Friday, May 25, 2012

My Water Baby

While in Chicago, we took Elliana swimming for the very first real time. She had been to the pool multiple times last summer, including my parents and our neighborhood pool. We even had a little kiddie pool that she had been in on many hot summer days. And all those times? She loved the water.

But I wasn't sure how she would do now. Almost a year later. Colder water. More aware of her surroundings. Larger, more unfamiliar space.
I'm proud to say she did awesome.
And she's been doing fabulous in swim lessons.
Cries every time we have to get out.
Oh, my little water baby.


  1. Such sweet pictures of you two! :)

  2. You are gorgeous and she is too cute! I love these pictures!

  3. these are the cutest pictures!

  4. Such cute pictures of you two! Glad she had such a great time in the pool :D I really want to get my little guy in to some swim lessons. I just haven't got around to checking them out yet.
    Have a fantastic weekend :D

  5. Great pictures! :) I love babies who love the water!


  6. You're gorgeous and she's such a cutie! I lov eher little bathing suit! My daughter loves the pool as well but it isn't heated so it's still a little to cold to go swimming right now sadly lol.

    Love, Jazmyn

  7. Love these pictures. Such sweet memories.

  8. So cute. I was just telling my husband that I'd like to start swim lessons for our little one when she/he is about 6 months old. :)

  9. Love the pictures! You both are beautiful!

    Glad to hear she loves the water!

  10. You both are such dolls! Glad she's doing well with the water. Love the pictures, as always!


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