Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Derby day, and Fight Day

My house is infested with boys.
Lots of food, bad food.
Lots of cursing and loud mouths.
Sweaty bodies.
Ridiculous amounts of booze.
And every sentence turning into a joke.

Happy Cinco de Mayo
Derby Day {congrats Mario!}
And Fight Day {go Cotto!}

This is my life this weekend.
Elliana and I are outnumbered.
But we are holding this house together.
Girl Power.


  1. Beautiful picture! Love that girl : ) And I have no doubt you and E can handle all those boys! Hope you all continue to have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you and I'll Have Another are having a great one!

  3. Sounds fun!! With 3 little girls, it is the other way around at our house. My husband is usually way outnumbered:)
    P.S. You have so got me hooked on Zulily!

  4. Hope you guys had a great evening!

  5. Such a pretty summer girlie. If you could send us some Sunshine that would be awesome x x

  6. I love her sunglasses!

  7. Great Photo!!! Such a cutie!!! Wonderful blog btw! Love reading bout your pregnancy for sure! New follower.

  8. sounds like a fun Party. I don't know why we don't ever do anything for Cinco de Mayo, but it would be fun to have a party!


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