Monday, January 21, 2013

A Time I Cherish with Elliana

Since Graham entered this world and our lives, things have obviously changed in our family. How we do things. How we plan our day. How we divide duties around the house. How we function as a whole. 

It's no surprise that Elliana is a major part of that "whole," our day, and our hearts. Therefore, it was very important to me that when we made changes in our schedule and lives that we did so with her in mind.

One of the things, rather a special time, that I cherish with Elliana is sleep time. This includes both naps and night time. I've mentioned before that this past August we had a major shift in Elliana's sleeping patterns. We went from crib, to our bed, to her big girl bed, to now a mix of both. But something that stayed consistent during the past 6 months and during all the changes in sleeping patterns, was that Andrew or myself always put her to bed. Always.

So when Graham came, I wondered how we would work around this important aspect of our daughter's life. What I did know for certainty was that I didn't want to eliminate it. It was a time that was important for her. It was a safety net for Elliana. It was also a time that I cherished most with her.

And with our world completely changing, I wanted and needed this time with my precious girl.

We have made it work.

From the day we brought Graham home, I have been able to put Elliana down for a nap and bedtime. Each and every day/night. And I have honestly cherished it more than ever before.

The first night, I'll admit it... I cried while I held her. Just taking everything in. Realizing how things had changed. Yet at the same time, holding on to the one thing, one person that has remained stable in our lives. It hit home.

After that, we just made it work. At the end of the day, it's my "me" time with my girl. Sometimes we lay in bed for 10 minutes and she passes out. Sometimes it's more like 45 minutes. Sometimes we just lay there and hold each other. Sometimes, we just sing songs and giggle and act like goofballs. Sometimes we recap our day.

But always we whisper ten too many I love you's, and always it feels so comforting to be there for my daughter as she closes her eyes to fall into a deep sleep.

Always, I will cherish this time with her. Always.

Tomorrow, I will talk more in depth on our sleep situation. The later in the night sleep situation.


  1. Such lovely photos! I love putting my little one to bed too and still rock her to sleep every night even though she's 11 months now! I wont stop until I have to because I love it so much xx

  2. Always make that time for her! and your kids will both be soo loved and well adjusted !!!! Its such a special time! my little guy is 4 1/2 and we still have those minutes when he wakes and before bed! that are just so special to me!

  3. I always loved putting my little ones now big ones to bed. It is a simple time that I cherished and I think they did too!

  4. I just boohooed through this post! I'm not even pregnant with #2, but I worry how much life will change for my daughter. I love that you have made special times with her!

  5. So sweet. Brandon is now putting Jackson to bed every night and its a routine I love watching! Such great moments in parenting :)

  6. This is so sweet! I can tell you have such a concern for her and wanting her to know she's still #1 in your book! I love that. I so worry about that with Easton when and if we ever have #2, but I'm glad to see if can be done. You're a good momma! Can't wait to read tomorrow...about the sleep situation...we haven't transitioned to big boy bed yet...and I'm anxious to do that!

  7. This is one of the sweetest posts I have read in a very long time. This world really is changing, not always for the good. It's sweet that you have a special time with your daughter <3

  8. I remember that feeling. The "I need to squeeze my oldest more then anything right now" feeling. My youngest is two now and it's still do vivid, maybe because it never goes away. That's something we made a priority when our youngest came as well. Those moments are so precious and much needed. Your doing good mama, he's they are precious.

  9. That is so special :) & the pictures are beautiful...


  10. I love all of this. I'm reading it as I'm laying down with my daughter for nap time. Her sleep situation is currently been changing a lot too. She's 2 1/2. I used to stress about not being able to sleep without her in my bed or myself in hers. Then I a few years, she'll be kicking me out of her room. I cherish these snuggles!!

  11. how precious! your photos are gorgeous and is that a chevron boppy cover I see girlfriend? That is amazing lol!



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