Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That time I took 4 guys out.

Well, as you may know, Andrew's birthday was 2 days before Christmas. 1 day before Christmas Eve. And it so happens that it's that way every year. 

Who would have thought.

Andrew bugged me all month long about what we were doing. Who was going to be there. And "it better be fun."

So when I set out to plan his birthday I had a couple things in mind. Downtown. Hotel. Ruth's Chris. Hot dress. High Heels. And boys.

Downtown. Check. Hotel. Thanks to Priceline, a couple clicks later and we had ourselves a nice suite. Done. Ruth's Chris. Well, ya, that was a given as well. Check. Hot dress. Macy's thank you very much for quick shipping {ordered 1 week earlier, and arrived the day before}. Check. High heels. Well thank you plum district for all the plum dollars that allowed me and to order free shoes. Score.

All was in place. Now I just needed to contact the boys. Which turned out to be one of the easiest parts of the process, they responded quickly, and we started making plans right away. Thank you boys.

Fast forward to the big day. We arrive to the hotel. Andrew still doesn't know at this point. I'm texting the guys who are staying at a hotel across the street from ours, being sneaky, and I feel like I'm on top of the world about to get away with the biggest surprise of my life.

That is until I decide to shower and my phone decides to light up and Andrew decides to look at it and see who it is. Bad decisions made.

Surprise over. 

He snuck into the bathroom, opened the shower door, and had the biggest grin on his face.
"burby who is coming tonight?!"

I mean seriously, he just diverted back to being 10 years old. Just a kid that was cheesin' from ear to ear.

I was caught. Which was okay. He was even more excited, and that made me super happy.

We got ready. I put on my skimpy hot dress and I felt pretty darn good about it. Andrew looked cute as ever and soon we were on our way to go meet the guys. {Who still at this point did not know that Andrew had just found out our little secret}.

We met them at their hotel {with my chaser in my purse} and we went to work. And by work, I mean drinking. We had a few mixed drinks, some shots, and then our bellies were begging for mercy. "Feed me."

So off to Ruth's Chris we went. That's when things got really interesting. Me with 4 guys. At a round table, in a back room.
Anyone ever been to this restaurant? It is pretty amazing. Delicious. And pretty nice. Which brings me to the questions... Becky, why did you think it was a good idea to take these guys here.

First thing that went wrong: One of the guys that was at the table had never had wine before. What does that tell you? That he lives in a hole? Yes, but no. He is a big redneck. This was going to be a first for him though, through the giggles and all.

Then, the waitress places the napkin over his lap. Oh boy. He just about flew out of his seat. "Wooooaaahhh." And the rest of the guys? Burst into laughter.

Okay, fast forward to a few glasses of wine, lots of bottles of beer, and more glasses of wine later... and there was "Eff this and that b%@# and who the F."

Oh.M.G. There were children sitting behind us. A grandpa sitting to the left. Numerous couples all around us enjoying their "lovely" meal and just about every eye was on us.

But do they care? Of course not.

They keep cackling. Animals. Scavengers. Beasts.

And the jokes continue.
"Will one of you hillbillies ask the waitress to get me some A1 sauce...."
"No ketchup would be better"
"Miss, how long would it take for you to spruce up some ranch."

"Check please."
Oh and speaking of check... word of advice... do not offer to pay for everyone's alcohol.... bye bye 300 dollars {could have bought half and LV bag with that}

Anyways, I basically ran out of the restaurant. Giggling nonetheless, but just running. I was ready to have a normal night. Ready for some bars. Ready for some hard alcohol.

Yes, that would be me, changed.

I wish I could say that I ditched the guys. But no, that didn't happen. We ended up running around downtown, went to some "lounge area" where guys smoked cigars... and thought to myself... what the heck am I doing here?

You know. The only thing that saved me that night?

Bud light lime. Swear. They had it at the bars. I almost kissed the bartender.
It tasted especially good that night.

But you know what was the best part of the night... the one thing that made taking 4 immature guys out?

This guy. The husband. The birthday boy. Who couldn't stop talking about how amazing his birthday was.

Yup. Totally worth it. Rednecks and all {including the LV bag that I could have bought with the money spent on this one evening}..

Yes. Still worth it.


  1. Best wife of the year award! :)
    Ruth Chris is fabulous...though my hubs didn't like their steak?! Best stuffed chicken breast I've ever had.

  2. HYSTERICAL! Loooove your dress, and jealous of Ruth's Chris night out! {well, maybe not the hillbilly part lol} That place is so yummy!

    Glad it turned out to be an awesome night for you and the boys!

  3. i'm lol out loud for real! this is too funny. What a good wife you are and even better for paying for drinks, sounds fimiliar situation for me too. I rented out a suite for my hubs 30th at a casino and bought the guys dinner and kid you not every single one of them got a steak and drank the bar out of crown royal. they took advantage of this momma trying to plan a night out. oh well, it's all worth it. right? ha.

  4. What a good wifey! :) That is hilarious! My husbands friends are loud and obnoxious too! My husband is turning 25 this year so I gotta do big things! You planned a great birthday for him! :)

  5. Ok 1. You look amazing, 2. Your husband must have felt SO loved and 3. You two are just adorable. No wonder you made such a cute kid! ;-)

  6. Love Ruth Chris! We are going in two weeks for our 11 month wedding anniversary - is it lame to celebrate that? Oh well, any excuse for a fancy night out!

  7. I LOVE this!! I've never been to that restaurant but have always wanted to go, did you like it? (besides the embarrassment? haha)

    My hubbys birthday is next month and I am trying to decide what to plan for him. It is SO hard to plan surprises for him!!

  8. Best and hottest wife of the year award goes to.....YOU!! You rocked that dress mama!! And you kick ass for taking them all out! :)

  9. hahaha, the sacrifices we make as wives, haha.

    best wifey award ;)

  10. You are a GOOD wifey :)

    LOVE that dress!!

  11. So did he at least get you a best wife ever award?! What a good sport. I would have lost it at Ruth Chris with those boys! But I can only imagine how excited he was when he saw the text from the boys haha. My husband would've been the exact same way!

  12. Looks like you had a fabulous night. He is very lucky to have you. I was cracking up reading the story. Boys are always boys aren't they!?
    Did you order the spicy shrimp appetizer thing. OMG that is my favorite thing ever. Yeah, my wallet hurts every time we go there oof I don't think you can leave with a bill less than $200.

    Mrs. Monologues

  13. Awwww what a good wife you are !!!!!!

  14. I am sitting at work at my desk cracking up. you are hilarious!!! I love it!!! You are definitely wife of the year!! What an awesome birthday gift to your hubs :)
    And pay for all the alcohol, wow!!!! That is a gift in and of itself LOL
    Love the photos of your two..gorgeous couple!!!

  15. What an awesome gift! You rock! And that dress? HOT MAMA!

  16. Still never been to Ruth's Chris! I have been to Hondo's though, which I've heard is pretty similar. Sounds like y'all had a great birthday celebration! :)

  17. Yuuum! I love that place!

    I would have died. Ha, ha! Glad you were able to run out of there. Ketchup? Oh man!

    Such a good wife!

  18. This post is hilarious! I probably would have sunk down in my seat in embarassment ha!

  19. You rocked that dress! :)
    and best wifey everrrr, I know your hubby appreciated it!

  20. Love your iphone case & love this post! Im sure your hubby was so excited about this! Great idea too! Way to go girl !

    xo. Britt
    A Southern Bee Diary


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  22. This is hilarious! That is exactly how my night would go if I invited my hubby's friends to a nice place! We have a Ruth Chris here in Birmingham, but we have never been. Anniversary maybe...Glad you guys had fun!

  23. Best wife of the year goes to....Becky! How sweet of you.

  24. Seriously, you are the best wife ever!! You know how to plan an awesome birthday party!

  25. So funny! And I think I might have cried a little if I had to say goodbye to $300 for other people's alcohol. But you're a good wife for it!

  26. Hilarious! You are a fabulous wife! I think I would have ditched them after dinner, oh my word! Ha! Although, I wish I could say I havent been in similar situations :)

    Way to plan a wonderful birthday celebration for the hubby though!

  27. Seriously Becky - wife of the year award!!

    I wanted to reach out to you; I'm going to be starting a new feature on my blog with lots of tips and advice from other Mom's. Please LMK if you'd be interested in sharing any ideas on the topics I have going. Shoot me an email if so and I'll send you some possible topics. Doesn't have to be anything super formal; even a bulleted list is fine. LMK! :)

  28. Sounds like the night was a blast! Must have been if he couldnt stop talking about it! New to your blog, stopping by to say hello!! :)

  29. Sounds like SO much fun :)

    PS-LOVE your iPhone case! It is soo cute!!


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