Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Randoms & Link up Announcement

Is that a big enough announcement?
Did I grab your attention? Are you squirming with excitement to know more.....
Good. Listen up. Tuesday June 12th we, as in my dear friend Raven and I, will be having a vlog link up. And if you couldn't tell by the picture... it's called SHOW AND TELL.
So. More details to be posted next Tuesday! Be sure to come back and write down your assignments! :)
So the bachelorette. Who totally saw the sparks between Arie and Emily?
Right? And I was really kind of sort of excited for them... until I heard some gossip.
And well, when you really find out what people are like... makes you kind of think differently about them. However, I will have an open mind about this guy......
I'll be watching him.

Also? That Alessandro character? Tell me that conversation didn't want to make you jump into the tv?
Turns out... he got "compromise" and the word "comprimiso {sp}" mixed up... which means commitment in Brazil. Oops. BYE BYE.
My baby girl snoozing in the car {very rare occasion} has got to be the cutest thing ever.
And that arm? I melt.
The funny thing is, this child was up the whole drive home {from my parents house}
and did not pass out until I literally pulled into the neighborhood.
Why she fights sleeping in the car? I have no idea.
We have spent a lot of our days at the park this week. Basically because the park, pool, and beach area are all at our neighborhood clubhouse. How convenient for us.
Hopefully I will also start working on a nice little tan that way... because this mama needs one.
I received this nice little package last week from my dear friend Jody.
All I can say was that this girl never fails to surprise me.
She is like the girl version of the perfect romantic man.... ha.
Seriously though, she knows me too well. A basket of fruit? YES PLEASE.
On Saturday, our neighborhood pool opened {as does the rest of the pools in the country}.
So we were bad and skipped out on swim lessons to go spend the day at the pool.
More like a couple hours.
But it was great. Elliana loved it, as expected. By the end she was having fun splashing me.
I much prefer going to my parent's pool, however seeing as how they are 35 minutes away... this will do for all the other hott summer days we plan to have.
We have comcast! No more AT&T uverse {thank you baby J}. Can I just again verbalize just how awful UVERSE is. Please. If anyone is thinking about getting the service... I highly suggest not. The connection is horrendous {goes out for hours at a time multiple times a day}, and customer service is equally as bad. Plus they try to charge you an absurd amount of money.
While I am ranting. I am so tired of BMW service trying to cheat me out of money as well. I catch their little "hidden expenses" each and every time. Companies just can't be honest anymore. If ever.
end rant.

Scheduled Posts
Monday: Estrea Review/Giveaway
Tuesday:  Details on Show & Tell Vlog link-up
Wednesday: All about Andrew
Thursday: Thursday Randoms


  1. I love E in her little sunglasses, precious! I was totally rooting for Arie, but I have to know what you learned about him!

  2. The best thing about the pool is that it tires out the kiddos!

    And what a sweet gift from your friend.

  3. That goodie basket looks AWESOME! I could really go for a snickers bar now!!

  4. Re: The Bachelorette...I thought Arie was a BORE, at first, but when I saw him opening up and then Emily go in for the kiss, I knew she was hooked. Guess we'll see where that goes. As for Alessandro...oops...that's quite the mix-up. His bad.

  5. glad you warned me about uverse. Dustin was talking about getting it but I guess we will just go with comcast again.

  6. I just have to say that your daughter is Beautiful!!! I really enjoy reading your blog and all the things you do with your little...I have a 2 year old girl of my own and it is oh so much fun! Your posts really show that you are a great mama and that Elliana is a lucky girl to have you!
    Excited to hear about your vlog link up as I love me some Raven too!

  7. say what? Did I miss that we were supposed to announce the linkup today?!?

  8. So excited about your announcement! I might just have to Vlog!!

    I really like Arie! Hopefully whatever you heard ends up not true!

    Felt bad for the Brazil guy and thought it was just a miscommunication but then I watched the clips at te end of the on demand episode on Comcast and it showed him talking to her friends. He said there he didn't want a kid and was a gypsy and couldn't even care for a dog...

  9. Cannot wait for the linkup info! You and Raven are two of my absolute favorite bloggers!!! :) YAY!

    And I hope Arie is a good guy because I'm LOVING him for Em right now!

  10. OMG!! UI HATE UVERSE!!!! WE are trying to find another company to use instead...but for some reason there isnt much in our area. Hubs was about to explode last night because internet was down...again! UGH!

  11. The vlog sounds like so much fun! Your baby girl is precious! I love those sunglasses!

  12. I agree with Rin I love you and raven!! Can't wait for deets!

    I love sleeping baby pics!! I always take them of Olivia too (when they happen!)

    I like Arie the best right now! I guess we will see what happens next week! :)

  13. I love Arie! I hope nothing bad happens....?! I'm so excited to hear about the VLOG link up! So fun! :)


  14. What was the rumor about Arie?? I like them together!

    I'm curious to know what the linkup is!

  15. What was the rumor about Arie?? I like them together!

    I'm curious to know what the linkup is!

  16. Oh my gosh I FINALLY got you to show up again on my blog feed. I felt like I was being neglectful.


  17. Omigosh, she is so big now! What a cutie. i love the way she's sleeping in the carseat.

    Hmmm wonder what this Arie gossip is...when do we find out?

  18. E looks adorable with her pigtails, she's getting so big! I was surprised that I liked Arie, I didn't think they'd have a connection. I have to admit, I'm kind of disappointed in the group of guys this season.

  19. What an awesome basket from your friend!
    Enjoy those fun days at the pool!


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