Friday, December 7, 2012

Three Things.

First, Deals of the week will still be here Sunday but THIS deal will end Sunday, so I wanted to make sure you all took advantage of it. You can save BIG for Christmas. And my items shipped just two days later!

FREE JEWELRY! Just pay SHIPPING {2.99}. Get $5.00 credit instantly for signing up through facebook here. There are pieces that are 4-5! Buy more and save more with the codes below:

This is just too good not to share! A lot are selling out fast too so I just couldn't wait to let you in on the great deal. I just ordered tons for x-mas gifts. For friends, family, and of course for myself ;)

Make sure you use those codes at checkout 
$10 off $30: LIKEIT10
$20 off $50: LOVEIT20
$30 off $70: NEDIT30

Shipping is flat rate at $2.99 per boutique you purchase from!! 

Go Here. Happy Shopping
Second, FREE $10.00 gift card {your chose where} by signing up to EBATES
-A free program that gives YOU cash back for your shopping purchases.
-All you do is sign in, and then search the place you want to buy at. It will redirect you to the site, track your purchases, then give you a cash back.
-Build that cash back on all your purchases and then get a check in the mail once the promotional period end!
-I've already made $400+ .... by doing what? Shopping!

Lastly, advertising special going on now, only a few spots left!
Click here for more info/purchase your spot
Happy Friday.


  1. Thanks to you and your wonderful promotion of the jewelry...I am now stocked up on jewelry for...the rest of my life :)

    Have a great weekend, pretty lady!

  2. Hi Becky, I found you on friend;s blog and decided to drop by. Like your blog and I'm going to follow.

  3. What if we want to purchase one but don't have a button made?

  4. That scarf is adorable! If I didn't already spend my Christmas budget I would totally be buying it!


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