Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If we were going to be best friends... you would need to know...

I was obsessed with the color baby blue growing up. And angels. And the two had to go together. And thus... I still have stars up on my ceiling at my parent's house that was once my bedroom.

I could eat nutella every day of my life. For every meal. On bread. On crackers. On fruit. Or straight from the spoon.

My hair color changed as frequently as my boyfriends. Kidddding.  About the boyfriend part. My hair color did however change every couple of months.

I drool, and I drool bad. On every pillow I own. And I'm pretty sure when I used to spend the night at my friend's houses they would have to wash their pillows after me. True life.

I am a total homebody and would prefer you come to me and we share a couple of glasses of wine together. Or BLL.

I am terrible at answering calls. Text messages. Emails. Or any other form of communication. Terrible. Even when my own mother and husband. I'm sure I will freak if E ever does that to me.

I've worked since I was 15. Meijer. Quiznos. Bravo. And now the hospital.

I cuss like a sailor, at work. Something about the environment and the people around sends my mouth into potty overload. In other words, @##@%%&^. That.

I love books, pictures, and Christmas. These are my favorite hobbies. Yes, Christmas is a hobby. Among other things of course ;)

You must know... I have been obsessed with Christmas since I was a little girl. Not the part where I get presents {although, that is nice also], but the part where I give the presents. As I young girl, when I couldn't afford to buy my family members presents, I would go searching around the house and "make things." And now? Everyone in my family gets 5-10+ presents each. The kiddos? Get over 15.

I am cheap when it comes to certain things. I would cringe to not buy toothpaste on sale back in the day. However, I would splurge on a new designer bag every couple of months {back in the day, pre-baby and pre-marriage days}. Odd, i know.

Multi-tasking is not my thing. I can do it with things. But not with people. I can't carry on more than on conversation. And I certainly can't carry on a conversation when I'm in the zone.

In fact, in college, Andrew used to come up to me, give me a kiss and tell me he is going to the store. 10 minutes later I would shout for him, and then turn to my friend sitting next to me and say "where's Andrew?" Yes. That happened a lot.

I am a reality TV JUNKIE. Teen Mom. Betheny. Every Real Housewives show. Real World. Hate to admit it, even Jerselicious {now that show is ridiculous}.

I don't like to be the center of attention in any shape or form {except when I'm out drinking with my girlfriends}. Therefore baby showers? Bridal showers? Eh. Not my thing.

I am a spontaneous individual and when I have my heart set on something? I get it. Okay, not even my heart, just my eyes. I make it happen, someway... somehow.

I can't fake laugh for the life of me. So if you make me laugh? You get a cookie.

I take customer service very seriously. So. When I have a bad experience? I make it well known.

And when I have great customer service? I am that 50-100% tipper.

Growing up, I wanted to be an assortment of professions...  a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer. But deep in my heart, I always knew what I wanted to do most was be a mom.
And that is about all of the dirty laundry I can gather on myself. 
Until next time.


  1. I always enjoy posts like this :)

  2. Love this post! About as much as I love you! Have a good week mama!!

  3. I love this post. And I pretty much can vouch for a lot of that stuff you listed.. ie. not listening to Andrew when he says he is going somewhere & the responding to phonecalls, texts, etc.


  4. Just found you though Blawnde's Blog. Love this post!! ...Also love Teen Mom shhhh! ;) Look forward to following your blog.

  5. love this post, always find interest to get know you more. and i'm totally homebody as well and would rather to have my friends to come over here. I always wanted to be a professional dancer or a midwives. Since i was 13 year old, i wanted a baby, i know 13 yrs old is so young to think about a baby. but i knew i want to be a mum. so broody to have one!

    looking forward to get know you more next time. Have a great week :D xoxo

  6. You seriously crack me up!!! And today is what MUCH needed!

    Thank you!!

  7. Love this post. I LOVE Jerseylicious too!

  8. Oh my gosh, I live and breathe Christmas! I just love that time of year so much! I completely planned our wedding around it so I could be a Christmas bride. =) Great post!

  9. love this! LOVE Christmas. Obsessed.

  10. We are identical in the communication department. I hate responding to texts and even worse... answering the phone! Woof!

    And center of attention thing give me the willies too!
    Hence no baby shower here or someone will loose a limb :)

  11. Such a cute post! I love my designer bags too!


  12. so basically, you and I could TOTALLY be best friends. seriously, I am with you on like every point here. but we already knew that.

    except the drooling. ummm.........

    love you!!!!!!

  13. Love your blog!! Same here with nutella!!!

  14. Reality TV junkie RIGHT HERE! I mean if it's on Bravo I watch it!

  15. I'm with you on reality TV, especially anything on Bravo and Christmas. Obsessed with both.

  16. I watch all those reality tv shows too!! lol jerseylicious is SO funny!! Those girls are unreal!! haha did you see they are doing a chicago version?!

    I am the same with customer service!! FB, blogging and twitter are a nice little outlet for horrible or amazing customer service!! :)

  17. I have some awesome news, we are totally best friends! Haha :D This is an awesome post! I had a ton of angel pictures in my bedroom when I was little, I still have a few of them. But, I have never had Nutella! I am a huge drooler too! Ask my other half, haha, he will tell you all about it. If you were my neighbor I would be over nightly with two glasses of wine.. If only! I'm totally with you on Christmas being a hobby. I love the looks on people's faces when I give them presents. I, too, started work way young! In 8th grade, every morning before school, I cleaned 20 horse stalls. Haha!

  18. did I ever tell you that I kinda like you a lot ha! O.K., O.K., I will try this crack called Nutella, if I like it or get hooked it's you I'm blaming! Girl I can understand why you would cuss at work, omg some of those patients are off the chain ridic...I'm a patient so I see what you all go through, that and I have a friend that is a nurse and my mom is a nurse so I get a lot of stories, ha! Christmas being a hobby cracks me up! I am like you, I like giving the gifts most, I love buying for other people and seeing the happy on their faces, and know I made them smile, so awesome! I can't wait until I can have a drink, bud light is my thang I will totally share one with you! Have you watched the show Rob and Big on MTV...he has the show ridiculousness to he is a famous bike rider and skater and Bigs uncle came in and they said you might find a bl in the back of the fridge and he opened it and the whole thing was full bwhahha the funny part was that he nearly drank the whole fridge and it showed him drunk and it was hilarious! Never watched Jerseylicious, I watch Jersey Shore ha, I think that's enough for me! Girl I am the same way I use coupons for silly things and then will go and buy a new bag, I have my eyeballs on a white coach now lol!

    love you

  19. i am a total homebody too! and i HATE being the center of attention! and reality tv? YES PLEASE.

  20. Love it. And yeah, I'm a homebody. I hate to say it, but I purposefully don't make plans cause I'd rather sit in my PJs at home to hang out :)

  21. I may have to borrow this post!

  22. I love these posts. You totally made me want to do one this week.

    I sort of can fake laugh. But it's so obviously fake that I shouldn't do it because it offends people. Oops.

  23. These posts are so much fun! I, too, am a huge homebody most of the time... and sometimes I just prefer nights by myself to entertaining, how bad is that?

    Hope you have a great rest of your week!


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