Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mama's Favorites part 2

Part one can be found here.

20. Organic Plum Tots {fruit packs}. We just discovered these the last couple of months and have instantly fallen in love. And I'm not even the one eating them. However, Elliana sucks these things like they are gold, so that to me is good enough. Add on top of that they are organic and full of all sorts of vitamins and nutrients, I am one happy happy mama. So happy that I have subscribed through amazon to have these delivered monthly. I ordered this flavor as well as peach. Yum.  

21. Baby Einstein videos. Okay let me just start out by saying that Elliana does not watch anything besides educational videos. Which include these baby einstein. We have the whole set {numbers, shapes, animals, music, etc} and we, clarification; Elliana, love them a whole lot. I think it is important that if my daughter watches any kind of television that it is educational and baby Einstein has not failed us yet.

22. Flashcards. We own every one of these "my first" flashcards and we have "school time" daily. She adores these cards and actually sits in my lap while we go through them. They are very colorful, a lot of them have "feely" type things on them, and they are large and very easy to us. On the back they also have "Questions" that you can ask your baby/toddler. I know these won't pertain to her until she is older, but still, they are awesome awesome awesome. And I believe she has learned a lot from them already.
23. Britax Andrew and I went back and forth between many car seats before we picked this one. In fact we had ordered the graco car seat first, but after figuring out that it was rear-facing only, we had to give it to my nephew instead. The britax so far has been nothing but great to us. It is rear-facing or forward-facing, and so far E has been rear. The only downfall is that there are no cup holders. But hello, that's why my child has hands. :)
24. Chicco Travel System Travel system is numero uno on my list of newborns. This is like a life saver to have a car seat that just snaps into stroller and locks into place. I can't imagine what life would have been like without one.
25. Extra Base This has been a life saver and I think that every family should own an extra base (if able). Andrew and I had to "meet" a lot of times due to me working nights and him working days so this allowed us to keep the baby in one car and not have to take her out. This also allowed us to keep the bases in each car and not have to switch them out every time we chose to take out a different car.

26. Talking/Singing Dog. Elliana got this for her birthday... it took us a month to figure out why it wasn't working {dumb on our part}, and then once we got it working... o to the m g. That girl fell in love quicker with that toy than any other toy she has. She kissed it. Hugs it. Claps with it. The toy is educational. Sings songs. Counts. Sings the ABC's. It's pretty much awesome.

27. Zulily. Mama loves to shop. Mama loves cute stuff. But on top of those two, what mama loves the most is a good good deal. And this site, as well as number 28, are my top two to-go sites that I visit on a daily basis. They have new deals every day, normally lasting 3-4 days, and they are all 50-90% off. Clothes. Shoes. Books. Toys. They even have maternity stuff, and just stuff for moms in general. The only downfall is that the things go fast fast, and shipping takes around a month.

28. Totsy. Same as number 27. Just another site, but the details are the same as zulily. Including the shipping part.

29. Fuzzy Yellow Duckling. This is Elliana's favorite book hands down. It has flaps that she opens up on each page and something that she touches {things sticky, furry, scaly, etc}. It's awesome.

30. F is for Farm. Another interactive book that she can took and things "move." She adores it

31. You are my I Love You. I actually love this book. Elliana isn't as into it yet because it isn't as interactive and fun as the others... but this book is really special, and I can't wait for her to understand it. I think every mother should own this book.


  1. Hello,

    I love your blog :)
    Your little on is so cute!!
    Your list of favorites have a lot of items we enjoy at our house too! I actually just did a review on a product very similar to Organic Plum Tots. They are so amazing!! My 11 month old LOVES feeding herself healthy organic veggies and fruits :)

  2. Thank you for this list! I have a five month old, and we're getting to the stage where he's more interested in toys (and food). It's nice to hear another mom's opinions on everything!

  3. I LOVE "You Are My I Love You"!!! It was a very special gift to Perry along with a little stuffed teddy bear from one of our nurses. (My mom is Labor/Delivery, so the nurses were extra loving on P.) Anyway, we also have a 'You Are My Miracle' for Christmas and there's one other we have that goes along with the series, but I can't think of the title off the top of my head. Nevertheless, check them out, because they all bring tears to my eyes! Happy Wednesday!! xoxo!

  4. Funny, I've never heard of Plum Organics before (probably because I don't have a baby), but after you posted about them, I saw an hour later that KCL has a deal scenario where you can get them for Target for like 59 cents/each here:

    Thought you'd want to know! :)

  5. I love the layout of your blog and how hilarious you are!! Just wanted you to know that :)

  6. Love your favorites! As a soon-to-be mom, I'm always looking ahead and love road tested items people love!

  7. Love your book list! Our Little Bug loves books too so it's always nice to know other good ones! Did Elli have issues with the plum pouches at first? I can't get Little Bug to suck on the top, she's freaked out by the plastic or something haha. Is that normal?

  8. Britax carseats all the way babay! and flashcards are amazing too :)

  9. I love these!
    gahh cant wait to be a mama ;)

  10. wonderful list! I so agree with several of these items.

  11. Great list. I'm gonna have to try #1 with the girls. The girls love baby Einstein

  12. LOVE your list! Olivia LOVE LOVE LOVES that talking dog too!! :)

    We have some baby eistein books and flashcards, we love them too! I have been dvring the shows for her to watch! I was going to get the dvds for her to watch in the car!

    I love totsy and zulily too! I have recomended to other friends as well! :)

  13. Ok I must be an idiot. The dog is great! Little man loves him and it taught him to clap and blow kisses but I HATE that you have I keep pressing the buttons over and over again after each song it just goes quiet. Not ideal if you're in the other room.

  14. I just love knowing what other mom's go-to items are! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and you've got a new button on the sidebar {how to blog design} and the link is invalid. Thought you'd want to know :)

  15. Oh the singing dog! W loves it too. He goes through stages with it where it doesn't leave his side and then sometimes he couldn't care less. But it never fails that we set it off when trying to clean when he's getting ready for bed!

  16. So glad I found this blog! Great list! ALso, about the books the other day. Before I was home with my girls I was a kindergarten teacher, so I'm also giddy when they just sit and "read." It's the best!

  17. I subscribe to the fruit pouches on Amazon too. I usually get the ones with veggies in them too!


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