Saturday, December 15, 2012

All you need to know about Summer

1. Tell us why you blog
My primary purpose of blogging is to document my journey with DM as well as raise awareness for this terrible disease, and help others who may just have been newly diagnosed. My blog is also my journal to document everything for my Kelcee and the hubs. I want her to be able to look back at these books I print out some day and be inspired to the point of knowing that no matter what life may throw your way never ever give up!  I also want her to know she is the reason I fight so very hard to get well, she is my inspiration.  My purpose is to tell my story and if one person benefits from it then I have accomplished something!  Here is a link to my story!  A post I did. Summer's Story I wish I would have found someone when I was first diagnosed, because it is a scary thing to here, so scary.  I new mommy, a wife and now a life threatening disease with no cure and not much knowledge about.  It’s a lot to swallow.  So I created this blog to tell my story, to document all of our precious miracle babies milestones, to be support for those who have battled infertility and to without a doubt show people that even when it is pouring rain, you can still find the rainbow!  As one of my bestest’s cards sent me yesterday said, even if she has to paint the rainbow on my ceiling, it is there!
2. What is it like to have problems with your health and how does it affect your life?  A Day in My Shoes Here is a post I did that pretty much sums up what it is like to have problems with health and how it affects my life.  I am pretty stubborn, I get it from my Daddy.  I am so glad I am.  I fought so hard and battled infertility so long and when I was finally blessed with our miracle angel baby Kelcee I felt like wow if we can overcome all of this we can overcome anything.  Then when she was almost three, bam we were hit hard with the diagnosis of my disease and scared silly.  I will say that I try not to let my disease affect my life. I voted with a port in place and just taped it up and wore a sweatshirt.  I do not tell many that I am sick. I don’t want Kelcee to feel like the kiddo with a sick momma.  I do all for my Kelcee and over do it a lot but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  So if you ask the hubs or my friends and family they will tell you that I fight so hard to not look or act sick, unless you know me you would not know.  I don’t want to be that sick girl.  Here is a post I did from your link up sums up how my health affects my life, it was from your Women’s Connect Link Up, I was told it was one of the best posts I have ever written, maybe it is because I actually used proper grammar lol!
3. What's your favorite thing about being a mom?  Everything.  I without a doubt love every.single.thing. about being a mom.  I love being able to say I have a daughter.  I love waking up to her smiles and good morning mommy in her sweet little voice in which I reply good morning sweetheart.  I love how when I ask her what she dreamed about she says cows each and every time.  I love listening to her stories, watching her grow into the most kind, sweet tender hearted little girl, I love baking with her and doing crafts, I love listening to how her day was at school even though I almost had a breakdown that she had to go to school lol.  I love being able to snuggle with her and wind down at the end of the day.  I love reading her stories at night and listening to her read some to me!  I love watching her sleep. I sometimes lay in her bed longer than usual just to snuggle with her.  I can’t think of one thing that is an absolute favorite because I love it all!  I love being her mommy and I am so glad GOD blessed me with her!
4. If you could have one dream for your daughter, what would it be?  My dream for my Kelcee is that she grows up without ever having to feel any pain or heartache. I wish on every star that all her dreams come true and that I am well enough that she won’t have to endure to much of me being sick.  I dream I get in remission this year for her!  I dream that all her goals come true.  That she is a successful, loving, kind hearted, beautiful girl (which she already is) and that if I can shield her from being hurt in this cruel world that would be my dream.  I nearly had a break down the start of Kindergarten, for I knew I was turning our baby over to a big world of uncertainty and sometimes cruelty.  I hope she never has to endure it and I just hope that every.single.thing she ever wants to come true does.  That she goes to college and becomes a Veterinarian or Paleontologist as she often speaks of, that she makes her mark in the world, that she makes this world a better place.  That is my dream for my daughter is that all of her dreams come true!
5. Tell us 3 things that make you smile :)  Kelcee and the Hubs without a doubt is the number one that makes me smile. Being around my friends and laughing until our tummies hurt and maybe indulging in a glass or two of bubbly, that makes me smile. Being able to be blessed to be a SAHM and watch every.single.milestone with my Kelcee, that makes me smile. I could go on and on...but those are my top three! 


  1. what a nice post about Summer! she is the best.

  2. I love this Becky! Thank you so much! I totally forgot I was being featured being I had to go to hospital with more news uggggg! I am so excited for you and your family and the new soon to be arrival of baby Graham! Love you girl!



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