Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sometimes baths make you feel like a kid again.

When it comes to bath time, it's definitely a happy time in our house. As soon as 6:45/7:00 rolls around, its that time. And all we need to say to E is "Bath?"

And her response... "Baaaa--ths"

And then she runs to the stairs and looks at us....are you coming or what?
Of course we follow. We have the same routine every night. This is part of our routine, and we cherish this time of the night. We undress her. Sometimes we let her walk around with nothing on... and regret it just moments after when we realize she trickled on the floor. Yet its the cutest thing in the world to watch her face as she notices what she had just done. She looks down in shock. Confused.

So we scoop her up and place her in the bubble bath tub full of all sorts of water creatures. You name them, they're there. Walrus. Dolphin. Fish. Octopus.... 
Sometimes we will line them on the edge. And one by one she knocks them down.
Then insists that we line them up again.
And knocks them down.
Repeat on overdrive.
When she was a baby, we did bath time every couple of days. In her pink little tub that had a special sling contraption that cuddled her like a cocoon.

At around 3-4 months we transitioned to bath time every night, and continued this routine up to this day with her missing a bath probably 7-10 times total since then.  And that mainly being due to the fact that we were away from home, at my parents house, on vacation, or just out of our element.
Elliana barely every wants to get out of the tub. She splishes and splashes in there like she's in the ocean. She's the dolphin in a great big giant sea of water.

She will sometimes even lay down and pretend "swim" and then dip half her face under, get some water, then spit it out.

Of course laughing hysterically right after.

I'm so glad that baths have been so positive in our daily routines. A happy time. A time to unwind, relax, and feel free. And sometimes....
I feel like a little kid again, reliving my own childhood bath memories. 

And that?
Makes it that much more fun.

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  1. cute post! To this day...I still love soaking in the tub every now and then! :) It's sooo relaxing.

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  3. I love bath time! That's great that you have been able to keep up such a great routine. I've been telling myself for months now that I need to get my little guy into a routine to make things easier on us.. we just have such crazy plans that we never know whats happening next. I miss my own bath time.. Haha!

    *Edit* WAIIITT!!! I just found Kiki La'Rue the other day and fell in love with their dresses! I am STOKED for this giveaway! That is all.

  4. She is so beautiful! I still remember baby bath time with my little sister.

  5. Look how happy she is!! She is such a doll, Becky! I have a feeling she will love your swim lessons if bath time is this much fun :)

    Also, want to be sure you have our new domain added to your feed. We've officially moved from Confessioms of a Magnolia Mom to The View From 510! I hope you'll add our new domain to your feed and continue to follow along :) www.theviewfromfiveten.com

  6. I looooveee bath time. Around 3 months we started giving our baby a bath every night too and it's been the same ever since!

  7. She looks like she's having a blast!! Did you always do bath time that early? What time does E go to sleep? My baby's now 4 months and we do bath time around 8:30 every other night. It puts him right to sleep after so I'm nervous about changing it to an earlier time, but 8:30 is so late and makes my schedule so off! Any advise?

  8. those eyes...those lips...

    like I say, takes after daddy ;)

  9. Great pics and such fun memories captured! I love that bath time is a fun time at our house too. I might die if it were a stress each night!

  10. This is so cute! I know exactly what you mean about reliving childhood memories :) Now that I'm a mom I kinda recreate all the things I remember loving as a kid. And adding new ones!

  11. Hi Becky,

    I just recently started to follow your blog. I am a friend of Jen over @ a girl in pearls :)Both you and Jen have inspired me to start my own blog for our families that don't live close. I am from the UK, so my family loves when I put pictures of Oliver on FB bc they don't get to see him very often in person but I wanted something more personal, so a blogging I will go. My blog is a little bear right now bc I am still learning how to actually add things to it, a little frustrating at times :)I just wanted to say HI and that I LOVE the design of your blog :) - One quick question (maybe more in the future) - what do you use to create your social media buttons? I love how yours are the words and not pictures. I have tried using paint but not sure what to do. My blog is www.gwokthelifeof.blogspot.com if you want to check it out. Thanks for being my INSPIRATION. Regards, Gemma

  12. So cute! You can just tell how much she loves her baths!

  13. Bathtime is such a fun time!! Olivia finally grew out of her baby tub so now she sits in the regular bath tub without it and she LOVES splashing! haha

    LOVE these pics of E! She is getting so big!! :)

  14. she looks like she's having so much fun! even at 25, i still love taking baths!

  15. Adorable! I love that these kiddos love their baths so much, makes it easier on us, ha! But E seems to be be a happy lil camper no matter what she's doing!!

  16. Aww to have that much fun in the bath again!

  17. Sweet girl!! I still love baths myself

  18. Sweet girl!! I still love baths myself

  19. I love bath time at our house too. LOVE the pic you got of her splashing.

  20. bath time is one of the best times of day in our house too :) her eyes are gorgeous!


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