Thursday, January 24, 2013

My First Trip Out. Alone. Just ME & the Ruggrats.

January 9th, 2013.

Does a doctor's appointment count?

I mean.... I wish I could sit here and tell you how two weeks post partum we climbed around at the little gym, licked our fingers after a yummy lunch at Panera, discovered dinosaurs at the children's museum, and somehow mustered in a park date with our neighbors from down the street. All while giggling, laughing, and loving on one another. Not to mention staying clean and fed with a bright smiling face.

So. You wouldn't have believed me, right?

Okay. So what we did do, which I believe is equally as noteworthy as the example above,was we were able to get up early as usual. Get showered. Get dressed {all three of us}, eat breakfast, and overall look presentable. I hate to even admit this, but I even had 20 minutes there where I was twiddling my thumbs saying to myself "Man. I wish this appointment was half an hour sooner. We are ready."

And we were. And I soooo didn't want to jinx this.

But alas, the time came and we headed out the door to the doctor's office. Which, today, happened to be the most packed it had ever been. But thankfully we were called right away.

Elliana listened. From start to finish. She was an absolute angel and I was just waiting for the moment that she would defy me, run away, throw a tantrum, or scream at the top of her lungs. That moment never happened.

And because the appointment went so well and smoothly, what did this mama do next? Well she decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store to grab a few things.


Let me tell you though, I must have been a big fat OBVIOUS to viewers out there that this was my first time out with two. It took me a couple of trips around the car to figure out which side I wanted to go to first and which kid to get out first, and how to do so while maneuvering this giant vehicle that they call a grocery cart without jamming the other cars beside me.

I may have bumped the van. Maybe.

But alas, I figured it out. And we made it into the store. And out of the store {which is key}.

I didn't take a breath though until I pulled into the garage of our house. Got both kids out. Got the groceries out. Got everyone undressed {all twenty layers}. Grabbed a water. And then plopped myself on the couch while letting a big sigh of relief out.

We survived. We survived, and we lived to tell about it.

It. Wasn't too bad. This time.


  1. congratulations! that first time out is hard. ive got two that are 14 months apart and i braved the outdoors many times that first winter, although i dont remember the experience (i probably blocked it right?) im with you on the who to get out first. and then who to put back in first? leave the kids to return the cart? take the toddler with you to return the cart? lock the doors while you walk 15 feet away? leave the cart next to the car and hope no one judges you for not putting it away?

    new reader here and love revisiting all of the "new" that comes with two!

  2. I am loving your space more and more and I've been following for quite some time. My daughter is 11 months old and we're ready for another, so I love hearing about your two. Who did you get out of the car first? ;)

  3. I am so glad I'm not alone on the whole which one to get out/ put in first! I live in northern Wisconsin and i feel awful when one has to sit in the cold cart just a bit longer then my other. I have a 2 1/2 and a 9 mo. I get comments all the time at Walmart from strangers about how i have my hands full and that's when they are behaving lol. Im glad it went smoothly for you.

  4. I seriously can't even imagine. The first time I ventured out with one baby solo I knew it was obvious. Thankfully, things are much easier these days. But there are still moments (especially in this crazy cold weather) where I'm standing at my car thinking "Oh crap - what do I get out first??" LOL :)

  5. You did it! Next time will be easier for you.

  6. Way to go Mama!! You got this!! I figured out now that the girls are toddlers, I have to get Julianna out first because she will listen and stand still with me while I get Kelsey out who will run like a nut through a parking lot! I know it so isn't what any new mom of two wants to hear but truthfully it does get easier each time! Hugs and awesome job!

  7. Good job Mama! It took me a bit to figure out that for me, I MUST get the toddler out of the car LAST if there is no cart or other containing device available. Otherwise, if there is a cart, she goes in first, then Joey. Morgan is at that age where she will take off in a parking lot like a wild animal. It's getting better & I finally don't sweat bullets every time we leave the house, lol. You got this.

  8. Congrats!! Oh man, leaving the house with our new baby by myself was probably the scariest thing. Which sounds so silly UNTIL YOU DO IT! I can't imagine going out with a newborn and a toddler.

  9. Congrats, I am glad it was a successful outing!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. I love reading all about your adventures of playing mommy to both kids (as I am currently pregnant with my second). The thought of it is a bit nerve wracking at times for me, because we are a military family which means my husband will often be gone, and there is no family or close friends around to help out. Your posts help re-assure me though, that all will be fine :)

    ps - congrats on your first trip out! :b

  11. I remember my first time out with one, I've been thinking a lot about going with two. and, not just going out- but getting all of us ready too! Eeks. Sounds like yours went well.

  12. Now you can cross that off your list and it was successful! Congratulations! ;) It does get easier and easier each time- trust me! Oh, and love her little pink kitchen! What kind is it?

  13. Good job and proud of you new second time mama, that must have been hard but a blessing that things went ok:)

  14. Just wait until you have a third. You won't even flinch about taking them all out alone, even at 2 days old! ;)
    When we had baby #2, I actually walked away from the car without her on our first family outing. My husband called out, "uh...aren't you forgetting something?" Oops!


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