Monday, January 23, 2012

So deep in thought.

I love this look.
When I see her do this, or when I see this picture, it makes me wonder....
What is she thinking this very moment. Right now.
What goes through her head?

She looks so deep in thought.
She looks so focused.
So busy.

At the same time.
She looks peaceful.
Content. Happy.

I wish that she could talk to me right now.
I know we will have many years of her "talking"
but I want to know what's in her head now.

Because she won't remember these years.
They won't be a part of her memory.
As if this time in her life never even existed.

But that's what my role is.
As her mother.
To capture these moments.
These memories.
The happy times.

And relive them with her years down the road.
Show her who she was then.

The things she did.
The places she visited.
The people she saw.

The things she ate.
The things she loved.
And the things she hated.

The way she dressed.
The way she played.
The way she cried.

And more importantly, the way...
she thought.

To her, life was beautiful.
Life was exciting.
Life was adventurous.
New. Fun.

Maybe 14 month old Elliana...
will teach something to 16 year old Elliana...

Guide her through life. Guide her throughout the years.
Guide her through all the challenges ahead.
Because although she may be the same person....
She will be completely different.

I can only hope that she sees the beauty of life.
The excitement of it all...
The opportunities in front of her...
The same way that 14 month Elliana does.
The same way I see it for her.

Lost in the moment. So deep in thought.


  1. Great post I love those times too! I always wonder what they are thinking .....I know sometimes I look at pics of myself at that age and wonder hmmmm....what was going on in my own head back then?

  2. at least you have a girl that will APPRECIATE the moments you capture...I am positive that Ace won't ever want to be bothered with all of his baby videos and pictures! I get sad just thinking about it!

  3. I always wonder what J is thinking when he looks at something with those interested eyes. As much as I wish he could talk just seeing his facial expressions is so much fun! Beautiful post mama, happy Monday!

  4. This is beautiful. It really moved my heart!

  5. Love this post AND picture!!! I often wonder what little ones are thinking. It warms my heart how much you cherish being a mama!

  6. Love this post mama!! I always think the same thing!! Elliana gets more beautiful each day!!

  7. That's really sweet. Did you write that? Great words.

    The Magnolia Pair


  8. Your posts are always so sweet... lucky for her, she can look back on these posts one day and see what you had to say! I wish my mom could have had a blog like this for me... she is SO lucky!

    Oh and I tagged you in today post. So play along if you want :) xo

  9. Im a new follower and just wanted to say that I am loving your blog! Your little girl is just a DOLL!

  10. I too, loved this post (and the picture, how presh!) Ya gotta wonder what goes through their little minds. I think they "get" so much more than we'll ever know!

  11. This was so beautiful. As a first time mom to my 8 month old daughter, this resonated with me and brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  12. I love this post... I tell you all the time but seriously you are such a great mom! You are an inspiration to tons of soon to be mama's out there!


  13. i love that you captured this one tiny moment. I'm sitting here smiling for you and your sweet pea!

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