Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Randoms and more.

-I am loving this weather. Except it's a bit wishy washy. One day it's 80 and Elliana and I are splish splashing in her baby pool outside. And the next its in the 60s and we have our jackets on and hanging out at the park. Regardless, I am loving all this outdoor weather. And it gets me so excited for summer.
-Have you entered the TURN YOUR BLOG INTO A BOOK GIVEAWAY yet? If not, go! Winner will be announced on Monday. Someone please enter my name for me ;)

-Flashback. Sometimes its really fun to just look back on old school pictures. Like this one below. Of me, my mama, and my brother. I think we look alike, no? This was on graduation day {from Purdue}. And on a side note... I want to color my hair that dark again. Do we all agree?
Carson is always bombing the pictures.
-Vlog. I have on for you guys next Wednesday. Yes. Also thinking about doing a Q&A vlog. What do we think?

-Go congratulate this mama on finding out the sex of her baby! She is the absolute cutest pregnant mama I know. Hands down.

-Elliana turned 18 months last week. In other words, 1.5 years. Aka 6 months away from age two. Did I really just say that? Yes. Yes. I did. Her 18 month post is coming next week. In the meantime, here are some big girl pictures.

-When I cook spaghetti I like to do the old school test. You know. The one where you throw the noodle on the wall. That test. I do this for a couple of reasons. One, because it works and its fun. And two, because the husband gets so irritated by it. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about it and by the time I took it off... the paint came off with the noodle. Ooops.

---Elliana's sass is just killing me these days. She cracks me up left and right. From the moment I wake up to the minute I put her to bed. It is never dull or boring in this household with this child. And she is always full of smiles and laughs and overall just so happy. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Also, I just cannot believe how long her hair is getting. It's past her shoulders! I can't wait to watch it grow.
-Turkey meatballs recipe. This is the best one to date. I absolutely love it. It's super easy, and I had all the ingredients in my house already. The only thing I didn't have was the pecorino romono {romano what?!}. So I just doubled the parmesan that I put in there to make up for the cheese aspect {half a cup instead of 1/4 of a cup}. It was pure perefection.
-Lately, Elliana has been getting more and more Carson obsessed. This dog can't catch a break. As soon as she wakes up she looks for him. When we get home, she runs to his cage. If he's on one couch, she climbs up and sits on him. He tries to move to another couch. She follows. And back again. And it's just a vicious cycle. And she thinks he is the greatest thing ever. Sigh.

-Scheduled Posts

Friday: Day 3 {final day} in Chicago recap. 
Monday: When you have a child.
Tuesday: Happy 18 months
Wednesday: Vlog; What I'm Thankful For.
Thursday: Thursday Randoms
Friday: My water baby.


  1. Love bug! Thank you!!!
    I get to work and have 8 new followers overnight.. i was like.. ok... im on someone's blog because I know im not this interesting!

  2. I loveeee your hair that dark! So pretty! okay I have always wanted to do the whole throw the noodle at the wall, but for some reason never have?! Haha SO doing it next time I make spaghetti! :] Have a great day beautiful!

  3. I'm on my way to do some congratulating :) It's always fun reading blogs about pregnancy, but it kind of makes me want another baby. That causes me to back pedal the heck outta there.. Haha!
    Happy 18 months to little E :D Two will be here before you know it!
    HAHA! Throwing spaghetti noodles is too funny, peeling paint sucks though.
    Awesome randoms :D

  4. i absolutely throw spaghetti on the wall to see if i'ts done.

  5. Our weather has been crazy here too! My daughter was born with a full head of dark hair and we are at 5 months, she still has it and I just hope it continues to grow like Eliana's--it is so beautiful! Those meatballs sounds delish.

  6. I wish the weather would decide what to do already. It keeps fluctuating between 50s and raining and 60 and raining, then a quick, random day of 70 and sunny. Get warm already!!

    ps- she is SO CUTE! I love that yellow dress/bathing suit? So adorbs!

  7. So glad you had fun! I am in Chicago now visiting the grandparents and miss it so much!! It's a city like no other. We are trying to do the zoo and Shedd. I feel ya on the toddler meltdowns. Hopefully it will pass soon!

  8. your daughter is the cutest! her hair and her expressions always get me! and i love how much she loves her dog, so sweet!

    and the spaghetti test is awesome ... i never heard of it until i saw it on your Instagram. such a neat idea, minus the peeling paint, of course.

  9. She is just the cutest! I am glad you guys had fun:)

  10. LOVE your dark hair!!

    how funny about the pasta test!!

    I bought ground turkey bc of your instagram the other night!! Looks SO yummy!!!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing the turkey meatballs! I can't wait to try them. Elliana is just the cutest thing and that polka do dress is adorable :)

  12. Elliana is getting so big and she is such a cutie!, btw the sass in lil girls gets worse (fun!) as they get older, Kayla cracks me up! She likes to shop with her hands on her hip!!!
    Also your hair looks awesome that color!


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