Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day Two. Friday. Chicago.

Ah yes, day two. Lets start with where we left off. {Day ONE can be found here}

No sleep. For me and the toddler. I think we were up about every hour just tossing and turning so there wasn't much uninterrupted sleep to be had. Not much at all.

But we woke up refreshed. Happy. Excited. And somehow, not sure how, re-energized.
The relaxing chill energy didn't last long, as I quickly realized we needed to get our butts moving and actually shower and get ready for the day especially since by this time Jody was texting me at this point... "Sheesh, still getting ready." And Andy {Jody's husband} even set out bate by the connecting door to get us moving. My shoe that I left in their room the night before.

Silly Andy, I bring a bag full of shoes.

However they were right, and we finally got finished getting ready, gathered our things, put the car seats in one car, and headed on the road.

Two babies in one car.

I'm not sure how Kennedy felt about some other toddler invading her vehicle. And Elliana was all sorts confused.  But both? Cute as can be.
Andy used the navigation to get us to our destination... The Shedd Aquarium. However, the navigation must have had too much to drink the night before because it was definitely not taking us where we needed to be. A U turn later and a little brainstorming between the two men up front and we were finally there.
Us and the population of China.

We thought that by us going on a Friday, we were making a smart decision. Who would be there on a Friday versus Saturday right? Well. We didn't consider all the little kiddies and their school trips.  Everyone's gotta see the fishes in Chicago.
The aquarium was fun. The different kinds of fish were interesting to look at, as I had never seen anything like it. The girls enjoyed them as well. We were also able to see a few dolphins and the walrus.
We roamed around looking at all the sea animals for a while when finally we realized we were starved and it was definitely time to get something in our bellies.

I think the boys {the men} were sold when they saw the red velvet as big as your head cupcake at this little cafe in the aquarium.
And as I am trying to give husband my order the tantrum begins. The full on SCREAMING from my little precious angel Elliana. Oh JOY. I was zipping out of there at the speed of light. Jody following, because she's a great friend. Because she's also a mom. Because she gets it.
 Once the babies get some food in them {including the adults}, we enjoy the outdoors and let the kiddos run around like wild animals. Chasing birds. Chasing each other. Chasing the daddies. The other little baby around us.

And then out of nowhere... tantrum number two begins. And this one is fierce. FIERCE. Need I remind you, we are already outside. So we book it. Out the gate. Out of there. Goodbye tantrum city.

The babies pass out in the car, so we take them back inside and put them in the same room, close the curtains so it is pitch black {tricky we are}, turn on the monitor, and head to the other room. Where the cards get whipped out, the beers are cracked open {wine for Jody}. and the chips are devoured.
A game of Euchre begins. After we teach Jody that is. That's interesting. Teaching someone. It's even more interesting to hear how different everyone views the game and the strategies they play. Can you guess who won?

Okay, don't guess. Because it was in fact not us. I blame it on the BLL.

After the girls woke up from their nap we went to the hotel pool to do some laps. Or just prance around in the water. Elliana clung on for me for dear life, but totally surprised me with how much she actually enjoyed the water.

We then headed back, got ready, and ended the night with a nice little romantic dinner for 4. Aka babies were not invited.

Andrew's sister came over to the hotel while we had dinner to watch Elliana {who passed out on Ali about an hour after we left} and then we came back and hung out with her and her husband for a bit before hitting the sack and calling it a night.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the Shedd Aquarium. Before the meltdown city.

Stay tuned for Day 3 {the final day}......


  1. Toddler meltdowns in public... don't ya love 'em? We travel quite a bit and Bella seems to have more when she is away from her routine. So I definitely know how it feels!:)

  2. Boo for tantrums! Being that my little one is six now, that is one thing I don't miss (not to say he doesn't throw different tantrums these days) but that is one thing that scares me about starting all over!
    Seems like your trip to Chicago was a lot of fun!

  3. tantrums are the best... not!

    love your pictures!

  4. y'all are the BEST dressed mommy & baby girl :)

  5. I looove E's little fur vest, and your blue striped top! Where is yours from?!

    Looks like a great trip with fun people!! :)

  6. I am absolutely loving your outfit. So cute! Looks like you had a wonderful time with the kiddos

  7. So fun! We love Eucher as well and can you and your daughter be any more stylish?!

  8. you and your little one's outfits are too cute!

  9. Day two sounds like another success! You know, minus the tantrums :) oh and? You and E have got to be the cutest, most stylin mama-daughter duo ever!

  10. You are mighty brave to be hauling your kids around Chicago. I bet they loved the aquarium, though. My kids do! Great pictures!

  11. new follower! your little one is adorable! can't wait to keep reading!

  12. Love shedd, we go there all the time!

  13. I LOVE all of your pictures! I've always wanted to go to Chicago! It looks like you guys had a great time! I was in Indiana last weekend at the boat and it made me think of you!


  14. It looks like you guys had a great trip! It's so funny that you described teaching someone how to play euchre is "interesting." I had never heard of Euchre, much less played it, until I started dating my now husband. His family insisted that I had to learn how to play when I first visited them in Indiana. It was definitely tough to learn at first and I was pretty frustrated with it but now I'm absolutely obsessed!

  15. AAWW....all of the pics are awesome...I really love the one of the two girls almost holding precious!!!

  16. So far, minus the couple tantrums, the trip sounds like it has been awesome! Such gorgeous pictures :D That is so so cool that you guys got to meet up and do all this. Oh man I am jealous! The aquarium building looks awesome. Once again, I adore your pictures!

  17. That fur vest! I'm dying!! Xxx

  18. SUCH fashionable mamas and babies!! (My hubby dresses EXACTLY like the daddy's! haha) I DIE over E's vest!!! Olivia needs one for next fall!! :)

    I LOVE Chicago and am SO jealous of your meet up!!

    LOVE all of the pics! :)


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