Sunday, May 13, 2012

Being a Mother.....

We hear a lot about how being a mother is hard.
How the children can wear you out.
Stress you out.
Knock you down.
We hear a lot about how being a mother is challenging.
That sometimes we don't know what to do.
Or if what we do is right or wrong.
Or are we even doing enough?
We hear a lot about how being a mother is a JOB.
That we have to work at it.
Our hours never end.
And we don't get a monetary salary for what we do.
We hear a lot about how being a mother is frustrating.
The lack of communication.
The not knowing why.
The not knowing how, when, or where.
Sometimes... just the not knowing.
Hard. Challenging. A JOB. Frustrating. When I hear those words? I can't help but disagree

I get it. Why the words are said. And how they are said. I get that every situation is different. Every household goes through different obstacles. I get it. We are all unique as mothers, and no one situation is the same.
 But when I think of the meaning of a mother...
I think of all the wonderful things that it stands for.

Natural. Rewarding. A BLESSING. Opportunity for growth.
Natural versus hard?
Being a mother isn't hard. LIFE is hard.
Everything else that prevents us from being the best mothers we push ourselves to be, THAT'S hard. Our careers. Friendships, or lack of. Finances. House chores. Our health.
Those can be defined as hard.
But mothering? Its natural, which in turn makes it easy.
We were born to do this.
Its in our blood and our soul.
We just have to believe in ourselves and somehow figure out the balance with the other roles in our life.

Rewarding versus Challenging?
Being a mother is not challenging, unless we let it be challenging.
Its rewarding.
As mothers, we are obligated to figure out the why, when, where, and how.
And we are looked at to "make things happen."
To know the answer to everything.
And as a result, we view things like potty training and educating our children as challenging.
Knowing that our children are entrusting us to teach them the tools of survival.
To walk, to talk, and problem solve.
They are entrusting us to meet their basic needs. To love and nurture them.
And in return, they show us this unconditional love that no other human on earth can give us.
And that is rewarding more than anything else.
A Blessing versus a Job.
Mothering is not a job. It is not a career. It is not a business.
Being a mother is a blessing.
We are blessed to have the hours with our children that we do.
We are blessed to watch them grow, learn, and develop into this little human.
We are blessed with something that no money, reward, or salary could ever compare to.
We are blessed with their life, and knowing that we created this human.

Opportunity for growth vs frustrating?
It can be frustrating when you don't get something the first time.
Sure, it can be frustrating when you are up every couple of hours with a crying baby forgetting what a good nights rest actually feels like.
It can be frustrating when you have tried every outlet and nothing seems to work out.
Frustrating. I get it.
But one of the beautiful parts of motherhood is that we are always growing. We are always running into opportunities that strengthen us and make us better mothers.
For all the sleepless nights, teething months, and daily tantrums, let us remember that these too shall pass.
This is what I think of a mother.
What I think of my own mother.
What I think of my husband's mother.
And their mothers.
And me as a mother.
I think how this world couldn't survive without mothers.
How special and unique each of these women really are.
And how the bond between a mother and her child{ren} is like nothing else in this world.
The frustrating, challenging, hard moments are few and far between. They are merely road blocks put in place to challenge you and your family. They too shall pass.

Motherhood is natural, rewarding, a blessing, and full of opportunities for growth.

Motherhood is the greatest gift that the Lord has ever given me.
 Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there.
A special Happy Mother's day to my own mama and my mother-in-law, Kim.


  1. This is now one of my fave posts of yours! You are beyond right, at the end of the day no matter how overwhelmed I was from the days craziness, I always smile knowing these boys are all mine, and how wonderful they are even when they throw tantrums, cry, and say wonderful words like "NO!" haha I love them with every ounce of my being and I am so lucky to have them!

    Happy Mothers Day to you my dear friend! Elli is such a blessed girl to have you as her momma! Ah just more reasons she has to marry one of my boys! :)

    Have an amazing day hun! Xoxo

  2. Sweetheart, this might be one of my favorite posts you've ever written - so beautiful. The words, the meaning, and the photos of such a pure love.

    Happy Mother's Day, darling!

  3. Loveeeed this post :)
    You will most definitely be my 'go to girlfriend when little baby girl is being difficult!

  4. Beautifully written an I couldn't agree more!! Thank you for this wonderful post on Mother's Day :) How refreshing to read a positive outlook on being a Mom. I hope y'all have a lovely and blessed day celebrating!

  5. love this post. and were you the cutest pregnant girl on the planet? i think so.

  6. You're awesome. All so true and I try to relish in the positive aspects of motherhood everyday!

    Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Mama!

  7. This post was so sweet I loved it..E's eyes are so blue and beautiful...

  8. Wow. That was beautifully said. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. You're such a great mama! What a beautiful post! I hope you have the best day! You deserve it!


  10. Beautiful! You are such an amazing, beautiful mother and Eli is so blessed to have you in her life. This post is just fantastic. <3

  11. Maybe I'm just super emotional, but those post brought tears to my eyes!! You are so right, Being a mother is such a blessing. I am amazed every day watching my Daughter and am so thankful God gave her to me. Being a mother is the most important and rewarding thing I will ever do in my lifetime.

  12. i agree! happy mother's day to you!!

  13. I love it! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  14. I'm not a mother yet, so I really have no idea what its like. But how is that you had NO sideboob, even as a pregnant lady. ur we're the skinniest minnie evah! no fair. haha. just thought I'd say that. happy mothers day.

  15. Hope you had a great mothers day!!!!

  16. I LOVE this post, I couldn't agree with you more!!! Being a mother can feel like a job SOMETIMES but so is being a wife, a daughter, etc. I think being a mother is a HUGE blessing as well. Not all women get to be mothers and I am SO proud to be Olivia's mama!

    I hope you had a GREAT mothers day!! :)

  17. I LOVE this post...and you are SO right about everything!!! All of the pics are absolutely beautiful...happy mother's day to you!!

  18. I missed this post. Love. So true and so sweet.


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