Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy 1 Month Graham Man!

Remind me to never look down like that again {hence the double chin}. But seriously, look at that sweet smile in his sleep! 



A month. Has it been a month since Christmas, really? A month since the big snow storm? A month since I laid eyes on you? Say it isn't so.

It has been a wonderful month, and you have truly made this so easy on us. Truly. I know I have recapped your life week after week, but from here on out, we are to monthly bud. But I am just as excited to keep track of everything you are doing, all your little milestones and achievements, and documenting our every day lives since your arrival.

So this past week....

We mastered the bottle. Yes! Why is this important? Because with Elliana it took a whole two days {and lots of crying} before she would take one. With you? It took a whole two tries. I wanted to make sure we practiced this since I will be going back to work in a couple of months and you will have to take mama's milk in a bottle 3 nights a week. You are a champ!

You love to hang out in mama's lap while big sissy naps. This is our time together. Of course I smother you with tons of kisses and talk and sing to you. Often times you drift off to sleep, but I won't move you. I like you hanging out with me while I do some work on the computer. I don't think you mind either.

Last week I had mentioned how I was started to over-supply in breast milk like I had with your sister. So I knew it was time to start pumping and saving for when I would go back to work. That and you were having trouble with choking, as my milk was too much and too fast at times. We have worked on this, and it is much improved.

You love to sleep on our chests and sleep the best and longest on there. We are spoiling rotten with love, and you know what... that's quite alright!

I haven't mentioned in any of your letters about your puppy dog Carson. You know the one that your mama scolds all the time for his bad behavior. That one. Anyways, I do want to make note of the fact that he has been amazing with you since day one, never bothers you, and really overall leaves you alone. Such a difference in comparison to when we brought Elliana home. Huge difference.

You still love your sleep. A lot. Look at these pictures... it's like you are a brand new spankin baby. The sad thing is that most of my pictures are of you sleeping! I mean, honestly, you probably still sleep 20 hours a day. Really, it's a strange thing. You are super alert when you are awake, but boy do you sure love your sleep. Which reminds me of a certain special someone... your papa. Two peas in a pod. And honey, I'm not complaining. 

We are going on two weeks and counting of mama getting sprayed during a diaper change. I am thoroughly impressed. And no more leaking on clothes. The folding the diaper down is the best trick out there! Thank you Dr. Google.

You don't seem to mind car rides or trips. In fact you can sleep 2-3 hours in your car seat without making a peep. This has proven to be a lifesaver for when we take your big sissy out for her activities.

I know last week that your eyes were more of a grey-blue color, and this week we have really noticed how they are turning more blue. I may have been wrong in my prediction... we may have another blue-eyed baby.

But the hair? I don't see it turning blonde like your sisters. I could always be wrong, but I just don't see you as a blonde. I went ahead and looked back at your sister's baby books... and it looks like her hair was exactly like yours until she turned about 5 months old. So? I could be wrong. But I truly can't picture you as a blonde. What do I know anyway.

A lot of people have been saying that you look very much like your mama, however I just don't see it. Most days though when I look at you, I think of your papa. Maybe it's because you are a "boy." but I never had that feeling with Elliana. I just feel like you are a mini version of him. And I hope so... because he's a pretty special guy little man.

Your sweet smiles while you sleep are contagious. And they happen a lot.

I am really looking forward to all the little milestones to come. The one that I am really excited for is your first laugh. I can't imagine, but I know I will fall in love with you even more when I hear that little giggle. You want to know another little secret? Just between me and you? I love calling you little man and little guy. It's so much fun. Your big sister also calls you that all day. So does your papa. I'm beginning to think that you may not know that your real name is actually Graham, and not "little guy."

Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful month. You have made our lives so much richer and memorable since you came into this world. We are so thankful for your life.

Your mama, papa, and big sister Elliana.


  1. So sweet :)

    I can't believe it's been a month already! Time is flying- I can only imagine how you feel!

  2. Wow, one month already! :) I'm still waiting on my little man...I was due on Sunday and he still seems perfectly comfortable right where he's at!
    You have a beautiful baby boy!


  3. Happy One Month! He is such a sweetie.

  4. I can't believe he is already 1 month!! He sounds like a dream baby! He is so beautiful! I think he looks a lot like E! :)

  5. This month really did fly by! He is just so precious! And, I love reading the letter you write to your children. You are such an inspiration to other mothers! Your children are very very lucky!

  6. omg its already been a month?!?! crazy how time flies when they are this little. happy 1 month birthday lil graham!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  7. So adorable! 20 hours of sleep. Gosh! I hope #2 is like that. I learned from #1, there is going to be no waking a sleeping baby to feed after they are back to their birth weight. Big Boy at 13 months STILL does not know how to sleep! It's great you can still do so much with E and that Graham's being a great little brother.

  8. You look gorgeous and Graham is so incredibly precious!

  9. I still can't get over how much he looks like Elliana! So sweet!

  10. Happy one month Graham! Doesn't it just fly by. He's just so sweet - I love those peaceful, sleeping shots :)

  11. You look FABULOUS! And what a sweet little boy.

    I love these posts!!! You are for sure one lucky mama!



  12. Such cuteness Becky! He is gorgeous! I think he looks like you and Andrew both! I can't believe a month already! Go Dr. Google lol! Kelcee slept a lot when she was a newborn too! I love this post so precious! He will cherish it and little man and little guy how cute! Love it!

  13. Happy 1 month Graham! Oh my goodness at his smile in that first picture!!!! Adorable! :) And you couldn't have a double chin if you tried my friend! ;)

  14. don't you just love that serious little sleep face. hard work :)


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