Monday, January 2, 2012

What I hope for...

I won't call them goals.
Or resolutions.
Or dreams.

They will be called...


Things I hope for. What I hope for myself.
My family. My marriage. My daughter.
And my future.

Because in reality... you don't always get what you dream for.
Everything doesn't get checked off the to-do list.
And no one ever truly reaches perfection.

So hope it is.
I hope this will happen in 2012.
I hope that I will have the strength to work hard for my dreams.
And I hope to continue to grow in this role that I have created.
As a wife. And as a mother.

So what exactly do I hope for?

1. Health. Number one. As soon as a became a mother, I realized that I want to stick around this earth for as long as possible. I want to watch her grow. Watch her learn. Discover with her. Teach her. And create memories full of laughter, love, and joy. I hope that God will continue to provide good health to not only myself, but my daughter and husband. Those two are my world. They are a part of my heart and every piece of my soul. I would not, and could not, be who I am today without them.

Number one. I hope for health.

2. Guidance. I hope to start back into the church. I really struggle with this as I have made so many promises to myself that this is the year. And yet, I failed again. I hope that this won't be a repeat of the last. That I will get myself and my family back into a place that I feel like we belong. Somewhere that brings us even more closer together and closer to the One person that brought us together.

3. Patience. This seems like something I always hope for year after year, but never really put enough effort into. But I NEED to work on this. It's no longer a "if I have time" type deal. It is a must. I need to learn to be more patient with my husband and others that are a part of my life. I need to hope to find that inner strength to just let things go that are not so important in life.

I need this to be the year for patience. I hope this is the year.

4. Peace. I hope to find peace with the things that happen in life. To not get angry. Frustrated. Or ask the questions why? I hope to just appreciate what I do have and forget about what I don't have. I need peace this year. I need to be reminded that all things happen for a reason

Be at peace with that. I hope that I can do this.

5. Appreciate. I want to show my husband how much I love him. Really love him. How much I appreciate all that he does for me and for our daughter. How much I adore him. Admire him. And look up to him. Marriage is not a cake in the park. Not at all. But marriage is wonderful. Amazing. One of the most beautiful things in life {next to having children}... and I want to show my husband that. I hope to be the wife that I have always dreamt of being. I hope that this year I can do things with my husband. Learn to laugh with him like we are teenage kids. Find a hobby to do together. And really enjoy each other's company.

Above all else. Appreciate him as a husband.

6. Grow. This is huge for me. Every year I want to be better. Grow, not only as a wife, but now as a mother. I want to be the best mother out there. But I know that that isn't possible. So at the very least, I want to grow in my role as a mother. I want to do more with my daughter. I want to create activities that only her and I can do together. I want to teach her more. Show her the world more. Give her every taste, vision, and scent of the beautiful life around us. And I want to be a part of it. Every step of the way. I hope to sign up for swim classes with her. I want to take her to the zoo. I want to go outside with her every day. Make it a priority to teach her more Russian.

I hope I can continue to grow in this role that I have been blessed with.

7. Prioritize. This I have struggled with all year long. I hope to learn how to prioritize my time better. Be more effective with all the hours of the day that are given with me. Learn the balance between motherhood, marriage, career, and personal life. I need things to balance out. Less time spent on the social media aspect, and more time spent creating memories with my family. I know I already do this... but I need to work harder at this. Make it a priority. Make it number one always. So that erin condren life planner? The calendar on my fridge? All better go to good use.

I hope to learn how to balance all the important aspects of my life.

8. Acknowledge. Things that can no longer be ignored. Such as my teeth. This goes with number one. But I need to make it a priority as well. I hate the dentist. Cringe going to the dentist. Won't step foot into a dentists office. Until I absolutely need to. And this time around? I absolutely need to. I have a chipped molar from when I was pregnant with Elliana {thanks pregnanacy}, and I need to get that fixed soon. No ifs or buts.

No hope. This is a must.

9. Eat Right. This is very important to me. I feel like 2011 has been a huge year for my family and myself in this aspect. We have done really well with eating healthier, eating more organic and natural foods, and really watching what we put into our bodies. However, we are not perfect nor do we strive to be. I don't want to be perfect. I don't want to be organic 24/7. I don't want to be a "I can't eat that because it has this or that in it." I don't want nor do I need that.

However I do need to continue to learn more, read more, research as much as possible, and continue learning how to cook the healthiest meals possible for my family.

I was never a chef. Never stepped foot in the kitchen. And now? I cook 4-5 dinners a day, all lunches, and make breakfast for my daughter.

2011 was huge for me in the kitchen department. But I hope 2012 will be even bigger.

10. Expand. I hope that we will be blessed with another child in 2012. I have always wanted a bigger family and I believe that the Lord as a lot more planned for our future. I cannot wait to bring another bundle of joy into our family. I cannot wait for Elliana to have a brother or sister. Andrew to have another daughter or son. Me to be a mother to another child.

I hope for another gift of life.

So there you have it.
My condensed down version of my hopes for myself this year.

Overall, I just hope to continue to learn how to always strive to be a better wife for my husband and mother to my child/children. A petter person to strangers. A more loving daughter/sister to my family. A better friend, and a better Christian.

A healthy, happy, full of laughter and joy 2012.

Yes. That is what I hope for.


  1. Great List and beautiful pictures!I hope you are able to attain these things in 2012!


  2. Love the photos, and this is an awesome post!!!! You can totally rock all of those goals, and you will be an even BETTER Momma and Wife, if that is even possible!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Awe i love all your hopes! I know you will dominate them all, because you are already an amazing wife and mommy! Ps i totally hear you on not being perfectly organic all the time, i struggle wth it and could not do it if I had to eat perfect, i need my chocolate and cookies and frappes on occassion haha! I am making Jordan do a post this week about the primal "diet", he is ungodly healthy, but not too psycho with it, I am going to try better these last few weeks of pregnancy then try after Jude comes, I am curious how quick the weight will fade if I eat better haha it came quick from V&L and i wasnt eating well so I am just excited to wear my jeans again...yippppppppie!

    Okay holy long comment, lots of prayers for you all in 2012, you know I cant wat to hear about another babe being in your belly! :) xoxoxoxoxo from me and your boys :)

  4. Great list! I just went through mine from last year on my blog and I didn't check off everything, but you know what? That's okay. We're human and I'm real with myself. What I accomplished, I accomplished. What I didn't I'm going to continue to work at.

    Love what you said about peace too. I hope for that as well :)

  5. What wonderful hopes for this year. Patience in all aspects of life is a biggie for me this year as well. And it seems like the entire bloggy world is ready to welcome baby #2, hopefully this will be your year :)

  6. Great pictures!! I am so excited about a baby #2!!

  7. We are most definitely hoping for all the same things this year! Here's to hoping both of our dreams come true!

  8. i hope to have peace this year too! such an amazing and well thought out list. hope 2012 is the best year yet for your family!

  9. I am loving these! Elli's blue eyes are precious! I sooo hope and pray and patience this year. Last night when I was up with G for the third time (teething) at about 3 am, I found myself asking God to please make a patience pump where I can just go and fill up when I'm running low, haha, I think I was delusional

  10. I hope that all of your hopes will happen for you! I know u can do it mama. You seem like a very strong and motivated person. Best of luck for 2012 for u and your family!


  11. Your photos are awesome!

    Such a lovely lovely list :)

  12. I can't wait for you to have another baby!!! I will be like a kid on Christmas when you announce it. I know I will be.

  13. Love your list and all the pictures! Those are great things to hope for :)

  14. Well thought out hopes! Number 8 is a big one for me.. I hate all things with "Dr." in front of it. Which is funny and ironic considering I have been a wannabe doctor or nurse since age 7... but I'd much rather be on THAT side of treatment, ha. Oh dentists.. don't even get me started!

    Good luck, happy 2012!

  15. I love your list! I like that you made it a list of hopes bc something happen that you don't expect. I would love to see you as a mom to a 2nd baby this year too!

  16. Great list and beautiful pictures!

  17. Love your list and pictures :) I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your family!

  18. These are great hopes! :) I HOPE they all come true for you! You seem like such a great mom, wife and person! :)

    Your pictures are so cute!

    I hope 2012 is great for you and your family!


  19. I LOVE LOVE that you have "hopes" for this year. That is such a good way to look at it! Really really great post!



  20. This is an awesome list of hopes. I can completely relate to you on several of these (patience, peace, grow, guidance). I am sure with enough effort, you can make make many of these a reality. You write really well btw and gorgeous photos as always! C: Oh and I hope to me half the wife and mother you are someday. You're amazing!

  21. Loved this post! This is probably the best 2012 list I have read so far. Love how you changed it to hopes.

  22. I love that you referred to them as hopes instead of resolutions. I'm right there with you for the majority of these. Especially the growing and being the best version of me. My husband and I don't have any children, but my hope is to be the best wife to him that I possibly can be. I also seem to lack patience but in the last year or so I have found that most things really are not as serious as they seem. I wish you the best with your hopes. This is a great list!

    I'm a long time reader and first time commenter, won't you come check out my blog?


  23. This was beautiful!! We have many of the same hopes for the new year!! :) I hope you get them all! XXOO

  24. Happy New Year Girlie!!!! :) Love this post, it was beautiful! You have such a gorgeous family. I hope 2012 is even more than you could hope for :)
    Cannot wait for you to have another little one...they will ne just as adorable as E. :)

  25. These are all super attainable "hopes!" :) Also, I'm terrified of the dentist, too. I avoided even going for a teach cleaning for close to three years because I hate the dentist so much. Well, I finally went this year (twice!) for teeth cleaning(s). And it turns out I need a ton of dental work done due to lack of regular dentist visits. Although I hate going for the work, I know it definitely has an impact on my overall health.

    Oh - and I posted something similar. Like mini-goals for 2012. And I'm keeping it simple by only having three goals! :) Yay 2012! The year of US! Luckily we have this awesome blogging community to help us out ;)

  26. I love your detailed "hopes" they are great! I enjoyed reading them! I wish you a wonderful 2012!

    xo. A Southern Bee Diary


  27. I Love that you went with hope. It's so true that life has a way of not going exactly as we planned. That doesn't mean the ride can't be great along the way, right? Sounds like a wonderful year ahead if you ask me!

    Great photos btw....

    Hope you're doing Lovely!
    That Girl in Pearls

  28. Wow, what a great post! Love it!

  29. Great goals lady! I hope you are blessed with a 2nd babe as well! DOUBLE THE FUN!

  30. Amazing post!

    And your wedding picture...just simply gorgeous!

    AND PS you guys should have more babies cause you make really beautiful ones :)

    Good luck with your 2012 Hopes!

  31. new follower here :) what a beautiful family u have! happy new year!

  32. I hope for your hopes to come true this 2012. I believe you are already a great person and your family is just lucky to have you. Just like you, I also hope to be a better wife and mother. Thank you for a very inspiring post. Have a blessed 2012!


  33. Your daughter is beautiful and so are you! I hope all your hopes can come true. Good luck.

    Check out mines sometime:


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