Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Park, Day 2, as a Family.

I can't believe that we had such amazing weather two days in a row.
After such a successful day at the park on Friday, we decided to do it all over again on Saturday.
This time, papa was off work to come along for the ride.

It wasn't the 60 degrees that it had been the day before.
However, at 45 and extremely sunny, it was a perfect day for family time.

This day also was a huge change from before.
Elliana now loved the swings and she stayed on them the majority of the time that we were there.

And to my pleasant surprise... other families actually showed up to the park.
Well okay, maybe one.

But still. It was one mom with 4 kids.
They played so well as she read a book.
I'd see her peak up from her book from time to time and smile at them.
And at one point one of her daughters came up to her and said...
"Mama, I'm ready for kisses."

Um. My heart melted.
Elliana, of course, was all into her walking everywhere again.
And staring.
It's what the girl does best. 
I especially love this picture below.
Look at little baby girl and her tall papa.
I mean seriously, is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen.

Papa and his princess just strolling around.

I want to take a picture like that every year so I can compare as she grows.
And then back to the swings we went.
Now she put on some full blown expressions this time.

She was loving it.
And then she decided to needed to rest.
And do a little more staring.
We even got pictures of papa... making funny faces.
No worries. Elliana is still busy people watching.
Mama jumped in the picture.
Sans make-up and all.
Overall, it was an amazing 2 days spent.
It was so nice to be out and enjoy the fresh air. 
And it gets me that much more excited for spring and summer time.
I have a feeling Elliana and I are going to be an adventurous duo.
And of course trio on the weekends :) 


  1. Amazing pics! I love the one with E and her daddy... so sweet! Love her hat!

  2. I love it! These pictures are too cute! We try to do park days and it has just been too cold to do it or raining on the warmer days!

  3. Yourpictures are stunning! Oh and the people inthem aren't so bad either ;) What were you doing behind the camera to get Andrew to smile?!?

  4. Elliana is SO cute!! and I can't get over how tall the hubs is!!! wowee

  5. Elliana is adorable! Love the pics!!

  6. I love those close up photos of her in the swing! Very cute! And I love the cropping on her little feet photo! Great job!! Lots of memories you'll cherish for years to come!! xoxo Brooke

  7. Pretty, pretty pictures!!! AND I'm so glad to see you watermarking them! :) Good Girl!

  8. What a doll! Love park days ! It makes me long for warmer weather even more though !

  9. You have such a sweet family! And,if I looked as good as you sans makeup, I'd rock that look too!

  10. ohh i love the photo of little eli and tall andrew. yes you should do that every years to compare the photo. its brilliant idea!

  11. You have such a beautiful family! Also, swings for my favorite as a child so it is so fun seeing it through her eyes again.

    Have a fabulous day!
    Mrs. Monologues

  12. What sweet photos! And I LOVE the idea of taking a photo of little girl and daddy walking together. I should try that!

  13. I absolutely love it!! Family days are the best!! I definitely need to take more pics on family days!! Mthe picture of Andrew and Elliana walking side by side just melts my heart!! Glad you had a great weekend!

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  15. LOVE the pic of him and Elli on the swings!!! And the one of them side by side...swoon! SO CUTE!

  16. I still can't get over how stinkin adorable she is! My husband and I are trying for babies and I love the idea of taking pictures of them walking together. SO cute.

  17. These are such great pictures. Elliana is beautiful. I love the father daughter pictures I have quite a few of daddy & kaylee. I want to get one of both girls now that Keira is walking

  18. E is BEYOND adorable!!!

    I LOVE LOVE the pic of her standing with your hubby!!

    LOVE her little hat and mittens!

  19. ok i have to agree that photo of Andrew and Elli walking is the cutest thing in the entire world. I love it!! I would totally frame it. melts my heart :)
    love how you all spend days at the park, just as kids should...not be insude all day. put a coat on and go! And thats just what you all did...love it!!! :)

  20. Such cute pictures! Her jacket and hat are adorable.. well she is adorable!

    My daughter HATES the swings. She has since she was little.

  21. She is SO pretty! {And she has way cooler clothes than me - will you do my shopping?} :)

  22. It's so good to be active with your kids and spend family time together! :) She is the cutest thing ever! Great pictures!

    You guys are great parents!


  23. I wish winter would stay this warm and sunny all season! For real, you should keep taking those photos of Eliana and Andrew. That would be so cute to compare to one day on her wedding! Yes, I went there. Haha

  24. Can you even believe this weather?! Elli is so pretty!!

  25. you seriously have the CUTEST daughter ever!! :)

  26. She is too cute! I love that pic of her next to her Daddy. I want go take a pic like that every year too! They get so big so fast. Maybe that's why people keep having more and more kids :)


  27. OMG, she is SO adorable! Such a little fashionista too! The pics of her and her daddy are priceless!

  28. I have been following your blog for about a month now and I have to say something... Your baby is GORGEOUS. Im not just being nice... since I don't have kids of my own I can truthfully say she is the prettiest baby I have EVER seen. EVER. Also you should be a photographer because your pictures are always amazing.. but then again it could just be that the main focus of them is that precious little girl! Congrats to you and your husband for having the right genetics to match up and create her!! Sooo pretty! Ok, this was awkward enough lol, happy blogging!

  29. Love these. She is gorgeous! I can't say that enough. The pic with her and her papa is priceless. I capturing a picture like that every year would be something fun for her to look back on.

  30. Precious!

    What kind of camera do you use? I'm in the market for a new one and you have fantastic photos!

  31. Just came across your blog and I love it! You are a great writer... I couldn't stop reading!

  32. These are sweet pictures. Park trips at that age are so sweet!

  33. beautiful pictures! your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!

  34. wonderful pictures! she is precious


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