Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craft of the month; LOVE.

It's here! The first ever link up of DIY craft of the month series. I cannot express to you guys how excited I am about this. How excited I am to be motivated to try new crafts, get inspired, and think outside of the box. 2011 was the year for cooking for me {still an on-going learning process}. And I have a feeling 2012 will be the year of crafting.

I think we can also learn a lot from each other, and part of the reason I am so excited about this series is that I get to see what you guys are doing over there in all your craftness!!

This month is the LOVE month in preparation for February! Anything goes that makes you think of love. Anything red, pink, hearts, whatever. Anything "v-day" related. Anything/anyone that you "love." A gift for a loved one. Basically anything goes.

My Craft: {Our 14 numbers}
Supplies used {all found in my home}: Blank 5x8 hardback white book. Pictures. White cardstock
 For my craft, I wanted to make something for my hubby, Andrew. I sat on pinterest for hours upon hours looking at crafts. I have a whole board pinned full of love crafts.

And I had come down to 5 of my favorite choices. I actually had something pretty much picked out. And then? I decided that I wanted something unique. Something that was special just for him. I kind of combined some of the ideas that I had seen and made it my own.
 This idea? Came to me at around midnight one night. And I kind of went with it. I didn't really have this book in mind right away. I saw the blank book in my craft box.
I saw pictures. And I thought I would put the two together... but wasn't sure what I would do.

I started out by painting the front of the book. Then, I had put this big wooden A on top.. and painted it pink.
 Yes, I said pink. Now, what was I thinking? I have no idea. I soon realized, that was a bad idea, and I ripped it off. And started over. Picture Becky, think Picture.

Then I sat on the computer. For hours. Thinking of our "14 numbers." I wanted something that had 14 because this was going to be a combined gift for Valentine's day and our 6 year "dating" anniversary. 
At first, I was going to do 14 reasons why I love you... but again, decided against it, as I wanted something more unique. So then I began. 14 numbers that are unique to us.
   Dear Husband, 
May you never forget the memories and moments that have built us together, kept us together, made us stronger, made us better parents and husband and wife, and most importantly made us a family

Made with love, Your wife.

February 14th we made the decision to have a baby.
13 reasons why I love you.....You're...funny, handsome, caring, giving, loving, sincere. My soulmate. My best friend. Selfless. Devoted. Intelligent. Best father to our daughter. Devoted husband to your wife. And most of all you love me for me.
12 places that have meaning: Maui, Vegas, Hilton Head Island, West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Noblesville, Louisville, New Smyrna Beach, Sedona, Orlando, Lawrenceburg, Belarus.
1+1= Elliana
10.08.10 First time parents
9 {times a million} is how many times I'd marry you over and over again.
 8 stands for August {the month we got married}.
7 of my favorite memories: our trip to vegas, date nights downtown, spring break 2006, our engagement, maui, the day we got our keys to our first home, our daughter's birth
6 letters { P U R D U E} where our story began.
5 a.m. {is how late we stayed up at my dorm the night we met talking nonstop. Later, I find out that when you left that night you told your best friend "she's going to be mine."
4 b's {baby, burby, bee bop, baby cakes}
You made all my dreams come true on our 3 year anniversary {you popped the question}
2 ways I say it. I love you. Ya tebya lublu.
1 You are the only ONE for me. My ONE love. My ONE true best friend. My heart. My soulmate. The one I can't wait to grow old with.
So now it's your turn! Show us your craft or crafts that you worked on this month. You can show one picture, or 20. You can include directions, supplies, cost. The more the better!

Enter by Saturday. Sunday, I will sit down and choose my favorites, and will feature those top 5 crafts and blogs on Monday. I may even have the voting left up to you guys in the future... we shall see!

So grab a button, write up your post, come back and link up, and hop around!

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  1. Aww this is so beautiful! You have to tell us what his reaction when he open his valentine craft card.

    Its special keepsake forever :)

    Sorry i don't have any crafts for this month. But next time, hopefully I will join :)

    Much loves, Sacha xoxo

  2. I love this this is adorable!

  3. Becky I love it! You are so thoughtful, so creative, and I bet he loved it! Did you share it last night when y'all went out? Such a great idea and I bet lots of us will be borrowing!
    Now you'll have to give me Feb theme soon. It takes me FOREVER to get these things done! ;)

  4. wow what a great idea!!! so romantic

  5. this is adorable! i bet he LOVED it!!

  6. OMG this is the cutest thing!!! Good job!

  7. This is BEAUTIFUL!! How can any of us top THAT?! Your hubby is going to love it!! I agree with the above, please let us know his reaction! :)

  8. I love love love this~Its beautiful! great craft!

  9. AMAZING!!!!!!! Thats all I can say, just so cute!!! Did he love it?!?!

  10. OMG Becky, I LOVE this project. So thoughtful, pretty, and meaningful. Your hubs is going to LOVE it.

  11. wow, i just love this project! it is beautiful! makes me want to do this too!

  12. I love it Becky! It is so thoughtful and personal- and super creative too! Andrew is going to love it!

  13. You are SO SO SO creative!!! :) I just love yours!!!! That is so sweet! I love all your pictures! So beautiful! You did such a great job and you can tell you put a lot of thought and time into it! I can't wait to continue with these link ups!

    Hope you like mine! :)


  14. This is so freaking cute!!!! I'm jealous of how creative you are!

  15. LOVE this idea. So stinking cute! I second what Tara said- I wish I could be more creative! Some of my friends are UBBBB SESSSEDDDDDD with crafting, and I always wish I was more like that. Hm... maybe something I'll pick up this year?! Keep the super cute ideas coming for us not-as-creative people! ;)

  16. Wow that was so creative and thoughtful! I am really impressed! :) Perfect for V-day!

  17. Oh my gosh!!! I cant get over how adorable this is! He is going to LOVE it. I wish I could think up something that awesome and original! You'll have to let us know what he thinks of it. :)

  18. So cute and creative!! Love this idea. I wish I had a v-day craft to link up!;)

  19. SUCH a great idea!!! Love it. :-)

  20. This so super cute and creative!! What a sweet and meaningful gift!!

  21. I just LOVE this... I may just take this idea and do something like it for my man! It's the sweetest and most thoughtful thing ever. Oh and all the photos... so gorgeous!

  22. This is adorable. He is flipping love it! And at least if he doesn't we all do! haha. But seriously that is a precious and special gift. He is very lucky to have a good wifey like you!

  23. What a fun link up - thank you so much for hosting!

    And I LOVE your book - like literally said "awww" out loud!! I think it's just the sweetest thing ever!!!

  24. what an awesome gift-you did a wonderful job!

  25. This project is amazing. So fun and special!!

  26. What a SWEET idea! Y'all are so cute!

  27. Oh my goodness, this is just fabulous!!!!!! I love it!! What a wonderful idea & craft!!

  28. This is beautiful, I love it!!! You did a great job & y'all are so cute!


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