Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birth Story Part III; The Final Part

...Today was the day. Today we were going to welcome our baby into this world. Our second baby.
{Part I here. Part II here}

Shortly after, my nurse came into the room and we talked about the epidural, breaking my water, and getting the ball rolling. Things were going to go fast everyone predicted, and we needed to have a gameplan. In other words.... pain control. Last time? There barely was enough time, and the time that I did have... I still felt everything at the end.

I felt like an empowering woman once {and still do}. I felt the pains of labor. I experienced what one may describe as a whirlwind of events mustered together so quickly that I'm surprised I even had a chance to blink. That. And as beautiful and amazing my first experience was, I wanted something slightly different {if I even had control over that}. I wanted to actually remember every detail and not focus on the pain. So although not for everyone, and although I wish I could sit here and tell you I had done it all natural... that's just not the case for me. And that is okay.

So the anesthesiologist was called and was in our room within 15 minutes. Andrew actually happened to go downstairs to get some food when he arrived {seems to be the trend with our labors}, and we quickly ran through the necessary details of what to expect.

One poke. Two poke. "He's trying to find the spot," the nurse explains. Three poke. Four. Five.

And finally, after what felt like forever, it was in. And the first loading dose of the medication was administered. My blood pressure hadn't dropped like it had with Elliana, and after the mandatory 10-15 minutes of monitoring me, the anesthesiologist wished me luck and was on his way. That would be the last time I would see him.

Or so I thought.

Twenty minutes later, I couldn't handle it anymore. I pressed the call light, which was the first for me since being there. It's the nurse in me you know, not wanting to be "pesty". And I asked to see my nurse. I was anxious. I was worried. I couldn't feel my legs, and I absolutely hated it. I felt like I was swelling up. I felt different. I couldn't feel anything. I needed something to change. Right away. It was the anxiety in that moment. I knew that. But at that point, it was truly all I could think about.

The nurse explained that all this was normal. I know this was normal. But it wasn't what I expected. I guess because the first time around we didn't have time for the medicine to kick in. I could turn, lift my legs, and feel all the contractions to push.

I wanted that again.

She went ahead and called the anesthesiologist. He came in. Wasn't too pleased with the situation it seems. Gave me a bit of the eye, if you know what I mean. Was shocked that I actually wanted to feel my labor. He said he already had me on the lowest dose. I thought to myself... well lets get lower. He must have heard me, because before I could even open my mouth... he did just that.

And within half an hour, I felt my legs. I could move my legs. I could feel every contraction from start to finish, but they didn't hurt. I just liked to know when they were happening. To me, it was the best of both worlds. And I finally could close my eyes and rest.

This was at about 11.

11:15 The doctor checks me. 6 CM.
1:15 The nurse checks me. 7 cm.

"Tell us when you feel more pressure."

30 minutes later. I felt more pressure. Intense pressure. I buzzed the nurse. The contractions were getting intense. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I didn't want my husband's kisses. I closed my eyes and I became lost in the pain.

1:45: Nurse checks me. 9 cm. 100% effaced. Full head of hair felt.

She called the doctor to give him the update. Things were all set up and ready to go. All we needed was that last bit of cervix to go away.

My doctor arrives around 2. He checks me. "Just a little cervix left." Let's wait a few more minutes.
We wait about 10. He checks me again. It's 2:10 now. "Still there," he says... "But I'm going to sit here  {doing the cervical exam} and wait through the contractions until it is fully gone.

And then he proceeds to say "He's posterior, that's why." That's why what doc. Why. Why. Why, what. Thats why that last bit of cervix was having difficulty going away. That's why I was feeling so much pain. That's why the doctor helped the little man along and just like that, his little head was flipped.

"Alright mama, you ready to push. It's time," exclaimed Dr. G. Time. For a moment it stopped. And the tears started. Because hearing those words... "it's time," made it that much more real.

The mirror came out again, and it is hands down my biggest motivator. There is nothing like watching your baby be born. Absolutely, nothing.

First contraction. One. Two. Three. "PUSH."  There he was. I could see him. My son, getting ready to enter this world.

After that first push, I could barely see anything anymore. My eyes were blurry from the tears. I could hear voices but unsure of what was being said. It all felt so surreal.

Next contraction. PUSH. And just like that his head started coming out. "STOP!" my doctor said. He needed to gown up. Him and the resident. They did just that....

Okay, third contraction: P-U-S-H.....

And just like that, at 2:20 in the afternoon, on December 26th, the day after Christmas, in the middle of the "snow storm of 2012" our son entered this world. Those lungs could then be heard all across the hospital, the most beautiful sound on earth. His tiny arms and legs were flinging in the air, searching for the voice that he listened to for the past 9 months. His eyes, wide open, all ready for us.

And the tears that had started just a few minutes prior were now dripping down my cheeks and onto his soft, sweet, innocent, perfect face.

My son.

I touched him as he lay on my chest. I kissed his little self. I whispered to him all the I love You's that I could mutter out of me in between the sobs.

He was absolutely perfect. He is absolutely perfect. I turned to the man that helped this happen. The man that is now the father of two, we kissed and just stared at each other in amazement.

 "We did it. We did it again."

We were now proud parents of two. A beautiful daughter, and a handsome little man. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Couldn't and wouldn't change a thing about this day. And we are so overly blessed and thankful that we were chosen us to be parents to these blessings in our life.

Happy Birthday Graham. Our hearts are so full because of you.


  1. Beautiful birth story! So glad everything went well and your sweet little man is now here with you guys!

  2. Beautifully written! Birth stories always make me cry...its such a special moment and goes so fast! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

  3. thanks for sharing! He is beautiful.

  4. SO beautiful!!!!!!! I love the way you write! How amazing that you have these memories written down for E & G to read when they are older!!

  5. I'm crying over here! Such a beautiful story! Congratulations again to you and your family! He's absolutely perfect and it looks like E is jumping right into her big sister role!

  6. Such a beautiful and wonderful birth story girl!!!!! What a sweet blessing!!!

  7. love love love this post Becky! almost makes me ready for another one! almost but not quite;) someday though:) graham is so are one blessed mama!

  8. So moving. Congratulations again! Your photos are wonderful.

  9. What a great birth story! I wish mine could have gone so smoothly and it makes me really want to try for a VBAC if I ever have another. Love the photos as well.

  10. Beautiful birth story! Ya know, I think the mirror is a huge motivator. Just watching something so amazing happen! :) Sigh...

  11. Tears are running down my puffy cheeks. Do you know I have anticipated this last part as I did when I was reading the Twilight Saga lol! You are such an amazing writer, mother, wifey and friend!

    Wow what an amazing birth story! One you all will cherish forever! He sure did have a head full of hair no wonder all the heart burn huh! He looks like you and Andrew I think!

    I laughed about the call button I am always afraid to press it to so when I do they know something is really up lol!

    I am glad you were able to feel your legs again and the contractions and not be anxiety ridden bless your heart. Funny how the Dr. read your mind!

    Yay that you were able to see his birth with the mirror you and your hubs having a beautiful moment and you being able to say all the I love you's to your precious Graham.

    Now that you have had me on my toes for three days lol, waiting for the next part of your story I can now go rest ha!


  12. Such a beautiful birth story. It's great you documented every moment- your kids will really appreciate it when they are old enough. Love it!

  13. What a sweet story!! :) Congratulations! He's absolutely adorable!

  14. I had no idea you could adjust the level of medicine in the epidural down. My first birth lasted forever after the epidural. I couldn't feel anything. I pushed when I was told. I couldn't feel how hard I was pushing. It was horrible. I am so happy to hear that I can request less drugs when the next time comes around. And congratulations on your sweet boy!

  15. What a beautiful story - brought me to tears! :) He is perfect. Congratulations to you both!

  16. Loved reading this story! I cried, I'm a baby when it comes to births, haha.
    You really know how to keep people wanting to know more when you tell stories, I couldn't wait for the next part!
    Happy late Birthday to your little man!

  17. beautiful story! he is perfect. congrats to you and your family

  18. How beautiful! I'm so happy for you two.

    Also, I love the idea of a mirror. I bet it is major motivation. Keeping that idea in mind for the future :)

  19. This is so beautiful. And it also had so many similarities to my second son's birth...SO it got me all teary. Congrats again.

  20. Becky- I am hysterically crying right now- mainly because this is so beautifully written and secondly because this makes me want a little boy so very badly!! Congratulations sooo much and I wish all of you the most happiness there is in the world!! xoxo

  21. I'm totally crying. Happy birthday Graham!

  22. Congratulations! A perfect birth story, I love all of the thoughts and conversations you quoted. Precious memories.
    Another blog I read welcomed their son the same week so I thought you may enjoy reading it (although a drastically different take on things - hilarious)

  23. Congratulations! This was written so beautifully, your little guy is adorable.


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