Monday, January 16, 2012

My little Bookworm

One of Elliana's new things that she absolutely loves to do is carry her little books around everywhere and "read them." She has always loved books. Loved looking forward to bed time. Loved when we read to her. Loved touching them, feeling them, all the colors, shapes, and "sounds" that they make. Or we make. From day one. Loved.

Maybe it's because we have read to her since she was a little baby. Maybe it's because we have made it a daily routine with her. Maybe it's because she has drawers upon drawers full of books.

But i really think that she is just infatuated with learning. Children in general, I think are just so interested in everything around them. What is this? Why does this do that? Why does that sound like this? And how interesting does this feel. And when I touch that. And the colors. The colors!

I mean really, that has got to be what goes through their head.

When I look at this picture... I think about how mesmerized she is by this book.
And I get that she may not be able to read. May not be able to know what it's about. If there is a story behind it. Or if there is a happy ending.

But she can see. Those eyes are reading that book. And she is so intrigued by it all.

Just like I am. I was.

I used to read books everyday. A whole book a day. I would stay up all night in order to finish the book. I was addicted. And thinking about it now makes me realize how much I miss it. Getting lost in the book. Putting yourself in the story. Feeling the emotions of the characters.

A book can be so powerful. So moving. So life-changing. You may not realize it at the time, or ever, but a book can have a profound effect on your life.

And I truly believe it has a huge effect on my daughter's life.

My little book lover.
My little bookworm.

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