Tuesday, May 15, 2012

18 months of lots of Love.

Dear Elliana,

A year and a half old. That's a big deal. That means we are 6 months away from the big TWO birthday. And to say I am shocked, saddened, and overwhelmed would be putting it lightly. But in reality, really, truly, this is just the best times of our lives. Watching you grow into this beautiful little girl has been a complete joy. Although I always miss each baby stage, I enjoy the next even more. 

Your papa and I are always so shocked by the amount of love that we have for you. Sometimes we sit at the dinner table and we just talk about how much we love you. Over and over again. Because its true. You make us a family. You have given us this permanent bond that strengthens us, inspires us, and motivates us to be the best parents we can be to you.

Thank you for being you, smiling every day, and showing us unconditional love.

We love you, forever and ever, to infinity and beyond.

Love, Mama and Papa.

18 month clothes
Size 5 shoe
Size 4 diapers
Weighs 24 pounds
Approximately 33 inches tall.

Loves to say "Caw-seeen" multiple times a day, clear as day. How come the dog gets called by his name more than mama? I get it out of you here and there, but you just smirk when I ask you to say it. You know it bothers me... yet, you still do it. Tricky child.

You love to give mama spontateous kisses all the time, multiple times a day. You have always been a kissy child, but now you won't give kisses on demand. Just random. Sometimes when I am laying on the couch, you will walk up to me and give me a kiss. Sometimes when you are in your crib you will kneel down and put your face through the crib and plant me a kiss. Its so random, and I think that is why I appreciate it that much more.

You squeel when you see papa's car pull in the driveaway when he gets home from work. Its so fun to watch you run up to him with joy. The two loves of my life.

You say "Busss" whenever you see the bus drive by. Or if you hear a truck outside that sounds like a bus, you'll run to the window waiting to watch it drive by. Sometimes, often times, on the weekends you will ask about the bus. Mama has to remind you that there is no school on Saturday and Sundays.

When you hear the camera click on your camera toy you say "Cheeese"

You say your "Byes" so funny. Its so drawn out. "Bah-Byeeeeee"
When you see the bunny that has bubbles in it, you say "Boubbbles"
Words you can say: Carseeen{ Carson, your dog}, Dawwwseeen{  Dawson, your cousin}, go go go, cheeeese, baaan {banana}, mama, papa, baaubles {bubbles}. cwak {clock}. ddjuuice {juce- aka WATER}. seeet {sit}, shoooww {show}, shooee {shoe}, door, caaar {car}, hiii, bah byeee, teeeese {cheese}, bussss {bus}, pwweeety {pretty}, tooorrtle {turtle}, cat, hawt {hot}, go away, toeees, bath,  and all the others I've mentioned in previous months.

We will have your 18 month well visit at the end of the month {or early next month}.

Like I said before, just a couple teeth are left coming in, otherwise all the spaces are filled for now. I can't believe we survived teeth without any issues. You never woke up in the middle of the night crying. You never fussed. You never rejected food {besides your usual dinner rejections}, and you were overall always happy and chipper. You drooled a lot though. That's for sure.

You've been into sitting on top of everything. On top of your toy chest. On top of your toy bucket. On top of the toilet. In the cabinet. Its your thing these days.

You're starting to get more excited when other loved ones come around. Even if mama is around. So you don't cling as much to me and are more open to going to them. Lately Grandma P has been coming over often, and you just squeeel with joy.
You still love jibber jabbering on the phone and more random phone calls. You know how to slide the iphone to unlock it, open the contact list, press the call contact, put on speaker phone, and then hang up when you are finished. Pretty sure you know how to work technology better than some people I know.

You absolutely love when we sing the ABC's, twinkle twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider. You put your fingers together like I do for the spider and then give me the biggest cheeese.

Speaking of cheese, you are LOVING cheese as a snack. You ask for it, and then convulse until I give it to you. Cheese lover.

You are a much better eater this month. Dinners have been easier, and you no longer refuse meat like you used to. And you have taken a liking to deli sandwiches.

We started swim lessons this past month and you are LOVING them. You cry when we have to get out and you are one happy baby when we are in it. Lots of songs and dancing around in the water. You're not exactly the fan of the dipping you in the water though. Prissy little thing you are.

We got our passport pictures done and the funniest thing of this day was when the lady noted how big your head was. And mine. And how papa had a "perfectly porpotionate head." Why thank you sweet lovely lady. What she really meant to say is that our heads were BEAUTIFUL. Yes.
We look forward to seeing what the next month has to offer.
I have a feeling lots of warm weather, bathing suits, and swimming pools.
Yes, bliss.


  1. You take WONDERFUL pictures!

  2. She's beautiful as ever! Love how much she looks like you, with a blond head of course.

    I hope you are recording all of her chatter!

  3. So nuts she'll be 2 in 6 months. Seriously it flies!!! I love those pics, she is gorgeous

  4. she is gorgeous!! Wow 1 1/2 is a big deal! Congrats and happy 1 1/2 Elli!!

  5. What a cutie! Happy 18 months!
    She is looking more like a little girl and less like a baby. They grow too fast!

  6. What a beauty!! She is growing up to fast!!

  7. Time goes by so fast! My baby just turned 1 a week and a half ago.

  8. I can't believe she's almost 2!!!

  9. Adorable! I had a childhood dog named Carson too. :)

  10. She looks like such a little girl and not a baby in these pictures!

    Hadley loves the bus too.

  11. Elliana is so adorable! Six months is going to fly by :)

  12. SOO beautiful! :)
    and you take amazing pictures Becky :)

  13. Oh she is such a doll, such a perfect little smile! I am totally jealous that she was such a good teether! Sav has been totally opposite!!! About how old was Elliana when she got her 1st molars? I think Sav has been working on those for a while now!

  14. I LOVE all her facial expressions!! Love keeping up with her monthly updates! I can't believe how big she is!!! :)

  15. What a cutie patootie!! She gets it honestly:)

  16. Happy 18 months sweet Elliana!! I am so thankful your Mommy posts so many photos of you. I love to look at each and every single one! You're the most darling little girl. Such a doll. Oh, and you have your Mommy's gorgeous smile!

  17. Your pictures are amazing and she is absolutely beautiful!! happy 18 months!


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