Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Houston we have a problem.

I had one of those mornings last week. You know the one where you're like... did this really happen to me just now?

Why yes, Becky, it did.

Let's do a little recap, shall we.

Last week, one of my best friends texts me the night before to tell me that she was leaving the next day to move to Switzerland {yes, I just said Switzerland...Don't ask}. Mind you, I know that this is happening {just didn't realize it was this soon}, and I am at work when I receive this text.

So what does a desperate friend do when they absolutely need to see their friend before she leaves this country {I still have not come to terms with this}... why, she makes a breakfast date. What else.

Okay. Lets fast forward to 730 am. I get off work. I had texted the husband the night before "things to bring," and I put my trust in him that he would come through.

"wallet with my license and credit card {because I don't carry this on me at work}
Elliana's breakfast {because I don't allow her to eat junk..99% of the time}
Elliana's coat, hat, and gloves {because husband would just have a blanket on her otherwise}
Makeup {need I explain? 12 hours is a long time}
Dress her cute! {remember this one}"

Okay. It's 745 now. I get a phone call from the husband... and it goes something like this:

"F#$% da#$ sh@#... this outfit is going crazy."
and then he hangs up.

Um. Reminder. Husband leaves the house at 730 to come meet me, otherwise he would be late for work. Reminder number two. It is now 745. Reminder number 3... he is still dealing with "outfit."

And did he really just say.... the outfit is going crazy?

My poor child. That was my first thought. My second thought was... seriously Andrew, seriously?

So eventually he arrives. All the stuff is there. The baby looks happy. She's dressed warm. Her pants look cute, and so do her shoes. Although they wouldn't be the two I would put together, but he gets an A for effort {why do people even say that}. 

I quickly spruce myself up {to the best of my ability for being awake for 24 hours}, and head on my way.

Now. When I arrive to the restaurant and go in the backseat to take Elliana out... I notice something peculiar.

Her shirt. Identical to her pants. 
Now listen closely. I don't want you to get confused. I may have to draw a picture, but just hold up and take note.

Elliana has these two outfits by nicole miller {love her baby girl clothes}. One outfit is a blue top with white pants with gold polka-dots all over them. Another one {again, made by the same person} with a white shirt with gold polka-dots all over them and blue pants to match.

Perfect combo. Perfect outfits. Absolutely my favorite.

Well what does my husband do? He puts the white pants with the white shirts WITH GOLD POLKA-DOTS ALL OVER together on her.  And a gold bow.

So here I am walking in with a child that looks like she got hit with the gold paintball gun 100 too many times. A walking gold-polka dot baby doll. A huge eye sore is what it was.

And to think.... that these people in this public restaurant actually thought that I dressed her. I wanted to put a big sign around her neck. So people would know. {It wasn't ME}

And let's not even talk about what happened toward the end of breakfast. You don't even want to know. I won't even go there.
Fine. I'll go there. My child went crazy. I mean, crazy crazy. Flinging head back, arching her back, screaming. That kind of crazy. I was utterly mortified. Never have I seen her act like this. Ever. And here she is doing this in public?

For the love of khfksjfjienk@#@%@$.

I grabbed her jacket so quickly... sorry friend... I have to run. And ran out the door. My friend following behind me.

I get that it was her nap time, but seriously, was it necessary to act that way? I am scarred. Very much so.

Let's just say... my head was spinning by 10am and I vow to never do that again....

That is until my next best friend decides to move to Africa.


  1. OMG i die over this hahahhahaha! I am sure Andrew is sayimg WTF is the big deal but I totally hear ya, I rarely let Jordan dress the boys, funny since he is a boy you would think he couod manage....NO! Haha he will put Vincent in clothes that are the wrong size and do not match! I even have the damn drawers labeled and he still manages to somehow dress him like a freaking clown, I think he might do it to annoy me and also so I will always dress them! Haha I am guessing this is the morning of the meltdown? Eeeeeeeek!

    Maybe they thought like you said she had been shot at wth paintballs and thats why she was throwing a fit? Hhahah you crack me up Becky!

    PS Vincent had the biggest meltdown I blogged yesterday about! He is supposed to be my big yesterday! Hugs to you lol also that is crazy your friend is moving to Switzerland, Jordan is going there soon for work and I am so jealous, but even more jealous your friend will live there!

  2. This was a RIOT to read. On my gosh I laughed so hard! I s'pose I can see why the outfit was going crazy? Ha ha!! Too funny.

  3. I feel you! My husband alwaysvdresses my son like an unemployed 40 year old who lives in their moms basement-- dinosaur shirts and sweatpants.

  4. Hehehe too funny!! I love when hubby's get little girls dressed! My favorite is when my hubs tried to put my daughters hair in was on top of the middle of her head the other on the side,right over her ear. Too funny. Oh and your melt down from your little lady right there with ya. Lord help us?!

  5. oh geez I know exactly what your talking about. I never trust Jaime to dress up Megan, so I lay out Megan's clothes for him every morning. I honestly dont think they understand what goes together and what doesnt on a girl. I was always scared to go out in public with Megan especially with my husband he will let her cry and scream in a restraunt and I would be wanting to take her out and he just thinks that she is going to,by some miracle,stop crying and screaming. Good thing Megan embarrassed him already so we dont have a problem with that, in that department anymore:)

  6. Ugh hell with meltdowns!!!!! Funny how that little person you love so much can quickly ruin a great day :(

    But the outfit thing was hilarious! Dont feel bad.....Alberto (not too long ago) put my daughters pants ....on MY SON.......You would think the fact that they had sparkles all over would be a dead ringer that they were FOR GIRLS!!! Sheesh!

  7. HAHAHA love this! Boys clothes aren't all THAT difficult to mess up, but if I'm not home to dress Brycen, I always put an outfit on his dresser (WITH appropriate matching socks)... I just tell Hubby that I was helping him out :) Hell, I even do this with bottles, and food! Who knows what my child would eat half the time if I didn't!

  8. OH...I know that meltdown. I've LIVED that meltdown! You have my sympathies...esp. since it was out in public. I give your hubs props for attempting to dress husband resorts to the same outfit EVERY TIME. A pink Adidas track suit. For the baby. At least it matches, but she looks a little gangster, lol. And I can't stop laughing about "This outfit is going crazy"!!! OMG TOO FUNNY!! (He was right though, no?)

  9. And this is why the hubs will never dress our future children..

  10. Had to laugh when you said that what he picked wasn't what you would put together! :0 My hubby does the strangest combos on the rare occasion I ask him to dress the kids and we even have boys. lol

  11. Ha! I so feel you feel you on the crazy clothes. Husband dropped my baby girl off to her babysitters once in a onesie that hasn't fit her in *months* and black sweatpants I didn't even know existed. No socks, no shoes, no shirt! So embarrassing, thank God I keep a spare CUTE outfit in my car!

  12. Oh man! My 7 year old like to dress herself (duh she's 7). You should see some of the doozies she rolls out in. I feel your pain!

  13. Boys, ugh! SO funny. I feel ya sister. Maybe you should keep a box of approved outfits so he knows. bahah.

  14. hahaha MEN!
    All in the same day, my husband put Lidia's dress on backwards and inside out, oh and put sweatpants underneath. YEahhhhh dont ask. AND the girls grandpa came over to visit and put Carly's diaper on backwards. MEN! haha!

  15. Too funny about her outfit! It's crazy that you have 2 best friends moving to foreign countries!

  16. Lol, hahaha that is too funny;)atleast her threw a bow on her head, too cute;)
    im a new follower, love your blog.check out mine as well.

  17. Two of my good friends just moved to Geneva from San Francisco...I guess its the place to be? Haha

  18. What a morning! Hopefully your day gets better after the nap.

  19. My hubby's response (after asking why I was giggling) was "even I know not to mix polka dots with more dots! Haha he thinks so highly of himself. We have a boy, he doesnt deal with dots!

  20. OMG! I die!! This story is amazing and hilarious and awful. Yes, it's possible! HA! I can only imagine what my husband would dress our hypothetical daughter in. Oh gosh. And the tantrum? Been there, it's the worst thing ever! And the best friend moving to a random country? Been there too. It's no fun, but what are ya going to do about it, right?!

    ps love the drawing

  21. Omg mama I am in stitches laughing over here!!! My Andrew would have one the exact same thing... Oh wait- he has!! Lol! I hope you get some rest because that sounded exhausting!

  22. LOL this totally sounds like how my hubby would dress our girls and I hate that matchy matchy stuff.

    We've had a few tantrum fits in a resturant with Kaylee when she was younger. Since my hubs hates when you go to a resturant and have those parents who let their kids scream and cry and don't take them out...anytime our kids make as much as a whine noise he takes them outside or picks them up. LOL

  23. oh my word i am at my desk at work totally cracking up!!! At least the hubs got her there clothed and warm....too bad she looks like she got in a paint ball fight (hilarious description mind you!!) :)
    Sad that your best friends are moving outta be devastated...

  24. BAH HAHAHHAH love the paint drawing! you def had a moment of "wait until my blog hears about this!" i dont look forward to public tantrums... yicks. BUT it sounds like you handled it well. A for effort ;)

  25. it was the outfit that made her act that way ;)

  26. Too Funny!!! My husband does similar things, luckily its usually pjs, but still!!! I put outfits together for a reason...just grab one and go!

    Im sure she looked adorable regardless :)

    (you should totally take a pic of her in the outfit, you will get a laugh out of it in the future)

  27. That is too cute! My dad did the same thing! One time he forgot to pack shoes, lol. My mama wasn't too happy! Love the drawing !

    XO. A Southern Bee Diary


  28. aww, girl! you just made me laugh out loud at my desk at work. :P people are looking at me funny!! Haha!

  29. Can I tell you, I havn't laughed that hard in a long time!

    I have to give him props for getting a bow in the hair. Most guys forget that :]

    Thanks for the laugh, glad I'm the only one in the salon!

  30. Your blog never fails to make me laugh.

  31. Too funny! Some of the outfits my husband has put on our daughter are hilarious.

    It is especially funny watching him try to put tights on her. He looked at her and then the tights and then me and said, "I give up. I have no idea what to do."

    They try so hard:)

  32. omg I am just laughing SO hard! I really wish you would have taken a picture of that for the world to see :)
    What is it about daddy's dressing their daughters?!
    I'm sure in his mind he totally thought they should go together because they MATCH. Men.

  33. I just laughed, out loud, at work. Hahaha.
    My turn is coming, I'm sure. Oh dear

  34. Oh no, I'm sorry about the meltdown! My husband doesn't do well dressing our kids. Thank goodness he doesn't have to do it much!
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving away, too!

  35. I hate when D dresses G! So not what I would have picked out! You make me laugh so hard!

  36. I can't stop laughing! So true, men should never dress child without detailed instructions. They are helpless in that dept.

    And tantrums can do some serious damage to a Momma... thank God they are so cute!

  37. That was too funny! I love the drawing you did of her outfit and his comment about her outfit going crazy!
    I have yet to let Roy dress our daughter but when he does I will have to keep a camera close by!

  38. Love the drawing, but I want to see the real outfit! You should dress her up again in it just for the sake of the blog! hee hee! This post had me laughing out loud! We've all been there. Sometimes I die when I see what my hubby has put on my Ellie. I even organize her closet so that all her outfit pieces hang right next to each other and he still doesn't get it! :-)

  39. hahahaha- SO funny! And yes- my husband tends to dress Perry like a little boy, but not GAP-esque or all appliqued like I would. Drive me nuts. Sorry about your friend and Switzerland. Sounds interesting. And P is normally an angel! Like 99% perfect. But he went NUTSO HORRIBLE both times our social worker came to do our Home Study visits for the adoption. I, too, was utterly mortified. I kept telling her, "I swear he's normally so well behaved...." I'm sure she bought that one! ;) Oh well... xoxo Brooke

  40. Omg this story!!! it was funny mixed with a feeling sorry for you that you had to deal with all of this!! And the drawing is pretty hilarious!


  41. This story was hilarious! Like, I laughed out loud. Oh, men. Can't live with 'em; can't live without 'em.

  42. This is the best post I've read all day! I am totally picturing a gold polka-dotted E throwing a major hissy. Holy moly! So glad you survived!

  43. I can relate on so many levels!!! Next time! You'll get em next time. And note to self: be more specific when asking for an outfit:) Great blog. I look forward to following.

  44. lol!!! OMG I am DYIG laughing! My hubby does the same thing! haha too funny, it must be a guy thing! 9 out of 10 times I come home and she has spent the day in a sleeper becuase then he doesn't have to match anything and it is "easier" poor thing, I usually lay out outfits the night before so the babysitter can change her!


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