Friday, November 1, 2013

Deals of the week, Halloween, and Things I'm Loving= Happy November

{ONE} Halloween

Well, as I mentioned earlier... our trick-or-treating was changed {for the entire State} to another day due to "severe thunderstorm" heading our way. I am happy to report that there were no dangerous winds and not a single thunderstorm or lightening. You know what we had? We had rain. Rain. Rain that could have been dealt with an umbrella, cute little Halloween costumes, and a bunch of happy kids running door to door getting their candy. But no point in dwelling on things we can't change, so we made the best of it and had a great evening, and our kids had the best of fun with their little friends. Can we promise one thing though...not to become the society that begins to do crazy things like postpone Christmas for days that we know it will snow. I wouldn't be surprised.

{TWO} Deals of the Week

Jackets, cardigans, and more. Up to 75% off. This one below? Originally 160, on sale for 19.

Women's tops. Lots of button downs, dresses, and tunics.

Old Navy skinny jeans {that I rave about below} are on sale for $17 + extra 20% off using code: onsavenow

Wooden toys {great Christmas gifts} for up to 50% off

{THREE} Recipes.

I have been on some sort of new recipe kick lately. I get that kick right around this time of the year, and it varies from desserts to a variety of dinners. So anyways, I thought I would share my thoughts on these recipes and what worked and what didn't, what we loved, and what we didn't.

  1. 7 layer bars.  I did exactly by the book, except for some reason when I came home from the grocery, the coconut flakes were missing. Did it matter? No. There was enough sweetness and heaven on those bars that I did not notice the difference. I decided that next time I'm going to do a variety of nuts {pecans, walnuts, almonds} and cut out some of the chocolate. I know, crazy idea.
  2. Beef Barley Soup. We don't really eat beef in our house, but when we do, it always is because of a beef stew.  When I saw this on pinterest? I knew I had to try it. I started reading through the comments
  3. Barbecue chicken pineapple pizza. This recipe was good. Very good. But time consuming. Very time consuming. I did some changes. For instance, I used this recipe on two pizzas. And no, you don't need to "double up." Except I did pretty much double up on the veggies and spices. As for the chicken? 1 pound is more than plenty. And the cheese? You only need that much for two pizzas... unless you are obsessed with cheese. 

My old navy skinny jeans. I keep ordering more pairs, different color denims, blacks, colored, white, you name it, I have it. They are just the best fit, and when they go on sale, I love it.

Munchkin Click Lock Fresh Food Freezer Pops. I shared my favorite fruit recipe last week, but forgot to mention the product that we use to freeze them in, and one that I am loving for the kids. It's a small version of typical freezer pops, and is awesome for little ones. The perfect bite size.

Infantino Squeeze Station. I've been putting this to great use lately, as this is my way of getting lots of good veggies and fruits into the kiddos. And they love pouches. Homemade pouches that save me money? Even better.
{FIVE} November.

And most importantly, and on the brighter side, today means November. Which means we get to celebrate one of the most important months of the year. The month that made us parents. A little girl that gave us the title of mama and papa. And of course, the beginning of two of our favorite holidays to celebrate. A lot to be thankful for, and a lot to look forward to.

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