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The Hardest Part; Guest post By Aliya @ Double The Fun

Guest Post by: Aliya @ Double The Fun {Juggling Irish Twins}

Since the day we announced that Baby Numero Dos was on it's way, people have constantly said, "It'll be hard initially having two so close... but then it gets easier..."

Now, I'm not trying to wish the days away, but I'm already looking forward to the "getting easier" part...

Having Irish Twins has definitely proven to be difficult. It's hard that Ky isn't speaking or understanding us fully... so when Ariana is having a meltdown and Ky wants to be held, he just doesn't get it. Or, he doesn't understand, "no, that's the baby's pacifier / blankie / rattle / BOTTLE OF BREASTMILK" (yes, that did in fact happen).

And as much as I try to be like, "Ky, hand me a diaper, quick!" or, "can you just sit here for 2 minutes and then I PROMISE I'll get your sippy..." he just stares at me blankly. He also is just starting to understand, "be gentle" or, "Don't smack the baby. Don't lick the baby. Don't use the baby as a foot rest..."

When they were both under the weather, that was also awful. I couldn't bear the thought of Ky thinking I was giving Ariana extra snuggles/love/comfort, because I wasn't, I was just trying to comfort them both the best I could... but he's so young. He just doesn't understand.

Aside from all that, it's true that the simple things take 10x longer than they probably should. Taking a shower. Getting dressed. Making dinner.Eating dinner. But other things seem to go quicker than I would prefer. Like, going to the bathroom... Or, quiet time. Naptime. Morning snuggles with Hubs, etc.

I also fully believe that putting two babies, a diaper bag thats busting at the seams, a sippy, a snack box, my coffee cup/water bottle, keys, phone, two pacifiers, etc.. into the car under 10 minutes (all while making sure the dog doesn't escape) should be an Olympic sport. Because I'd own that shit and totally win the gold. Twice.

And let's not forget how simple tasks or errands are no longer so simple. What used to be an easy 5-minute stop, now takes the longest and is the most annoying to accomplish. Places like... the Post Office. The Dry Cleaners. The Pharmacy. Gone are the days of popping into the Post Office to buy stamps. I swear, I have an embarrassingly large pile of stuff I need to mail at the door that has been sitting for weeks because going to the Post Office is now my least favorite errand in the world. By the time I get both kids in/out of the car, into the stroller, and in line at the Post Office, I feel like I could have paid some teenage kid $20 to mail it for me and saved myself that much worth of headache!

So yes, it's hard. There are days it's really hard. And other days go by seamlessly. And while the "easier" part is getting closer day-by-day, I hope to always remember that even though these initial times were hard... they were also fun. Fun to laugh at Ky when I catch him drinking a bottle of breastmilk. Fun to see him crouch down next to his sister and make gurgling sounds... trying so hard to say what he wants to say to her. Fun to see her stare back at him and smile... just as she's starting to learn who he is.

And while it will get easier (hopefully...), it will get even more fun. I can't wait to watch them grow and interact together. The games they'll play and even fights they'll have. To watch their relationship develop as friends first... since they'll never have remembered a time without one another. To watch them share friends, and toys, and cars and inside jokes. I envision them hanging out on the couch together while I cook dinner... helping each other with their homework (bc you know, Ky had all those same teachers the year before, ha!). And maybeee the lovey-dovey mama inside me is going a little overboard, and maybe they won't be best friends, but still... I can only hope they share an amazing relationship throughout their years together. And by that time, the hardest part? Will just be a distant memory..

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  1. I have actually been thinking of your blog recently as I start to feel the "what are we getting ourselves into with kiddos 20 months apart in just 3 months?!". Thanks for being realistic but reminding me so many moms survive.


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