Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A post on being hateful. The best title I could come up with.

I'm not quite sure why I am even writing this post, nor do I even know how to title it.
I'm hoping it will come to me by the end. The title.
I'm not quite sure why I feel the need to say this, as I am not the first, nor will I be the last to do so
But I'm hoping that maybe it will resonate with many of you, some of you, even if it's just one of you.

Really? I'm writing this because it's been on my mind. And things? Well things don't leave my mind unless I let it out there. Particularly, not until I write it out.

Here is my thought for the day. The week.  The month. The year.

Why is there so much hate and bitterness, jealousy and pain, cruelty and anger in this world. How and why does one act out the way they do. How does one treat another human being the way they do. The things that are done. The things that are said. Out of spite. To cause pain. Conflict. Tears.

I know this is a problem with human beings in general. A flaw of ours. Imperfections. No one person is alike. Nor are we built from the same DNA. And although I know this world will continue to have cruelty and hate that we can not control... there is one thing that baffles me the most.

Mothers acting like children. There I said it.

Especially in the social media world. We see it every day. I see it all over. And time and time again, I'm astonished by what I read. The little battles that form. The hate that comes out of ones mouth. The indirect and the direct comments that are made about individual people. PUBLICLY.

It's one thing to text your friend about someone that is irritating you. It's one thing to tell your husband at the dinner table. It's one thing to write it in your journal, or mutter a word or two under your breath in your home.

It's another thing to try to publicly humiliate or inflict some sort of pain on another individual. Whether you are right or wrong, it doesn't make it okay. Ever.

My question to you is what sort of message are we sending to our children? Is this really how we want to be portrayed as? Is this really who we are. Would you want your children behaving this way? And honestly, what good are you accomplishing sitting behind a computer. Honestly.

To me, this is how I see it. Whether you are getting on facebook, twitter, your blog or whatever other social media you are on... try to keep in mind the power of words. Try to think about what you say and the message that you are sending. Will this benefit you in any way? What good will come out of you saying this? Is it worth it? To be bitter. Hateful. Rude. Or Nasty.


I'm not perfect. I've made mistakes. I've said things I have regretted. But I am continually learning as I go. Motherhood has changed me throughout the years, made me stronger, better, and more aware of the power of words and actions.

And when I see things that are nasty? I am reminded of who I don't ever want to be. Who I hope no one ever sees me as.  The role model I wouldn't  want for my children.

Be bigger. Be better.
Compassionate. Nice. Supportive. Encouraging. Inspiring. Loving. POSITIVE.

I know our world isn't full of rainbows and butterflies, nor can we rid it of all evil. I have no solution, no master plan, or idea to sell to you. I just write out my thoughts in hopes that maybe it will have some sort of impact.... if not on anyone out there, at least it will on me and my children when they are able to read this one day. A reminder. A message. A food for thought to.....

Take all that energy... and do great things in your life. 

*comments turned off, as this was written from the heart.

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