanted and needed.

Getting a new iphone after yours has been cracked for a couple months now.

Getting RSVP for your daughter's birthday from her "little fwends." I mean, I'm excited to have a house full of 3 year olds. Why.

Putting the kids in Halloween costumes. Picking pumpkins. Finally getting cooler weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. What is it about fall that just automatically puts you in that uplifting here come the holidays mood.

Two kids napping at the same time.

Saving money, shopping, of all things. I love when I am scoring things 75% off, using discount codes, and getting free shipping, all at the same time.

Driving in the car, and actually being able to listen to real music. None of that nursery rhyme business that is on 99% of the time when I'm in the car. 

and of course:

Waking up at 5 am to a quiet house, getting a cup of coffee and just... writing.


  1. Haha I can relate to so much of this. Especially waiting on packages. I literally feel as if I stalk the UPS man as many times as I check tracking daily.

    www.shewritesherownstory.com xo

  2. I LOVE personal mail and packages. My blog only has 12 followers, none being family, and I partially like that (love the no family part actually).

  3. My daughter is ALL ABOUT ice cream. If I even say "ice" she goes "ice?" and runs for the fridge. Sorry kid, no "ice" in there haha

  4. I had NO idea that you cloth diaper?!?! I'm always so excited to hear another mom is using cloth. When did you switch? Why did you switch? What brands are you using? I think you should do a post on this! I went back to see if I missed one but can't find it if I did! :) Also, I totally hear you on the NB baby smell - so intoxicating!

  5. A quiet house is definitely my favorite!


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