Friday, December 7, 2012

35 weeks. THIRTY-FIVE. Bump Attack.

35 weeks! I feel good about reaching this number. Not 37 by any means, but still sounds better than 34. Hard to explain. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it sounds like a "safer" zone. Definitely not ready for baby boy to come out, but I wouldn't be as nervous if my water were to break today. But lets just make it to at least the 37 mark baby boy, okay?

Which? Will be in a week and a half. And next week I will be 9 months. And if I keep talking about it, then it may mean that I have a baby THIS MONTH.

Maybe. Hopefully. I can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to meet you baby Graham.

About this week. Not much has changed. Still lots of pains down yonder, still lots of pain to even walk, still lots of uncomfortable feeling in general.

The peeing {TMI, I know}, has gotten out of control. The other day at work I literally was in the bathroom every hour on the hour. And it's that pain in your bladder that you feel when you have gone 12 hours without going. Each and every time.

When we were at toddler time this week, a fellow mom sitting next to me said... "You are the cutest pregnant girl I've seen. I didn't even notice you were pregnant and I was walking right behind you!" That made my day. Because I sure don't feel cute.

Heartburn is at its all time high. Terrible. Horrific. The worst it has ever been.
Contractions. I'm not sure what these blunt-out-of-nowhere-pains are... but for now... we will call them contractions.

Weight gain? I swear at home I never seem to gain weight, how convenient right, but as soon as I get to my appointment somehow I am up 5 pounds. Total though? I think I'm up 25 pounds or something? Way better than the 45/50 I gained last time.

And I'm going to sit here and flaunt my excitement over the fact that I am still able to wear my black skinnies that are non-maternity. Granted, they stretch. But still. My doctor even took note of that on the last appointment.

And that belly button? I can't imagine it being able to go out any further. It's about to pop off and eat somebody any day. That large.

Appointment on Monday. And guess what? It's weekly from here on out. Now... to convincing my doc to check me.


  1. Awww..your adorable, congrats on your soon to come arrival!

  2. You really are an adorable pregnant girl! Coming up soon! Have a great weekend

  3. My son is 6 months old and when I see cute pregnant women I get all clucky. This bought me back to earth, certainly in no rush for heartburn again!! Luckily you don't have too much longer :) best of luck x

  4. Your belly is pretty dang cute!

  5. True are CUTE preggy! I had the worst heartburn with my Piper...I was even chowing down tums while I was in labor it was so bad. But after she came out...heartburn magically disappeared!

  6. I totally agree with the mom at Toddlsr Time! You are such a pretty pregnant lady!

  7. Ah, exciting! I'm 32 weeks right now with a little boy, and I can't wait! (Of course, since doc thinks he's about 2 1/2 pounds right now, I'm totally fine with him staying in a bit longer. I do really want a January baby.)

    My belly button is just kind of flat, though, hasn't popped out like yours! It just kind of disappeared. I've gained like 30 pounds though! So scary thinking of how I'm ever going to lose it again! And I share your excitement of being able to wear non-maternity clothes. :) Since I can no where near afford new clothes, I'm very happy that I'm still able to wear my old ones!

    Good luck and congratulations! :)

    - Chloe

  8. It makes me sick how cute you are!! :)


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