Monday, October 14, 2013

All you need to know about my other half; 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose

When I started listing little random tidbits about Andrew a while back, I realized that I enjoyed going back and remembering all the things that I love about him, and especially things that I am excited to share with my children when they get older. I often times think about what they will be like with each passing year. What they will look like. How they will act. Their little quirks. What they like and dislike. I know that they will share personality traits from both Andrew and myself, and I hope that they look back on this one day and smile as I have.

Maybe they can even pick on him from time to time. Seeeee dad, YOU did that too.

1. If Andrew gets a hangover {a couple times a year}, he is completely worthless in the "help" department. Or any department that doesn't involve the couch. All you'll hear from him is..."babe can you please get me a 10 piece mcnugget." I did try to show him a picture of what those nasty things are made of... he still didn't care.

2. For a long time there, my husband was an xbox nerd. Headphones and all. I'd walk by the office and he would be sitting there cackling {at who knows what} and telling little boys that it was past their bedtime.

3. Never drank vodka until the night we kissed. Later, I found out how much you hated it. And now, miraculously, that's his drink of choice with my dad

4. Andrew used to have long, wavy, straight out of GQ hair when we met. And although I loved it, I loved even more the idea of him having short hair. So we went and got it cut. His mom and sister were not too thrilled. To this day they still talk about his long hair.

5. A nap taker. A lover of naps. Could sleep all day if we didn't have kids. Amazing to me that now he gets up in the middle of the night with the babies while I am at work.

6. Diddle daddler. That's what I like to call him. His pace is always the same no matter the circumstances. Slow moving as I like to call it, and unaware of the urgency in some situations. "I need a wipe." "Oh okay, coming.... while finishing putting away a few dishes and then slowly walking up the stares." Might I add, my babies hate diaper changes.

7. Has to buy new work clothes every couple of months. No lie.

8. Hates his picture taken. Hates posed pictures. Really is the biggest grump when it comes to this. So getting our photos taken as a family? Very rare. And if they are? They are as simple as they get.

9.  Hates my stuffed peppers {all of a sudden, initially he loved him}, when the house is dirty, when he hasn't gotten a shower, traffic, large crowds, that his family lives far away, shopping {at the mall with me... but loves to shop for clothes for himself},

10. Loves date nights with his wife. Would do it every day of the week if we had a babysitter. Loves to grill. Loves sports, random beers that aren't popular or that I know the names of, hanging out with his family, Saturday nights at my parent's house, grilling out, the Voice, movies, and activities with the little ones.

11. His facebook profile page {which he doesn't even get on} has been the same since we were house hunting and I was about 5 weeks pregnant with miss E. Yes, that would be ME next to a GIANT lamp in a house that we saw. Lets just say we didn't get that one.

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  1. My husband is the same way with hangovers! He rarely drinks nowadays, but he did on Saturday so he left me to get ready for our Gender Reveal party by myself. While I was rushing around cleaning and making food, he was laying on the couch asking me to heat up MY rice sock for his head. GRRR!

  2. That's awesome, sounds a lot like my hubby too haha

  3. WOW! That sounds so much like my husband! From hangover, to naps, to pictures! HA!


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