Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Moment

*written a few weeks ago
I had another one of those moments. Motherhood moments. A moment that has me sitting here late at night, 5 hours later, recalling this amazing memory of me and my daughter from earlier this evening.
It was simple, nothing exciting, but definitely special in its own way. You may even read this and by the end wonder why I ever wrote it. The significance. The meaning behind it?

I don't have anything grande and elaborate to say. But that's the beauty of motherhood, you know, its the simple things that can have the greatest effect on us. And something as simple as today? Really had this powerful impact on me.
I wish I had a picture from this moment. Better yet a video. And to be honest with you, there were a couple instances where I so badly wanted to run off to grab the camera. But just as quickly as that thought entered my head, so did the thought that I absoluely did not want to miss a second of all this.

And this moment? Was as simple as us, in the living room, blaring the iphone on  the bose to none other than Christmas tunes. Or, as Elliana likes to call it, "kissmas music."

And we danced. We danced like we were rockstars. Elliana following my every move. A kick of the leg here. A swing of the arm here. And the sounds. Lets not forget the sounds that we would make." Her little body was moving so fast. And she was giggling. And those giggles, someone hold me, were so contagious and beautiful. By far, the most perfect thing on earth.

Before you knew it, I had tears rolling down my face. Ugly, big, fat, tears. From nothing but pure happiness. As I am dancing with my daughter, I begin to think about how thankful and blessed I am for this child, that grew inside of me, and has transformed into this beauiful little girl. No longer a baby. Less dependent on me. And resembles me in so many ways. The innocence. The happiness. The trust that she has in this world.
It was all so powerful.

I thought about how thankful I am to be able to dance in the living room with my daughter. To be able to dance, period. To have a warm home to do so in. To have the luxury of music played in our home. To be able to watch my daughter move around with such happiness streamed all over her face. To be blessed to watch her every move, every day.

I cried those tears because even after 2 years, I still cannot believe this life that I am living is MINE. That this child actually mine. These moments that we were living. Mine.
What could I have possibly done to deserve all this....

The answer? I don't have. But what I do know is that sometimes what isn't caught on camera, or video, are often times some of the greatest memories of life.

And today, I never want to forget. Yes, hormones probably played a major part in my sob fest, but I think more than anything, it was the overwhelming emotions that overpowered me in this one little moment.

A moment that left me feeling utterly blessed. Thankful. And loved.
Motherhood is truly amazing.


  1. Jeremy and I were just talking last night about this! What did we do to deserve such a happy, healthy, beautiful child? Sometimes we can't believe she is ours! Those sweet, simple moments are sometimes better then anything else!! Some of my favorite moments with Olivia have no photos captured but I have the memory :)

  2. I get those same moments. Of complete utter disbelief that my child is MINE. Its truely the best thing in the world to be a parent! You are so great at putting your feelings into words to share with the world and have for E when she is older. You are such a fabulous mom and I hope Stella feels like I am as great and I think that you are.

  3. I do cherish and appreciate every moment with Kylie now. And reading this, I get so excited for what's in store for our future. I love this.

  4. This post is so precious. I know it'll bring Elliana to tears one day... SO sweet!

  5. Love those moments. Forget the camera! :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. She is SO big! And obviously beautiful with a fantabulous wardrobe. ;)

  7. I love this post so much. It's those little moments that make such a big difference. What could have been five minutes will last in you for a lifetime. Your family is so precious!


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