Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Randoms, Pictures, and all sorts of goodness.

-Week two of swim lessons went great. Very great, actually. And again, Elliana screamed and kicked her legs and cried her little eyes out when we had to get out.

-I vlogged for the first time in a long time yesterday. Did you get to see it? What do we think? Should I vlog more? Or is it totally not my thing? Also, for those that had mentioned about how my voice didn't match what they expected.... I have to admit that I was whispering and it definitely was the more quite/reserved side of me {which you never get to see}. So. That being said. I am more loud and obnoxious... maybe in a future vlog? That is if anyone wants to see a future vlog.

-Also, the Kiki La'Rue giveaway is still going on until Saturday. Click here to go enter.

- Yesterday, I got to experience what life with two toddlers will be like {one day}. I took my nephew and Elliana to the zoo. And can I just say.... it was awesome. A walk in the park. I got this. Yup. That good. Elliana was so intrigued at the dolphin show. She really was so still and watched the whole time without making a peep or moving a muscle.
-Three of those pictures above are of Elliana with pillows. She has always been obsessed with pillows, knocking them off the couches, rolling all over them, and organizing them. Always. But this week? Straight crazy obsessed. And it's just too funny not to laugh.

-I am taking a BLL break for now. All alcohol break. I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise. A cleanse persay. And it will be approximately 9 weeks. What do you say? Can I do it?

-I have an exciting link-up prepared. Actually I have two. But one I will be sharing very soon, so be on the look out. I hope you guys get as excited as I am.
-One of Elliana's Christmas gifts {which was free} came in the mail. It is seen in the first and third and fourth picture above. The book. I chose the ABC & 123 theme as we are learning those now, and it is so neat to see her little pretty face plastered all over the book. Some of the pages are just comical to me.

-Speaking of Christmas... I already have two large boxes {I'm talking boxes that can fit two adults in them.. ya. THAT big} full of presents. Mind you... all have been free. Wowsers.... i'm excited already to hear the sleigh bells ring. I know. Call me crazy....... crazy.

I found this awesome deal on Totsy {my favorite place these days}. A savings of over $50.00. Baby slings! I am loving the colors, and looks super cozy. Plus, if you are new, sign up here and you get free shipping on your first purchase. No code or minimum purchase required.

Scheduled Posts
1. Monday: Chicago Day 1
2. Tuesday: giveaway
3. Wednesday: Chicago Day 2 and maybe a Vlog?
4. Thursday: Thursday Randoms
5. Friday: Chicago Day 3


  1. I loved the vlog. If I could figure out hoe to do it, I would link up too!

  2. More vlogs are definitely a good idea :) What's a BLL break mean? Sorry if that's a dumb question!!

  3. 9 weeks without booze? No way, I would never make it, at least not if I didn't have, I mean it's been 9 months and counting but only because I'm knocked up. I'm already drooling over the BLL and wine I'm going to consume in a few short weeks.

    Good luck!

  4. I actually went to your other Vlogs so I could hear the "normal" Becky! (Love her BTW!!)

  5. I missed the vlog, but am going to check it out asap!
    I love your pictures, they are always so fun, and your little girl is so adorable!
    My little guy has a pillow thing too. He also likes to take the couch cushions off and line them up and go crazy! Haha! Kids ;)
    Those slings are CUTE, I love the second one.. but I don't plan on having any more, pooh.
    How do you get all of that free stuff?! Wow!

  6. Love all the pictures and the arrangement. I think you can do the "cleanse," you seem like a person that does things they put their mind to! Good luck!

  7. LOVED your Vlog, you are such a sweet girl! Would love more Vlog's!!

    And I totally believe you can do the 9 weeks of no BLL!! Good Luck!

    I am totally wishing I had your talents of finding free stuff, WOW!!! Christmas will be extra fun this year!!!

  8. Are we taking a break bc we might be/become preggers?!! :)

    LOVED the vlog, would LOVE more!! :) My fave was the one with you and baby E and Andrew was waiting for you downstairs bc you were going shopping lol

    I need to get on these sites and do the holidays shopping way in advanced like you!! What are all the sites you use that earn you free goodies??

  9. Im sorta jealous that you have that much Christmas shopping done and still have 235 days left. Yes, I know exactly how many days are left until Christmas...

  10. 9 weeks? Like, 9 weeks should give you enough time to figure out if baby #2 is on the way or not?? Hmmmm?

  11. wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.



    Did I hear you correctly? NO ALCOHOL FOR NINE WEEKS?? Are you freaking KIDDING ME?!?!

    tell me you are kidding. please. please just tell me.

  12. Definitely more vlogs!! I wanna see a wild and crazy one after the BLL break ;)

  13. I defintiely want more vlogs. containing your sexy russian voice of course.

  14. More vlogs, please! Thanks. :)


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