Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1. Day off. My husband took Friday off. That was a gift in itself. We spent the day cleaning, putting Christmas stuff away, and organizing this house that had been in shambles for weeks. It felt good. And then around 10am I heard some sizzling noises and smelt some deliciousness going on from downstairs. Come to find out, my husband was making a little breakfast for us. This was what was waiting for me when I came downstairs. Blessed.
 2. Like mother like daughter. For Christmas, my SIL got Elliana and I matching toms. I finally got around to taking a picture of this glorious thing, and I am so excited to strut in these once Elliana grows into them. I mean seriously, are they cute or are they cute? They're cute.
 3. New hair bows. Elliana got a few new hair bows for Christmas as well as from her Mama just because. So what do we do? Well we put them on in the morning... while she is in her pj's. And the great thing about it? She doesn't mind. Not one bit.
4. 7 foot daughter?. What? Isn't that the norm these days? Wouldn't you say so? Okay. So. The reason I say that is because Elliana's growth chart came in the mail... we finally came around the hanging it... and well.. it goes up to seven feet. Awesome. Now please tell me how many girls reach that height... and more so... how many girls still let you measure them after ... umm... like 5 feet? Serious question here.

It is cute though. I will give it that. Erin condren by the way. And on each line it gives someone "famous" that is that height.

5. Typical morning. This is us in the mornings. We have so much fun in bed. And I LOVE capturing it. I love Elli. She is such a joy. Such a happy baby, er, toddler, and I look forward to each and every morning with her.
6. Tomato soup. So I made it for the first time ever. I thought it was pretty good. Andrew did not. He was not digging it. Said it could have been "thicker." Mmmkay. Whatever. So, anyone know of any good homemade recipes?! Send them my way! Thank you in advance.
7. 1K follower giveaway. I have not forgotten. I totally did not think I would reach 1,000 until January so when it happened like {3 weeks ago} I was not prepared. That being said, I was too busy with the holidays and now that those are out of the way I can finally focus on this. It is coming, i promise. And it will be here soon!
8. Reviews. I also have a couple of reviews coming up. One is of a skirt that was sent to me by eshakiti. Yes. You heard that right. A skirt. Which means I will probably be doing one of those "out of the door posts." Yes? Ha. Contain yourselves, please. Actually it's scheduled for tomorrow. 8 am. Ya'll better come back and tell me how awesome my OOTD post it. Serioudly.

Another is of a salon blow dryer {valued at over 300 dollars} sold by misikko. Yessss.

9. Snow. It has snowed twice here, but nothing too exciting. Nothing that makes you want to get the sled out and go out for a good run. Not that I do that anyway. But really, it's just been freezing cold, and all I have wanted to do is hibernate, snuggle with the baby girl, and drink lots of hot chocolate.
10. Just because. I wanted to share this picture because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Everything about it. From the long socks. To the remote in one hand and the tupperware in the mouth. And that look intently glued to the TV {I believe football was on}. Is this child a toddler or what? And check out that long hair.
11. 1111. I happened to be on the computer yesterday when I saw this happen. I am still amazed by the numbers.
12. Bed Hair. Elliana gets it bad. Really bad. This picture doesn't even do it justice. Just believe me. Also with hats. I mean, what are we in for when her hair gets really really long. Oy.
13. Christmas Shopping. Elliana and I went yesterday to snag up all the 75% off deals at Wal-Mart. And boy did we get a bunch of stuff. I bought Elliana {and her future brother/sister} 3 foot x-mas trees, tons of bows, some stockings, lots of ornaments, wrapping paper, garland, christmas tree toppers, chargers, and a whole bunch of other little things and spent only $50.00! Cart full and stuff on bottom. Yup. Now that my friends, is a great deal!
14. Go Away. Elliana's new thing that she says all.the.time is "goway." At first she always just said it to the dog {guess who she gets that from}. And now she has started saying it to us... and just about anything and everything that moves. Including other dogs out on the street. Take note of the picture below. Yes, her screaming and hooting ad a dog yelling "GOOOOOWAY." Lovely.

15. Bachelor. It has started again. I go crazy over these seasons. Not sure why.. because it is perhaps one of the silliest shows out there. But addicting nonetheless. So I watched with such anticipation... only to quickly sign onto the internet, type in reality steve, and get the end result. Usually it takes about 5-6 shows in before I do this, but I just couldn't wait this time. And yet again, I leave off saying, are you serious?! That is all I will say about that topic.
16. Clarisonic owner. That would be me. After reading so many amazing reviews about it, I bit the bullet and bought myself one of these pretties in turquoise here. And I am so freaking excited. I can't wait to try this bad boy out. Anyone own one of these? Anything to say about it? Thanks!

Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System

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  1. how cute are those matching shoes! Also, there are tons of weirdos on the bachelor this season! And the way Ben clapped really weirded me out, did you notice that? My husband walked in and watched it for about 20 seconds before saying "you watch some stupid sh*it" and walking off, haha!

  2. I'm addicted to the bachelor too. Looks like they've got some real loony tunes this season:)

  3. I can't believe that sign goes up to 7 feet! Erin Condren must be expecting Elliana to be super model material. And for real, I did not realize her hair was that long!! If I ever have a baby girl I pray she loves bows like this! My mom said I ripped them off my head so fast as a baby. Happy Thursday!

  4. Seriously joke....i was just going on line looking to purchase matching toms for me and Sofia ...IN THAT SAME COLOR!!!!

    Im also dying for a clarisonic.....plllleeeeeeeeeaaasssseeeee post a review after you use it!

  5. The Clarisonic is awesome! You will definitely notice a difference on your face massage in the morning. I use mine every morning in the shower.

    I actually have the Clarisonic with the full body option...the Mia is really cute!

    Enjoy it - feel free to email with any questions!

    P.S. Love reading your blog. Your daughter is precious!

  6. LOVE my Clarisonic! It is awesome :)

  7. Excited about your upcoming product reviews! I'm going to do one for misikko too!

  8. Matching Toms does it get any better, Love them! Her in the morning laughing and letting her do whatever you want to her I wish I was that happy in the morning.

  9. I got that exact Clarisonic for Christmas and LOVE it!!!

  10. seriously, this post is just filled of a bunch of cuteness that i don't even know where to begin ... but i'll say that your daughter is so adorable! loving the hair bow on her head!

    having breakfast made for you is awesome!

    those matching Toms are too sweet!

    i should have gone to Walmart and bought Christmas clearance stuff ... hmm, maybe i'll find something tonight :)

    and congrats on the 1000+ followers!

  11. Omg, love those matching toms!!!

  12. super cute blog im now a new follower ur family is so cute!!!i have a daughter around her age.If you have time you should come by and check out my blog maybe even be a follower if you'd like.

  13. You have officially made me want to go out and buy:

    matching toms.

    a growth chart.

    the clarisonic.

    and Christmas stuff.

    So that's where I'll be today :)

  14. Loving the matching toms. I won't to get some for the girls

    The bachelor this season is crazy. Likes of train wrecks for sure!

    Keira wakes up with some crazy bed head too

    Loving the headband with the jammies we do it too!

  15. Im obsessed with my Clarisonic! Got one for Christmas and use it as much as I can! I totally notice a difference already! and you made me ten times more nervy about the bachelor's selection. Dear God help us all! ;);)

  16. What good tastes your SIL has ! Lucky you to get such an adorable gift ! I love reading your posts and so glad I decided to follow this blog !

    xo. A Southern Bee Diary


  17. The mia clarisonic is amazing. I put a mini review of it on my blog last friday. You will looove it.

  18. I do the same thing with the bachelor. And all i have to say is what the EFF is Benjiman thinking?

  19. love your matching toms...they are super cute!

  20. DYING laughing at work, in my office about "go way" lol that is TOO funny!

    I snapped up 75% off at Target 2 nights ago...Oh Em Gee pretty, pretty wrapping paper for $1 a roll umm I'll take 15! I got stuff for Olivia to have her own tree next year too! I figured the unbreakable ornaments would work on the bottom of "the adult" tree and then the fun bright colorful ones for hers!

    Love catching up on your blog! :)

  21. Elli's hair is getting so long! Such a cutie :)

    I haven't caved on Reality STeve yet but I just might have to!

  22. love the random post! I love the bachelor too! addicted!

  23. Oooo can't wait to hear your thoughts on the blowdryer!

    Also, I have a Clarisonic. I hate the cleanser that comes with it! I use Neutrogena Naturals instead and love it!

  24. I just started following your blog (and blogging in general) and love your writing! Your daughter is adorable and I am looking forward to reading more!

  25. Love the matching TOMS! LOVE IT!

  26. Elli is SO stinkin' cute! I've been thinking about getting the Clarasonic for myself. Can't wait to see the review :)

  27. 1. How much do I love the Bachelor for all it's juicy silliness too?!
    2. The clarisonic is the best invention ever!!
    3. Love the matching Toms and the hair bow. Maybe my next baby will be a girl so I can dress her adorable too! :)


  28. I get embarrassed for the girls on The Bachelor. Also, love my Clarisonic, you'll love yours too!

  29. This season of the Bachelor looks like it's going to be packed full of drama. Even though it makes me cringe, I can't help but watch.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the Clarisonic. I've been wanting one, but haven't actually purchased one yet. I hear it's wonderful!

  30. 7 feet really?!
    Dying to hear what you think about the Clarisonic -- I really want one!

  31. where to begin...

    Elli's hair bows are ADORBS.

    The 7 foot thing is hilarious. You mentioned there are "famous" people on each line. Who is 7 feet tall? Prob a basketball player, I hope?

    Those reviews sound fun, looking forward to it! Esp the blowdryer...

    I want it to snow here in VA but no dice :(

    I still need to hit up the post-Christmas sales...

    LOVE the new season of the Bachelor...the girls are CRAZY!!

    Annnnd I'm about to get a lavender Clarisonic...SOOO excited!! :) Let me know how you like it!

  32. new follower and just wanted to say, i totally do the same thing with the bachelor and reality steve. I've watched every season since the beginning - die hard fan! And I must say even though it always fails I get disappointed when it does. I'm a bit bummed about reality steve's prediction for this season...definitey sounds like it will be an interesting season.

    Cute blog, excited to get to know you better.

  33. Your little girl is sooo cute! I just love seeing all of the photos you put up of her! That soup looks amazing!! YUM

  34. I need a clairsonic review! :)

    I'm getting the blow dryer today too...EEEEK!!!!! :D

    Oh..and I love the Toms. Just bought Rylee her 2nd pair..oops. :x

    and I'm addicted to the i think ben is so hot. yum.

  35. I absolutely love your matching Toms. So so cute! & I'm definitely addicted to The Bachelor as well, so many crazies on there this season.. I love it! lol.

  36. That's a cute growth chart, but 7 feet?!? My goodness!


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