Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Randoms, Donate, and Deal Alert

1. Sweet shades. I got Elliana a few pairs of sunglasses for Christmas and she had the opportunity to sport one of these last week when we went out to the park. Then, she proceeded to wear it around the house. Furthermore, in the tub. I think they suit her well.
2. Park Day. Here are a couple pics I snapped with my phone at the park last week. It was such a beautiful day out, we spent 2.5 hours there. I have an additional post to go with those pictures I posted earlier this week. Some thoughts on this day. It is scheduled to post next week. You won't want to miss.
3.Lunch Time. My baby girl always has the biggest smile on her face. Always very mischievous. And always up to no good. She's all about having fun. And this smile? As much as I try to stand my ground... it melts me to the core. Each. And every time.
4. Tomato soup take two. I tried it again this week. This time used crushed tomatoes. I think overall it was a success. Even Elliana ate it as well this time. For some reason though, tomato soup really fills me up. I can never actually eat a full bowl.
5. Too many pictures. Is it possible to take too many? I have had my i-phone for 9 months now and have taken over 5,000 pictures on my phone. I got an error message the other day saying that I was at my max. Now, I've been downloading them on the computer. Correction, they are downloaded on the computer. But I just can't stand to delete them off my phone.

6. Big girl. Someone please tell me how it's possible that my little itty bitty 6 pound baby grew up into this toddler? Who lays on the ground with pillows throwing them everywhere. I mean seriously.
7. Book lover. E is obsessed. She could read all day and night long, and I do't mind it one bit. The other day all she wanted to do was read in the morning... so this is us... bright and early... reading. It was fun.
8. Yummy dinner. I made one last week, delicious. Pork chops. Baked potato. Bread. And cucumber, onion, tomato salad. Even wine to go with. It was tasty. And fun to try something new.
9. Cravings. Non-pregnancy related. But if I am up late at night, sometimes I get random cravings... and usually it consists of colorful doughnut shaped cereal. Fruit loops. Yum yum yum. Want to know a fun fact? I ate a bowl every morning while I was pregnant with E.
10. Daily groceries. Anyone else out there as crazy as I am and find yourself at the grocery story on a daily basis? No? Because we do. All the time. Mainly because I cook dinner every night and there is almost always something that I have forgotten or run out of. So off we go. And E? Well she basically knows everyone by now. And she gives me this look when we pull in... like... seriously, mama? Again?
11. I love this shirt. That is all.
12. Every morning. This is how Elliana hangs out with us on the weekends. We start the mornings off with Baby Einstein and lots and lots of snuggles. And I love this picture most because it has my 2 most favorite people in it. I melt.
13. Drinking and driving.. That would be my daughter. Explanation? Sure. So the other night I was making dinner. Elliana had her sippy cup of water in hand. 5 minutes later, I am giving her a snack and realize I don't know where her sippy cup is. So I go hunting. Under the couch. In the bathroom. Laundry room. Every corner. Every nook. I am down on all 4's. At this point, I get super super frustrated. I hate not knowing where something is. I am like a surgeon. All sippy cups must be accounted for. So finally, 30 minutes later... I see her car sitting there, and immediately lift the lid to find the hidden treasure. I guess she feels as though she will need it when she drives.
 14. Twirling and baby einstein. This is one of the ways that Elliana watches her favorite show. And it's the cutest thing ever. Twirling of the hair... sitting on her knees... and so in the zone.
15. Table for More. One of my favorite girls is this close to 500 followers. If you don't read her already, go check her out! Mama to 2 boys and another on the way! That would make it 3 under 3?! Eek! And she's my age. Love her.
Image property of TableforMore blog
16. Donate for DS. I am sure you all read Kelle Hampton. One of the most amazing moms out there with the most beautiful birth story I have ever read. Her posts often times bring me to tears. Her daughter Nella, who was born with a special extra chromosome, is turning 2 and she is hoping to reach 200,000 in donations to NDDS. You can visit her blog here to find out more and here to go donate! A little goes a long way.
image property of KelleHampton blog
17. 5 dollars for 50 dollar in gifts. Savemore has a great deal going on for new savemore members. The deal is 15 dollars for 50 dollars to premierphotomail {they have albums, mugs, calendars, you name it, they have it}... and if you are a new member, you get 10 dollar credit by going here... so apply that to your order, and you spend only 5 dollars for the 50 dollar voucher! If you aren't a new member, it will cost you 15. Still a great deal, and think CHRISTMAS gifts, already! Haha. Okay start here.

18. 50% off mudpie at Zulily. There are some cute boy and girl stuff... but a lot of it goes quick. Some clothes, accessories, leg warmers, frames, etc. Go here to login/sign up and then check it out. It is free to register!
19. $7.00 for $30.00 worth for personalized kids books.

accept this $5.00 gift from me to you {new members, new email}, and then purchase this deal, automatically takes off 5 dollars you end up paying 7.00 and you get a 30.00 voucher to use towards children's personalized books. The prices vary from 28-35 dollars. So you end up paying around $7.00 plus shipping total.


  1. Just some randoms... my iphone has about 1k pics & whenever I bitch about it being too slow for me, my husband givs me crap about having to much ish clogging up the system. No doubt I will show him your phone count today & follow it up with a fat , "Take that!" The grocery store...ugggh!! I feel like its my second home for the exact same reason, I ALWAYS forget something. And I've picked up this nice little habit over the past couple weeks of forgetting stuff I actually paid for. Yep, 4 trips in a row I have left a random bag at the checkout. Isn't that what those nice bag boys/girls get paid to do: make sure my stuff gets bagged!!

    Super cute pictures of your little. The smile is adorable!

  2. Luv the way she watches her Baby Einsteins!!So adorable!! Savannah also just loves those movies! She has started opening her mouth real wide when I put it in, like she just cannot believe she's about to watch her favorite!! :) I too have just been wondering how she can seem so grown up recently!! Its fun to see them change and learn!!

  3. how do you make folders for your pictures! I've had my iPhone almost a year and haven't figured it out! :) thanks

  4. I crave cereal all the time. It's all I want at night. If hubby wasn't home it's probably the only thing I would eat for dinner. I was so excited about Mud Pie on Zulily yesterday, but all the stuff was 0-6 months, I was so annoyed!

  5. I'm awful when it comes to iPhone photos... I delete duplicates and anything I email or post to Facebook bc I know they are around out there "somewhere".. lately I've been better about just saving them, but I was always worried about reaching a max! Glad to know I have a ways to go, haha :)

  6. Loved this post! When I read the michevious little one all I could think about was that picture you posted of Elli yesterday on your canvas print.

    Also hooray for baby sunglasses - they are the cutest.

    We are total soul mates. Love me some sugary cereal. Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes. I eat them every day.

    Mrs. Monologues

  7. omgosh- Aubrielle does the same thing, except while watching husband loves me for introducng Barney. Cucumber, Onion Tomato salad sounds DELISH!

  8. I missed you soooo much!! Had to get that one out lol! I smiled so big when I saw your pretty face comment on my post! Sorry I haven't been reading or commenting um the chemo and fatigue and raising a 5 year old and a man child is about all this chemo mama can handle at the moment lol and I love every second of it! Can I just say GORGEOUS!! Ellianna is GORGEOUS!! I love the rosette headband! Where did you get it? Do tell! Oh and girl I have hit my max on my phone to and I do not like the thought of deleting them even if I have saved them to the computer lol..I look at them over and over when I am in chemo treatments and it gets me thru ya know! OMG that pic of Elli twirling her hair is presh and I love your living room gorgeous girl! What kinda bread is that? Is it pita? Your dinner looks yummy! I have never tried my hand at tomato soup but I did find a pin on pinterest for crock pot cheddar baked potatoe soup and I am gonna make that one! Yummo! If you pinterest find me and pin it...I will let you know how it turns out! Love the shades in the tub how funny!! Kelcee loves to read to and we love snuggles and books in the morning as well! Nothing better my heart melts! OMG that birth story is the sweetest ever and I cry every time I read it..I can't believe she is already two wow...I will go take a looksy and I will take a looksy at your friends bloggy as well! That salad sounds yummo! Thanks for sharing your deals sweets...hey I have more baby wipes and diaps then a girl will ever need...Kelcee is five lol doesn't use diaps but I buy them when you say good deal and give them as baby gifts...score :)


  9. I ate corn pops like they were never going to sell them again while I was pregnant. Something about that sugary cereal I guess? mmmmmm. I grocery shop way too often as well. Or, I should. But sometimes it turns into "ohhh we don't have ___, I think I need to go order pizza" ;)

  10. I loved cinnamon toast crunch when I wa s pregnant the last time. Love her shades, super cute!

  11. I will be driving to Ohio so our girls can have a playmate at the park...just giving you a heads up on that :)

  12. Just started following the Table For More blog and was her 500th follower! How fun!

  13. Love when you post the deals! I'm too lazy/busy to keep an eye out for all of them myself. I bought two of the personalized books but I think you already got a $5 credit when I joined so you didn't get anything out of it :(
    Love the drinking and driving story, it's too funny!

  14. I always feel like I should comment to these post in number form as here goes:
    1. Love those sunglasses
    2. Do you bake your potatoes right on the oven wrack? You wild woman you.
    3.I can't bring myself to delete any photos off my phone either. In fact, my husband made fun of me the other day for having over 1000. You make me feel better. :)
    4. I go to the grocery store entirely too many times a week as well.
    5.Your living room? um, so cute! Love that brick wall and the big photos in front of the fire place!!
    6. Now i need, yes need, to buy some mudpie stuff.
    7. As always Elliana is just so beautiful!

  15. I'm the same way! I hate deleting pictures off my phone even if I already have them saved somehwere else! She gets cuter everyday! :)


  16. Love all your pictures! I do the same thing! Once they're on facebook, I delete them all!

  17. Fun post! Cereal at night is the best :)

  18. I have also taken way too many pictures on my phone and I am always paranoid about deleteing any pictures.


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