Thursday, January 19, 2012

The REAL Thursday Randoms. And Product of the Week.

Just a word of advice.
Please, do not, open your blogger on your phone.
A post, to be specific.
It will be deleted.
Poof. Gone.

So here I am, trying to remember all the Thursday randoms I had worked on throughout the week.
Probably will be much shorter and sweeter than the previous.
But, that's all I have after working last night.

Home Tour. After posting this picture on twitter/instagram the other day, I got a lot of requests to do a home tour. I have thought about this in the past, but I think I will finally give it a go. Plus, I think it would be fun. So keep an eye out for that sometime next month.

Homemade pizza. Andrew and I made this over the weekend. Correction, Andrew made this on Saturday {he cooks on weekends, I cook during the week}, while I sipped on my BLL and watched. It actually ended up being amazing. I was very proud of my little chef. He even made the crust all on his own as well.

New boots. Check out those kicks that I got Elliana. They just came in the mail yesterday and we tried them on. I think I love them even more than her. They are warm, cute, and have great support. Just what every baby girl needs. And in case you are wondering, they are baby gap, originally 36 that you can get for 10 on ebay, brand new. Deaaals.

Real snow. We had our first last week and it was awesome. Not. It was freeeezing. But of course, I just had to snatch up this opportunity to get my girl all puffed out in snow gear and out in the chilly weather. Her? Not chilly at all. She was decked out in the warmest of the warm. Her mama? That's another story. I think I might need to take Andrew up on this "we need to get snow suits" deal. The snow snuit crew.

Flashcards. These things are like crack. This girls eyes like pop out of her head when she sees them. She loves it. I'm like... are we serious? This is what gets her excited? She's totally just like her mama. A total nerd. I love it.

Amazing. That would be this picture. Is this not the funnies thing you ever did see? My girl. Playing tug-of-war. With Carson. And she's like "kung-fu" like in this picture. Serious moment.

And then they love on each other. After all the horse-playing is done and over with, they do sweet little things like this that melt my heart. As much as I dislike our dog these days {i know i know}, this kind of stuff makes me smile. For a moment... until he annoys me again.

On Monday, I locked my keys in the car. At the grocery story. With baby in hand. Cell phone in the car. Husband at work, 45 minutes away. Now, that, my friends was a whole bunch of fun. And might I add real quick... this was in the morning after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Just exactly how I wanted to spend my time. But, it's my fault. No one else to blame.

On a happier note. We did buy BEDROOM FURNITURE this past weekend. Can you tell I am excited? I am ecstatic. I just want it to hurry up and get here already!

What's your love story. I have a link-up {in honor of V-DAY} coming up that will be a fun way for us to share our love stories. The information about it will be posted next Tuesday! Stay tuned!
DIY. Craft of the month! Don't forget about this fun link-up starting on the 31st! Click the image to get more details. Tomorrow I will have some cute ideas to post regarding the "love" theme.
Blog design. I wrote up a post on how to "blog design." However, I already have January scheduled with posts, so this won't actually be on the blog until February. But just so you know.

 Bachelor. Seriously guys. Seriously. This show is sooo redunculous. That's the only word that I could come up with that totally makes sense for this show. I mean these girls? This sort of "match-making" just makes me giggle. Yet. This is so so entertaining. The best type of entertainment out there. "Oh I see myself marrying Ben." Really? Because you have only went on one date with him.

I'm holding out hope. Seriously. I am. I want these two to be together so so soooo bad. Yet. I don't think it's going to happen. Not with Emily being the NEXT BACHELORETTE! Um. I'm kind of excited though. Like really. Maybe there will be some sort of twist and Brad shows up during one of the shows and tries to sweep her off her feet? Yes? Yes!
Product of the week. I am linking up today with the ever so fabulous Aly and Tiff for their "product of the week" link-up. Which I love by the way. What a great way to review products before purchasing them. So I will have a more detailed review coming up on the Clarisonic Mia that I have had for a week now, but let me just tell you guys... it is the sweetest thing out there. Hands down. I am totally not a "facial" girl... bad enough, I barely washed my face {I know, my mom gets on me allll the time}. But now? I have converted. I am a LOVER.


  1. ohh lots of posts to look forward too! That tug of war pic is the BEST :) Ben is probably the most obnoxious bachelor to date...however all the crazy ladies keep me watchin!

  2. I loved Emily and Brad! They were my favorite for sure. I really just love Emily, she is so classy and gorgeous. Is she really going to be the next bachelorette? I will have to read up on that. It's so cute that miss E loves her flash cards, she will be a smart cookie for sure =)

  3. So excited for your home tour! Just from the picture above you can see what a gorgeous home you have.

    Homemade pizza is the best and even better when it's the hubs that makes it.

    those boots are too cute and her out in the snow is perfection ... look at those eyes! and her little hat, too cute!

    i love how she is so into her flashcards and the tug of war picture is too funny!

  4. Cant wait for your upcoming posts, sounds like lots of good reads. I am totally jumping over to find these flash cards. They look great and I think my C would love them too.

  5. Do you leave your makeup on and let the Mia take it off for you or do you remove it first? I've been leaving it on but not sure if I should or not??

  6. Elli and Carson are so cute! Our dogs are currently still not sure about J. I'm hoping they warm up to him soon!

  7. Girl, your blog is def a must read.

    So many good link ups, stories and products! Love!!

    The girls on the Bachelor kill me. But it's like a bad accident, you just have to look. You may regret it but you cannot stop!!

    I really want a clarisonic. My hubs said "maybe for valentines day" nothing says I love you like a nice clean face right??

  8. I am beyond excited for your home tour. From what I've seen on Instagram, your home is beautiful! I have totally gotten sucked into the Bachelor and it's drama yet again. It's like watching a train wreck and I just can't look away!

  9. IM SO EXCITED for the love story, house tour, DIY, and blog design stuff to come. So excited!

    I'm excited for Emily to be the bachelorette too! I think all the guys coming to be bachelors will be pleased too :) everyone loves her!

    Yay for bedroom furniture! We... ok I have wanted some for awhile now so I'm totally jealous :)

  10. I'm very interested to hear your review on the clarisonic. I've been wanting one (and I'm a fellow non-face washer...oops).

    Seriously, Emily is going to be the next bachelorette??? I love her!

  11. Love Elliana's leg warmers! So stinkin cute! I also think The Bachelor is ridic, but find myself watching anyway. I feel really bad for the girls that go on the show, desperately hoping to find their last chance at love. It's sad, but entertaining, nonetheless.

  12. Yes! Home tour! And I am so excited for all these posts/link ups coming up. SO EXCITED!

    Also can I just say I am in love with how you feel about your dog because I am the SAME WAY. I feel awful about it but she drives me insane.

  13. Hells yes for a house tour! You have great style and I cannot wait to see the rest of the house!:) Yippie...

    Bachelor...gag me...I took it off my DVR schedule, didn't need to waste two hours of my week of his lame ass and those obnoxious girls! UGH! I second Emily...I would LOVE to watch that season!

    I cannot believe you locked the keys in your car. I cannot even imagine how pissed you were !:( :(

    Carson and Elli are too cute!

    And as always Elli is the cutest baby girl EVER! Those boots are killing me! I just love her!!!

    Hope all is well my love!!!

    PS Jordan would totally make you a kitchen stand! I would force him to!:)

  14. Yay to house tour! Can't wait to see. You have so many fun things coming up on your blog! Can't wait to partake in them. total funsies. K is the same way as Elli with flashcards and books. My little bookworm, I am so proud. And the boots? What a fashionista! love love

    Can't wait for our rendezvous in April! xo

  15. Um so hows about I couldn't even concentrate on the rest of your post after seeing your gorgeous house!

  16. Such cute pictures of your baby! Love those boots!! Can't wait for posts to come. :)

  17. Ok, you might've just sold me on the Mia. Can't wait to read more.

  18. i can't WAIT for Emily to be the bachelorette! Ashley was sort of a snooze fest and Ben...well I only watch this season for the drama. Every time I see him, I wanna run up to his hair and just CHOP IT OFF!

  19. I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts too - good stuff! Elli's boots are AWESOME! And you can't know the relief I felt when I saw that I'm not the only one not liking my dog these days...I feel like a terrible person but she is so needy sometimes! And with another baby on the way....sheesh.

  20. I am so excited to read about your blog design (mine needs some serious help) && I agree the bachelor is outta control but it is so addicting like a bad car accident you cant help but watch && I am even more excited for Emily. I sure hope she finds a nice guy. && excited to keep reading your blog. I think your little girl is too cute!!

    Your product of the week.. is the BEST thing hands down out there! I got mine in October & loved it so much I got my best friend one for Christmas. if you need a good face wash with it that is ALSO a make up remover try Purity by Philosophy! I am in love!!!

    Have a GREAT thursday.


  21. I've seen the Mia and contemplated buying it... if you like it that much I might just bite the bullet! Oh and Emily... not gonna lie, I am RIDICULOUSLY excited that she is the next Bachelorette... it's kind of sad...

  22. I'm excited for all your fun link ups!
    and I am sooo excited about Emily being the next Bachelorette, but kind of makes me sad too, I loved her and brad together!

  23. So much to look forward to!! YAY!
    I'm mostly excited for the home tour! And your blog design post [all the way in February ... jeez].

  24. I'm really looking forward to Emily being the next bachelorette! I loved her and Brad together, so I really hope he's there or she finds someone even more perfect for her!

    I'll be doing a Thursday Random post as well!

  25. I am so excited about your home tour posts!! You just have too many awesome things coming up on your blog! How can I be as awesome as you!? :)

  26. I cant wait for your house tour!! I'm gonna go check out ebay and see if I can find some boots for Keira. Cant wait for all your link ups!

  27. She's so cute! :) I would love to see pictures of your house!!!

    I'm so with you on the Bachelor! Ben is lame... but I was so excited when I found out Emily was the new Bachelorette!

    I had lots of hope for her and Brad!

    Fingers crossed for her season!


  28. Tag: You are it! I have tagged you!!! I hope you choose to play along - I look forward to reading your answers!!!

  29. Yay for awesome hubbies that cook on the weekends :) & I'm on pins and needles waiting for that home tour!

  30. I can't wait for the home tour, your living room is beautiful!

    I'm dying over Emily being the next bachelorette. She is just so classy in my opinion! And Ben? SO AWKWARD!!

  31. Your home looks beautiful! Cant wait to see more!

    Your sweet girl is precious!

    Sorry about your key's getting locked up in your car :( not fun.

    Oh my gosh... the Bachelor... I know... the girls are crazy, but I agree, its so entertaining!! And what is this?! Emily is going to be the next bachelorette?!! WHAT!? I cannot wait! Love her!

  32. I'm requesting a pizza recipe!

    And I need to get to crafting for the link up--pressure! :)

  33. Where did you get flashcards that are that big? I want to get some!!!

  34. I am SO excited for your home tour! It looks gorgeous from what I can see! Funny, we (my hubby) just made homemade pizza last weekend too. Eliana is such a beauty!! Can't say that enough. Where did you get those Flashcards?! We NEED those! So excited for your upcoming post on blog design. Mine definitely needs some work! I am addicted to the bachelor as well..can't help it haha, but I had no idea Emily was going to be the new bachelorette!

  35. Oooh, homemade pizza sounds yummy! I have to get my hubby to whip some of that up this weekend! Thanks for the great idea!
    ♥ Kyna

  36. So many exciting things coming up. Love punkin girls boots and the upcoming Bachelor as Ben is just lighting my fire ....

  37. those boots=too stinkin cute!!!! And the hat too, her blue eyes just shine in that pic with her white hat!!

    The bachelor has sucked me in once again, totally not because I believe in the whole process, but because of all the drama! It gets me hooked every time! I am super excited that Emily is the next bachelorette, I will be watching!!

  38. OMG EMILY IS NEXT BACHELORETTTE!?!!? wow, my first stop over to your blog and I learn something FABULOUS :) Just stopped by to say hi- love your blog and am excited to be a new followed :) :)

  39. Wait, Emily's going to be the next bachelorette??!? How do you know this!!? Makes me sad because I thought she was the sweetest thing EVER until we saw her true colors after the season was over. I'm on team Brad for this one,


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