Monday, December 3, 2012

My Christmas List; Show & Tell Monday

To be honest with you, my Christmas list is pretty darn simple and low key. In fact, I didn't have much of anything on there. The Keurig is actually on husband's list {but I benefit as well}. I would like a new coffee table. And I'm sure you laughed at the fact that I had bathroom accessories up there. Why yes, I am an old fart.

The bracelet is just too cute and I would love to add to my "arm candy" something that was significant to the husband and myself.

And that bag? Let's talk about the back. This weekend when I was at nordstrom rack {first time ever, by the way} I saw that they had this LARGE {emphasis on large} duffel bag by MK and it was absolutely gorgeous. Yes, all $398 of it. Do I need it? Absolutely not. But would it be nice to have? Of course. A mama can only dream.

Other things on my list? Random. Shoes. Clothes. Stuff for the kitchen. Zzzzzzzz....

All I want for Christmas.

My baby Boy :) 

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  1. I received the Keurig last year for xmas and it is the best gift yet! I use it daily, ok sometimes more than once a day! But you will LOVE it! Funny that you have bath accessories on your list, so do I! I need a new toothbrush holder and soap pump! Moms need random nice things sometimes! Have a happy Monday! I hope you get your last wish! XO

  2. Loved all of the stuff on your Christmas list. Yes all of it...even the bathroom stuff:) Especially love the bag!!

  3. My list is like yours...things I kinda want/need, but nothing pops out to me! I have a hair dryer, new boots and pillows - haha!!

  4. My parents bought us a Keurig for Christmas. I'm not supposed to know about it, but I spotted the box. I'm so excited!
    I hope you get your special little gift!!!


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