Monday, December 10, 2012

Showing off the CHRISTMAS DECOR!

This week we are showing off and talking about our Christmas {or holiday} decor.

 I started decorating a couple days before Thanksgiving as I had tons upon tons of boxes in the attic to get out, a busy schedule at work, and on top of that was hosting the actual Thanksgiving at my house, so I was afraid that it would get pushed back too far. Surprisingly, I did it over the course of a couple of days and it worked out perfectly.

The tree was delayed until the Sunday after Thanksgiving as it is tradition for all three of us to put it up and decorate together. Yes, we have a fake tree. Yes, I hope next year we start getting a real one {and still have our fake one up} just to make a tradition out of it for our family. I think Elliana would thoroughly enjoy it next year if she saw her papa cutting down a tree.

I wasn't able to get a snapshot of the kitchen, as these were taken later in the evening and the lighting was terrible. In the kitchen, we have a centerpiece for the island and kitchen table, a snowman and advent calendar on the countertop with two tree shaped cookie jars and an ornament decoration. And a couple of other things.

All of my decorations I have purchased in the past three years and all were purchased AFTER Christmas. You know, the big 50-75% deals that they have. Yes, score. It's actually one of my favorite things to do after the holidays. To shop for decor. And snatch up some awesome deals. My go-to stores? Tjmaxx/home goods. Walmart. Dollar store. And sometime target/kohls {not always the best though}.

I still have SO many more things that I would like to get. And eventually I would like to start focusing on the outdoors. I know these sort of things are a "work in progress" but it's still so fun to do everywhere and see my decorations grow.

So. What kind of decor do you have going on in your home?

Next Week's Questions: Christmas talk

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.
2. Tell us what your plans are for Christmas this year.
3. Show us a picture of Christmas in the past. Or present.
4. Do you wrap your presents all in one box, or do you like wrap each present separetely?
4. Tell us about any special traditions that you or you and your family like to do.

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  1. Love your decorations! You put my house to shame.

  2. I love your Christmas decorations!! Everything looks so good!!

  3. All your decorations look so pretty!

  4. Stunning decorations. I love the family elements

  5. Love how you mix in family pictures with the decorations! I tend to pull all mine down before I decorate. I'll have to do it your way next year!

  6. Your house is AMAZING Becky! Your taste is impeccable! I absolutely love your decor! So classy, and not the typical Christmas style! If I had money to do decorations I would go this style!!

  7. I love it all!! I really love the stockings going up the stairs...such a nice touch. All of the details...just perfect!

    We have a fake tree, too, because I have SO many allergies, but I think we will start getting a real one once Cameron is old enough to appreciate it! I can't wait. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I really love the jingle bells on the door knobs. ;) we have mittens.

  9. I like how you have multiple sets of stockings. I never feel I can commit to muliple sets of stockings because we don't own our home yet and I feel like decorating around a temporary space is uselss. Maybe it's just me.

  10. Your decor is beautiful! I'm loving your embroidered stockings above the fire place. Where are they from?

  11. Everything looks so pretty! I love your stockings!


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